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trans-africa in a 200 series land cruiser, the journey
In 2012, Expedition Portal member Stefan, known here as 4x4tripping, set out with his girlfriend in their 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser on a two-month journey through Africa. In this, the second inst...
Duration : Oct 2013 -
weather & ruins: navajo nation - part ii
A warm sunny morning greeted us on the drive to meet our Tsé Bii\' Ndzisgaii (Monument Valley) guide at the town of Tes Nez Iah, little more than a fuel depot along side the bone-dry Walker Creek. Up ...
Duration : Not Available
weather & ruins: navajo nation - part i
Practically every form of precipitation in Mother Nature\'s arsenal was being thrown our way. White-out conditions gave way to freezing rain, then fog, a little sun, then more snow. The Navajo had reo...
Duration : Not Available
4,250 mile walk of the river nile
Levison Wood is such a man, his bold challenge is to walk the full length of the River Nile. This 4,250 mile epic will consume a year of his time and take him through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan a...
Duration : Not Available
drive nacho drive: one dolla chia
In Cambodia’s west-central jungles lie the ruins of an ancient Khmer kingdom, at the center of which sits the impressive site of Angkor Wat. There are innumerable ruins of palaces, temples, and royal ...
Duration : Not Available
destinations: haines, alaska
Amazing as Haines, Alaska is, it is still a lesser known travel destination. Cruise ships by the hundreds ply the waters just in front of this picturesque village on their way to other ports leaving H...
Duration : Not Available
norway overland expedition
Overland Expeditions provides a new style in the world of Land Rover expeditions. We offer Land Rover expeditions in Norway for people with precious free time and a thirst for an action packed holiday...
Duration : Not Available
homathko icecap traverse
A ski mountaineering expedition to traverse the 800 square mile Homathko Icecap in British Columbia. \r\nOur project will incorporate skiing, mountaineering and whitewater rafting....
Members : 4     Duration : Jul 2003 - Aug 2003
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