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MotherNatureNetwork 2018-08-20 05:00:30
It turns out the ancient engineers behind #Stonehenge had a better understanding of Pythagorean theorem than us… https://t.co/R2x2ssg9cc
Planet Green 2018-08-20 04:48:18
Wait for it... https://t.co/uzUiSjbOKD
Astronomy Picture Of The Day 2018-08-20 04:30:05
Active Prominences on a Quiet Sun: https://t.co/0E6CFii4le
Planet Green 2018-08-20 04:12:00
It's not everyday you get an opportunity to don headwear weaved from the hair of a long-extinct prehistoric beast.… https://t.co/8a3TAb7z1o
MotherNatureNetwork 2018-08-20 04:01:03
A teenager posts notes on a bridge known for despair -- and ends up saving lives https://t.co/yf4rwSwX3M #inspired https://t.co/GzpForXbWi
Planet Green 2018-08-20 03:25:03
Never underestimate the power of a good thank-you note STORY: https://t.co/pmtH3lxCi8 https://t.co/bBnowrkIt8
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