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National Science Foundation 2018-09-20 15:04:22
Environmental changes in the Po River are reflected in the groups of fossils preserved below the surface.… https://t.co/ZCez6WG82A
MotherNatureNetwork 2018-09-20 15:01:24
Since this Spanish city banned cars, emissions have decreased drastically and its population has surged… https://t.co/IOs9fV3lRr
NYT Science 2018-09-20 15:00:10
Scientists have decoded an important piece of how pandas communicate with one another during mating season https://t.co/3uOFXB6e8j
Archaeology Magazine 2018-09-20 15:00:00
A surgeon’s burial pit filled with a range of other bones—including this one still embedded with a bullet—has been… https://t.co/aQxt0VYBze
Geographical 2018-09-20 14:50:36
Paddling across Lake Superior, thought to hold 10% of the planet’s available freshwater https://t.co/874p7izHFo https://t.co/boWOA8yXvn
NYT Science 2018-09-20 14:48:40
After decades of pleas from the ranks, the Army's food technologists have finally come up with a field-ration versi… https://t.co/tYvdrYZrxy
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