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NYT Science 2018-07-20 07:14:37
“Some shopping environments can be torture for autistic children.” https://t.co/RFtvLz91m2
Planet Green 2018-07-20 07:06:03
7% of Australia's reptiles face extinction INFO: https://t.co/GZxb856BXB https://t.co/rTTwt1ZD9G
Sail-World.com 2018-07-20 07:00:24
Six gold medals decided in Texas as USA dominates #isafyouthworlds https://t.co/vzARvTDUlH https://t.co/VzGhHYrNDk
NYT Science 2018-07-20 06:53:23
New York City asked a federal judge to make fossil fuel companies pay for the costs of fighting climate change. He… https://t.co/BuxF7cGYM1
Sail-World.com 2018-07-20 06:37:30
Samara Walshe named top sailor in 2018 Optimist Girls National Championship - @USOptiSailing https://t.co/3rBgccEwzM https://t.co/cEpwzA3Owl
Sail-World.com 2018-07-20 06:37:29
The Hague Offshore World Championship day 5: A new World Champion crowned - @IRCrating https://t.co/7vtICkkHHS https://t.co/gHdalNlBsu
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