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Discovery 2018-10-20 17:00:41
"These two people have been dead for more than a year." Get ready for an all-new #ExpeditionUnknown: Search for th… https://t.co/R5NxkgP1RS
NYT Science 2018-10-20 16:55:52
There was no such thing as YouTube in 1969. If you missed watching an important event on TV, you couldn’t Google it… https://t.co/fdK6iq8aWU
Planet Green 2018-10-20 16:48:01
There's a unique program at Judson Manor, a retirement community in Cleveland, Ohio, where several college graduate… https://t.co/AWBb46OuKS
NYT Science 2018-10-20 16:34:06
I counted squirrels in Central Park — hey, somebody has to do it. (Don't miss the gif at the end!) https://t.co/F9O1RjxsHJ
NYT Science 2018-10-20 16:13:29
Your genetic test comes back, and the results look good -- for now. A year from now, the lab may take a different v… https://t.co/2616gBtxLX
Planet Green 2018-10-20 16:04:02
Did divers find Lake Erie's oldest shipwreck? https://t.co/2uXEivk1V4 https://t.co/NkGg6MB1io
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