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a fossil leaf site west of ellensburg: part of the ellensburg flora? or its own thing?
An ash-laden fossil leaf deposit in Central Washington assigned to the Ellensburg Flora (12 to 10 million years old) is part of a transported landslide block that cannot be correlated with certainty. ...
Duration : Not Available
leaves in stone: does decay control the fossil record?
Plant fossils provide a record of the terrestrial ecosystem for the past 400 million years, but we do not fully understand the biases that are introduced during their formation. This project will expl...
Duration : Not Available
cannibalism in giant tyrannosaurs
This is the key question we hope to answer with this study. This project is to fund research into a skull of the carnivorous dinosaur Daspletosaurus (a close relative of Tyrannosaurus) which shows tra...
Duration : Not Available
proyecto dinosaurios
The main goals of “Proyecto Dinosaurios” are to: Expose minority (primarily Hispanic) American students to academic activities of graduate students, professional paleontologists, and supporting staff....
Duration : Not Available
homer odyssey
Helmuth Redschlag, Maureen Mall, and Velta Pocs discovered Homer in Ekalaka, MT, Burpee\'s late Cretaceous dig site, in 2005. The organic rich mudstone indicates a flood plain environment, with fine s...
Duration : Not Available
niger 2011
From November 19 – December 23, 2011, Dr. Paul Sereno led an archaeological and paleontological expedition to Niger’s Sahara desert, returning to Gobero, the site of the People of the Green Sahara. Th...
Duration : Nov 2011 - Dec 2011
clash of the titans
2008, in collaboration with our good friends at the Field Museum in Chicago, we launched a project to identify the dinosaurs that lived and died in between these two well known intervals. Previous hy...
Duration : Not Available
dino death pit
Our team returns to Utah every year to hunt for new dinosaurs. This year we began excavations at an unprecedented dinosaur burial ground in the Cedar Mountain Formation known as the Crystal Geyser Qu...
Duration : Not Available
paleo expedition
Paleo Expedition is a unique paleontology field experience for Oklahoma high school students currently enrolled in grades 9, 10 and 11. Space is limited and the application process is competitive. Twe...
Duration : Not Available
antarctic fossils
Much of what we know about the evolution of life on Earth is based on fossils found in the Northern Hemisphere. That is why fossils from Antarctica are so valuable—they fill in gaps in our knowledge b...
Duration : Not Available
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