Expedition Registration Terms & Conditions

Note : You must be registered with ExpeditionQuestas an individual if you want to register an expedition. If you are not a member, please click here.

By registering your project with ExpeditionQuest you agree to the following terms and conditions in addition to EQs Individual Registration Terms and Conditions

EQ News, photos and video footage posted by you on the ExpeditionQuest website can be distributed to EQ members, journalists and the general public as EQ deems appropriate.
EQ does not and cannot guarantee any dissemination of information about your project and will be held harmless of any damages (monetary or otherwise) resulting from the lack of information being presented or inaccurate information.
EQ does not condone obscene or inappropriate behavior on our site, and we reserve the right to reject, delete, or edit information as we deem necessary.
Content presented must be relevant to our membership
We reserve the right to reject your project for any reason whatsoever.
EQ will remain harmless from any and all damages resulting from the lack of internet connection, server failure, or any hardware or software problems./font>
EQ does not make any guarantees that your project will receive any funding whatsoever.

EQ accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the performance, non-performance or activites of any EQ members engaged or contacted through ExpeSearch