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 A Short Guide to Celestial Navigation
Downloadable electronic book. Also several shareware programs.

 Australian Institute of Navigation
About the organization. Online newsletter. Meeting and membership information.

 Celestial Navigation Forum
Discussion forum and live chat.

 Celestial Navigation Net
Annotated hub site of resources relating to navigating by the stars, including theory, practice, history, instruments, and classroom links.

 German Institute of Navigation (DGON)
About the organization.

 How Columbus and Apollo Astronauts Navigated
Comparative analysis of techniques used then and now including dead reckoning and celestial navigation. Dicussion of the "longitude problem."

 International Association of Institutes of Navigation
About the organization. Online newsletter. Membership information. Definitions of navigation terms. International directory of organizations.

 Lunar Rover Demonstration Navigation Group
About the Carnegie Mellon researchers creating a prototype for a new lunar rover that can navigate rugged terrain and the navigation system they're using.

 Navigation and Related Subjects
Covers celestial navigation theory, sextant errors and corrections, rhumb line caluclations and coastal navigation and conning.

 Near-Earth Navigation and Geodesy
Describes the activities and research of the Navigation Research Office at the European Space Operations Center.

 Nordic Institute of Navigation
About the organization. Membership information. Meeting programs. Discussion forum.

 Royal Institute of Navigation
About the London based organization. Membership information. Online newsletter and briefings. Mailing list. Search the organizations library or journals. Competitions and events schedule.

 Sea and Space
Dicusses astronomical navigation, GPS navigation, and navigation using satellite images.

 The Institute of Navigation
Meeting programs with abstracts. Award winners and nomination forms. Membership information. Online version of the quarterly newsletter. Index of the organization's annual journal.

 US Coast Guard Navigation Center
News, updates and advisories. Links to local US Coast Guards sites. Downloadable publications.

 Visual Global Positioning System
About a map-based three dimenesional air or two dimensional marine or land based navigation system.