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 News Headlines   Jun 23, 2017
ARTICLE: Bouldering as Treatment for Depression - A Study
A recent study by the University of Arizona suggests that bouldering could be an effective treatment for depression in adults. Climber and researcher Eva-Maria Stelzer and her colleagues discovered that the physical, mental and so... - UKClimbing.com Articles
A glowing invasion of 'fire bodies' is underway in the Pacific
The massive bloom of bizarre, bioluminescent pyrosomes has marine scientists completely baffled. - All MNN Content
James Stewart, pioneering scuba diver, dies at 89
- UnderwaterTimes.com - SCUBA ne
The sun may have an evil twin with a flare for mass extinction
The sun, like many stars, may be a binary, meaning it could have a mass-extinction-causing 'brother.'

[Category: Space]

- All MNN Content
He couldn't pass a swim test but became a professional diver
- UnderwaterTimes.com - SCUBA ne
Shark attacks spearfisherman, who captures it on video

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"At 11:12 AM we came to rest gently at 3,000 feet, and I knew that this was my ultimate floor, the cable on the winch was very near its end. A few days ago the water had appeared blacker at 2,500 feet than could be imagined, yet now to this same imagination it seemed to show as blacker than black. It seemed as if all future nights in the upper world must be considered only relative degrees of twilight. I could never again use the word BLACK with any conviction."

 - William Beebe, reaching the bottom in his bathysphere, 1930.

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