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MV Anscomb shipwreck.
The Scott Expedition - Grams
NASA | Take a "Swift" Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy
Project Scandinavia 2012-Sailing from Nordkapp to Stockholm by Igor Stropnik
Tim Jarvis and the Shackleton Epic Retracing his route to survival
Mesocosm at Espegrend, Norway
Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite is destroyed
NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) blasted off from California's Vand...
Expedition Kayaking
First decent into the Tsitsi Gorge
Building Tiktaalik
University of Chicago fossil preparator, Tyler Keillor, discusses the itera...
Dr. Robert Ballard, Immersion Presents Founder
Bob Ballard explains how the Monterey Bay expedition will take us to majest...
80 Foot Waves
See the daring guy overcomes 80 foot wave !!!.
Wild Chronicles: Pandi River Expedition
The Nakanai Mountains of Papua New Guinea are a remote part of the world, r...
Deeply Submerged Volcanoes Blow Their Tops
A research team led by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has unco...
Jared Leto-Alaska's Bush Pilots [Part6]
NGC program(1998)-Alaska's Bush Pilot[part6] I recorded from National geog...
Climate Change: Not Business As Usual
GII Winter Expedition | Dispatch # 5 | The long way down
First Spanish Speleological Expedition to Iran
First spanish speleological expedition to Iran. Espeleoclub Karst y G.E.A.G...
Pileated Woodpecker Fledge
A young female Pileated Woodpecker fledges shortly after the brood is fed b...
Silk Route - Turkey I
Silk Route - Turkey I
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Our Mobile App enables EQ members to search for other local members by combining the ExpeSearch Index System with GPS geo-location. Want to meet or get advice from someone who has climbed, or is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to organize a local group of kayakers with Class 3 experience to go down the Snake River? Perform a search within a 20 mile radius, check out their qualifications and experiences and send them a message. Get together, share a cup of coffee or a couple of beers and make it happen.
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ARTICLE: Bouldering as Treatment for Depression - A Study
A recent study by the University of Arizona suggests that bouldering could be an effective treatment for depression in adults. Climber and researcher Eva-Maria Stelzer and her colleagues discovered th...
A glowing invasion of 'fire bodies' is underway in the Pacific
The massive bloom of bizarre, bioluminescent pyrosomes has marine scientists completely baffled.
The sun may have an evil twin with a flare for mass extinction
The sun, like many stars, may be a binary, meaning it could have a mass-extinction-causing 'brother.'

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NOAA Digital Coast 2017-09-19 18:40:14
Check out the science collaborative projects happening in the #NERRS around the country: https://t.co/5nzxXDQsiyhttps://t.co/Ny4WVa3Okb
NOAA's Ocean Service 2017-09-19 18:38:14
RT @sanctuaries: Our amazing volunteers removed 2 tons of debris from @NOAA_CINMS -- that's the weight of a car! https://t.co/tNaZE4GJhA ht…
USGSted 2017-09-19 18:33:01
Prelim M7.1 earthquake Puebla region, Mexico Sep-19 18:14 UTC, updates https://t.co/lTTBvUT9jU, 432 #temblor tweets/min
Archaeology Magazine 2017-09-19 18:31:33
World War I–Era German Submarine Found https://t.co/rq48PjDVFA #archaeology
TreeHugger.com 2017-09-19 18:23:06
Eating alone is becoming more common — and it's a problem, especially for boomers https://t.co/QIJlsQm7bd https://t.co/bfooD2kgqy
watching archaeology 2017-09-19 18:21:04
Ancient Greek fortress unearthed in southern Russia during energy bridge construction https://t.co/SkYaZmIa6a
Cho Oyu and Everest
Chinese have begun issuing permits for expeditions to the North side of Cho Oyu and Everest. Hopefully future expedition teams...
Arctic Archipelagos: Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land
In the far north of Russia is the icy realm of Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote and raw archipelagos in the world. Dis...
In the far north of Russia is the icy realm of Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote and raw archipelagos in the world. Discovered less than 150 ye
An exploration of historic Canadian and Greenlandic sites in the Arctic, combined with abundant wildlife and Inuit culture equ...
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Oceans in Crisis: One Woman Will Cross the Pacific to Raise Awareness
Sonya Baumstein has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, kayaked from Seattle to Juneau, and paddled across the Bering Strait. But now she is in final pr...
TrillionDollarBaby whizzes past Earth
Asteroid 2011 UW-158, an asteroid with 90 million tons of platinum core worth over five trillion dollars, hurtled past earth early Monday morning. Th...
Tahoma Ski
I climbed and skied the Tahoma Glacier with a group of four from Seattle on January 19-21. I wanted to share some conditions information and beta for ...
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