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Bikini Atoll: Into the Atomic Abyss
Valley of the Last Dinosaur
Symbols and Signs - PICTS Part 1
The Scott Expedition - The Last Flight
Fiona Challenges The Northwest Passage
Katie Spotz - Atlantic Ocean Journey
Typhoon Xangsane Batters Vietnam - Storm Chaser Video
Video highlights of typhoon Xangsane as it battered Vietnam. I travelled to...
Memories of 2008 Kitesled expedition to the frozen sea ice of Hudson bay
What's it like going on a kitesled expedition across a frozen ocean? What a...
Tevnia, EPR
Clusters of Tevnia jerichonana. Hydrothermal vents at East Pacific Rise (EP...
Turtle Research Expedition Part 1 (of 2)
In November 2008 an Australian Geographic Society supported expedition was ...
June 2007 Webster Cave Survey Expedition Part 2
This is part two of a video detailing our recent survey expedition. It is a...
Remotely-operated Altair departs on a joint NOAA/NASA science mission
This 52 second clip shows Altair departing on a joint series of environment...
The Beaver a Keystone Species
Sailfish Drama
Heart of Stone - Documentary Short
Paleo Preserve @ Camp Bayou - Ruskin, Florida
Imagine a gulf coast Florida far different from the one you know. Vast gras...
Shuttle launch from inside orbitor
view from the crew cabin as we reach for the stars
The Dodman Cliffcastle Dig
FdSc Archaeology Students from Truro College & the University of Plymouth t...
Dolphin Research Center
Dolphin Research Center, Florida Keys.
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Expeditions are on-line from planning stages through completion with abstracts, updates from the field, video and audio, and articles by team members. These projects range from archaeological digs to oceanography, from cave exploration and mountaineering to ocean sailing and polar research.They are serious, goal-oriented projects organized by scientists and adventurers who are copy watches for sale all meeting new challenges and making new discoveries.
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