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Arctic Fatbike Training Canada
Chasing the Wind
Transducer pole on R/V Atlantis experiencing the brunt of a storm
The History of Earth's Geological Figure
Cave Diving - Cenote Nariz - Mexico
SS Annie Miller Collaboration
Untamed Antarctica
UCSB Geographer Discusses the California Drought
Mission Update: Hubble
Hubble, the observatory, is the first major optical telescope to be placed ...
Whitewater in Laos
Clip of whitewater rafting/kayaking expedition down the remote Nam Pha rive...
From Ocean to Sky
Over six months, six upriver expeditions--made up only of two regular trave...
Gypsy MothThe Homecoming Part One
Parts 2 and 3 on the barryperrins channel. In 1966/67 Sir Francis Chichest...
Bush Pilots
Short video on Alaskan bush pilots
SCUBA :: indonesiaPALAUphilippines
Alistair Hobday - Pelagic Fish
BELARE - Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station
The Ivan Papanin joins the BELARE team to prepare the building of the Belgi...
Nevada Trilobites
A 3 minute video, produced in April of 2008 on the Nevada Friends of Paleo...
Cloud seeding vid
A story on the Desert Research Institute and how they augment the snow pack...
Extreme Archaeology
An extremely windy day of excavations during 2006 field season at the site ...
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Expeditions are on-line from planning stages through completion with abstracts, updates from the field, video and audio, and articles by team members. These projects range from archaeological digs to oceanography, from cave exploration and mountaineering to ocean sailing and polar research.They are serious, goal-oriented projects organized by scientists and adventurers who are all meeting new challenges and making new discoveries.
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