About Expeditionquest

ExpeditionQuest is the social network for field researchers, adventurers, and explorers. Our members follow their passions outdoors, often for extended periods of time in remote locales at considerable risk. Each member has a unique combination of expertise and experience. EQ enables these field researchers, adventurers, and explorers to connect, create groups, seek advice, search for additional team members, and share their stories and resumes via digital media.

Armchair adventurers and volunteers join EQ to offer assistance, advice and support. Educators join to gain unprecedented access to experts and expeditions in the field.


EQ members can use the ExpeSearch Index System to locate other researchers and adventurers with specific skills and expertise. It also allows members to:

  • Search for stories written by other members with specific experiences (for example, digging at Tel Dor or climbing Denali).
  • Make their resumes available to employers, international expedition leaders and like-minded local groups of adventurers.
  • Control which other EQ members can contact them.

EQ Mobile App

Our mobile app enables EQ members to search for other local members by combining the ExpeSearch Index System with GPS geo-location. Want to meet or get advice from someone who has climbed, or is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to organize a local group of kayakers with Class 3 experience to go down the Snake River? Perform a search within a 40-mile radius, read members’ stories, check their qualifications, and send them a message. Get together, share a cup of coffee or a couple of beers and make it happen.


Privacy of members’ information is of paramount importance to EQ and we will not share your data. Our members have complete control over who can contact them, what kinds of messages they agree to receive, and their own content. For example, a physician or biologist can choose to only accept messages from fellow physicians or biologists and perhaps also educators who have had their credentials verified by EQ.

EQ members can edit and delete any of their content anytime.


EQ has over 10,000 current and historical projects in its database. Each EQ-registered expedition can create its own site which is hosted by EQ at no cost. Every site includes a complete description of the expedition along with dates, funding requirements, contacts, a link to the website, news section, media gallery, geo-location information, student and educator restricted access areas, and a complete administration section to manage all this information. All expeditions are approved by EQ administrators.


EQ custom news aggregators and editors search over 18,000 relevant articles per week to bring you the latest expedition news and videos. In addition, our members and expeditions send us news and video to keep you up-to-date on their adventures as well. All our news is screened and approved by EQ administrators to ensure relevancy.

EQ ClassQuest

Environmental education is a primary goal for EQ and to that end we will grant full, free access to registered K-12 educators to help them inform, inspire and empower their students. Certified educators receive EQ digital badges that establish their credibility within the EQ community. EQ Educators can issue digital Student badges to their classes which help identify them to scientists, field researchers, and other expedition leaders and experts worldwide. Recently, we have designed a mobile app for the EPA which enables students to share stories about the effects of climate change in their neighborhood, and a unique program for Sound Experience students which incorporates mobile technologies, geocaching, and gamification on board the 133 foot schooner the Adventuress as part of its educational curriculum.

Expedition Assistance

We offer expeditions free hosting, an easy way to upload and present their content, discounts from suppliers worldwide, potential funding opportunities for their project, a placement service to locate additional team members and advisors, and an exciting opportunity to share their experiences with classrooms across the globe. In the past, we have helped raise sponsorship and funding for the first American woman to attempt a singlehanded Atlantic crossing, the first Trans-Pacific Balloon Flight, and an Everest Medical Research Expedition, among others.

Will Baker

BA, Trinity College

Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Public Service, Washington College

Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Baltimore

Doctor of Humane Letters from St. Mary's College


President and CEO,Chesapeake Bay Foundation

After graduating from Trinity College in 1976, William C. Baker came to work for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) as an intern at the request of one of CBF's trustees. Mr. Baker continues to dedicate his career to saving the Bay as President and Chief Executive Officer of CBF since 1982, leading the largest nonprofit conservation organization dedicated solely to preserving, protecting, and restoring the Chesapeake Bay.


Mr. Baker is also Vice Chairman of Johns Hopkins Medicine (Hospital and Medical School), a Board Member of the Baltimore Community Foundation, a Director of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance, and an Honorary Board Member of the Garden Club of America. He serves as a Director of the Brown Advisory & Trust Company, and The Greater Washington Board of Trade Green Committee. He is on the UMBC Board of Visitors, and served as a founding member of the Living Classrooms Foundation, the Metropolitan Washington Smart Growth Alliance, and the Institute for the Venice Lagoon. A past trustee of Washington College, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Public Service there in 1991. He has also been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Baltimore, an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from St. Mary's College, was a recipient of Washingtonian Magazine's "Washingtonian of the Year" award, and received the Speaker's Medallion from the Maryland House of Delegates for outstanding contributions to the citizens of the state. Under his leadership, CBF received the nation's highest environmental honor—the 1992 Presidential Medal for Environmental Excellence—in recognition of its environmental education program.


Hanson Hosein

JD, McGill University and the University of Paris

MA Journalism, Columbia University

Director, Communication Leadership Graduate Program, University of Washington

Global leader in communication tech & storytelling

Within his company  HRH Media Group , Hanson has produced award-winning TV and documentary films. He's co-founder of Prosperity of the Commons International, which applies novel legal, financial and technological solutions to global development. He has also provided expert guidance to some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in the world. Hanson works closely with Artifact Technologies as its communication counsel, along with Tableau Software and Weber Shandwick. As Director of the Communication Leadership program at the University of Washington since 2007, Hanson has led a powerful graduate learning experience in networked engagement for professionals from around the planet. He has interviewed globally-recognized visionaries as the host of Four Peaks TV. He's the official emcee of the Microsoft Cloud & Hosting Summit, as well of the In-Northwest Digital Innovation and Leadership conference. Hanson serves on the Executive Committee of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees. He's a trustee of the University of Washington Club. Hanson authored Storyteller Uprising: Trust & Persuasion in the Digital Age, and directed two Independent America films, which have been broadcast internationally and stream on Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes.As the host of TEDx Seattle in 2010, he was designated "Most Influential" by Seattle Magazine. A renowned public speaker, he has presented at SXSW Interactive, Dent The Future, the Seattle Interactive Conference, and to the European Commission. Hanson is a former NBC News war correspondent, backpack journalist and investigative producer, with Emmy and Overseas Press Club awards. He has years of field experience in the Middle East, southern Africa and eastern Europe. Hanson has a master's in journalism from Columbia University. He was registered as an attorney in New York and Massachusetts in 1993 and has law degrees from Montreal's McGill University as well as from the University of Paris. His early admission to law school precluded completing an undergraduate degree in finance and economics from the University of Western Ontario.Hanson is also a passionate kayaker and cyclist.



Peter Lourie

M.F.A. nonfiction, Columbia University School of the Arts

M.A. English Literature, University of Maine

B.A. classics, New York University


Currently: Professor, Middlebury College, 2010-2015 including courses:    Adventure Writing & Digital Storytelling; Get Outdoors: Environmental & Adventure Writing in the Digital Age; Writing the Journey

Previously: University of Vermont, Columbia College, University of Maine


School Programs for Elementary and Middle Schools & Professional Development

Peter takes students on adventures around the world and shows them the passion that lies at the heart of travel and writing.  In this lively multimedia adventure presentation he will take children into cloud-forested jungles to look for Inca treasure, up Mayan and Aztec temple walls, into the Arctic world of Eskimos and polar bears, out to prehistoric early human excavations in East Africa, down historic rivers and waterways, and deep into the history and foreign cultures studied in elementary and middle school.  His Adventure Assembly helps children understand the process of a writer - researching topics, collecting journals, and perfecting the writer's craft.  Optional follow-up writing workshops and peer critique residencies help teachers and students bring adventure to the page as they perfect their writing skills


Pete was the first person to canoe the Hudson River source to sea. He has pursued his passion for anthropology studying bones with Margaret Leakey in Kenya, and spent 5 years in Ecuador searching for the lost treasure of the Incas.


Pete is a global explorer and prolific author of adventure books:

  • Polar Bear Scientist -- Houghton Mifflin, 2015 paperback
  • The Manatee Scientists: Saving Vulnerable Species -- Houghton Mifflin, 2011 (*starred review Kirkus March 15, 2011) 2016 paperback
  • Writing to Explore: Discovering Adventure in the Research Paper Grades 3-8 (with David Somoza) Stenhouse Publishers, 2010
  • Whaling Season: A Year in the Life of an Arctic Whale Scientist,Houghton Mifflin, 2009
  • On the Texas Trail of Cabeza de Vaca, Boyds Mills Press, 2008.
  • Arctic Thaw: People of the Whale in a Changing Climate, Boyds Mills Press 2007
  • The Lost World of the Anasazi, Boyds Mills Press, 2007
  • Hidden World of the Aztec, Boyds Mills Press, 2006
  • First Dive to Shark Dive, Boyds Mills Press, 2006
  • The Mystery of the Maya, Boyds Mills Press, 2004
  • Tierra del Fuego: A Journey to the End of the Earth, Boyds Mills Press, 2004
  • Lost Treasure of the Inca, Boyds Mills Press, 2002
  • On the Trail of Lewis and Clark: A Journey up the Missouri River, Boyds Mills Press, 2002
  • On the Trail of Sacagawea, Boyds Mills Press, 2001
  • The Lost Treasure of Captain Kid (children's novel), Boyds Mills Press, 2000
  • Mississippi River: A Journey Down the Father of Waters, Boyds Mills Press, 2000
  • Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico, Boyds Mills Press, 1999
  • Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon: A Chronicle of an Incan Treasure (nonfiction for adults) Atheneum 1991; (paperback) Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press, 1998)
  • Erie Canal: Canoeing America's Great Waterway, Boyds Mills Press, 1997
  • River of Mountains: A Canoe Journey Down the Hudson (nonfiction for adults), Syracuse University Press, 1995
  • Everglades: Buffalo Tiger and the River of Grass, Boyds Mills Press, 1994
  • Yukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the Klondike, Boyds Mills Press, 1994
  • Hudson River: An Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea, Boyds Mills Press, 1992
  • Amazon: A Journey Through the Last Frontier, Boyds Mills Press, 1991 

Multimedia and Photography

Funded by the National Science Foundation, and housed at Purdue University's Climate Change Research Center, this site is an ongoing collection of video interviews with people who work and live in the Arctic. 

Dave Markus

BA History and Political Science, Syracuse University

License of history from the Universite de Paris VIII

Executive in Charge,KQED Arts


Prior to his position at KQED, Markus was Editorial Director of Edutopia at The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Mr. Markus provided strategic and creative leadership for the development and execution of editorial content for Edutopia.org, Edutopia magazine, Edutopia video, and Edutopia e-newsletters, all published by the Foundation. Mr. Markus was previously the Co-Founder of TeeBeeDee, Inc. and served as its Chief Product Officer. He served as the General Manager at Yahoo! Health, the President and Chief Executive Officer at The Dr. Spock Company, and the Editor-in-Chief of Parenting magazine. Mr. Markus has written and edited for magazines and websites covering health, parenting, photography, and social networking. He has a bachelor of arts degree in history and political science from Syracuse University and a license of history from the Universite de Paris VIII. Dave is a passionate runner and rower.


Patrick McGreey

BS Fisheries, University of Washington

JD University of Washington

An avid environmentalist, Patrick helped write the Shoreline Management Act for the State of Washington and has been involved in numerous environmental cases. He is also an active kayaker and sailor.


Captain Denis McKillop

BA Seattle University 1977-1978

University of Washington School of Business 1978-1980

USAF Officer Training School October 1980- December 1980

USAF Pilot Training Reese AFB, Lubbock Texas January 1981-December 1981

USAF Reseves McChord AFB, Washington January 1982-June 1990

Alaska Airlines Pilot March 1984 –


Captain McKillop has piloted commercial aircraft for the last 30 years. Operating Boeing simulators, McKillop has also served as an Alaska Airlines flight training instructor for many commercial pilots seeking to upgrade to various Boeing aircraft.Denis also taught Jake Stout to fly.


Rick McPherson

Rick McPherson

MBA, University of Denver, 1997

BA, Arizona State University (with honors), 1979


Richard McPherson has 25 years of business and industry experience including serving as a Vice President at T-Mobile and at AT&T Broadband, and as a Partner in a small consulting firm. He has been a leader of various aspects of 7 different mergers, acquisition and divestiture projects, ranging in scope from $2.5 billion to $60 billion in value. He has started 4 different business units within large corporations, and has also been involved with small business and non-profit organizations Boards of Directors working on strategic planning, leadership and operations improvement. He is currently a Lecturer at the University of Washington where he teaches courses in management, strategy, business planning and leadership and is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Seattle University.  He teaches in both the Undergraduate and MBA Programs at both schools. In Fall of 2009 he was recruited to bring his business knowledge and experiences to the Masters of Communication in Communication Leadership (CL) program in the Communication Department at the University of Washington.


Adjunct Professor, Communications Leadership Master’s Program, University of Washington

Adjunct Professor, Seattle University (2005 to present)

Board of Directors Member, Alpine Evergreen (2004 to present)

Vice President, T-Mobile USA (2003-2005)

Partner, Cresa Partners (2003-2004)

Vice President, AT&T Broadband (2000-2002)

Executive Director, MediaOne Group (1997-2000)


Rick is also a certified sailor and former President of the Balloon Federation of America


Nick Streuli

BS Tufts University

MBA University of Western Australia

Co-Founder, Aussiehome.com

Asia-Pacific IT Awards: “Business of the Year” and “People’s Choice” Awards, 2002

Nick lived and worked in Switzerland & USA before Australia, and has spent most of his professional career as a money manager. He worked for UBS in Switzerland and New York, ED&F Man Funds Management, Landis & Gyr and also ran his own hedge fund, Streuli-Brown and Company.


Nick and Jake Stout designed, built and flew a 60 foot hot air balloon, and put up a moss-ridden first ascent of Wallface – the highest cliff east of the Mississippi River – before they were 19.  Currently, Nick can be found kiteboarding over great white sharks off Perth’s coastline. 


Katherine Stout

BA, Anthropology, University of Washington

Administrator, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (2011 – current)

Administrator, College of the Environment, Department of Atmospheric Sciences (2005-2011)


The University of Washington School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences (SAFS) includes 30 faculty (and 16 emeritus faculty), 125 graduate and 100 undergraduate students, and about 90 administrative and research staff. The breadth and scope of SAFS encompasses programs for undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and service in basic and applied aquatic sciences with an emphasis on fisheries management and aquatic resource conservation. Our faculty, staff and students have access to myriad aquatic habitats and rich biological resources, and they are involved in interdisciplinary partnerships with other academic programs, as well as public and private organizations and environmental and regulatory agencies. They are continuing SAFS' long tradition of actively addressing major issues in the aquatic sciences.


Susan Stout, Dr. PH

BA, Vassar College, East Asian Studies

DR. PH, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Currently: Adj. Asst. Professor, Georgetown University, International Health


Susan is a public health specialist with more than 25 years of experience working on population health and nutrition programs and policy at the World Bank.  During those years, she worked to improve the effectiveness of maternal and child health programs in more than 20 countries, as well as on HIV/AIDS programs in at least 10 countries in Africa. 


Susan became a champion of the Rapid Results approach while she was leading the Global HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Team, an effort to promote harmonization of results management approaches across the many agencies working on HIV/AIDS from 2000-2004.


Following her work on HIV/AIDS, Susan led the World Bank’s Results Secretariat, a unit in the Bank’s central policy department, where she was responsible for leading the World Bank’s Results Agenda, including the implementation of the results measurement system for IDA, the Bank’s concessional lending arm, and working to integrate a results focus into global discussions of aid effectiveness.  Her work included promoting adoption of the Rapid Results work to accelerate implementation and unleash capacity across several World Bank funded projects.


Susan recently retired from the World Bank in order to focus on several independent projects, including work to assess the costs and effectiveness of civil registration efforts.  She also advises on development effectiveness issues at the agency and country level with a particular focus on country use of results metrics.  She is particularly interested in systems for amplifying citizen voice through feedback on the quantity, reach and quality of service delivery programs.


Susan is the author of many  World Bank reports, including a major evaluation of the Bank’s work in the health sector  Investing in Health: Development Effectiveness in the Health, Nutrition, and Population Sector, and  multiple documents on aspects of maternal and child health (the result agenda, the IDA Results Measurement System and also stimulated and guided the production of three Sourcebooks on Managing for Results (www.mfdr.org) which document country experiences with results management.


Susan is currently the Senior Results Advisor at the Development Gateway,www.developmentgateway.org  which seeks to empower decision makers in developing countries with better information on resource flows and results using new software tools and data visualization techniques.


Robert Underhill

MS Colby College, Geology

MBA Northwestern

Senior Vice President, Shorenstein Properties

Bob assists EQ with key management and financial matters

Chris White and Jake Stout joined Bob as the youngest and smallest team to ever attempt Denali. More recently, Bob and Jake climbed the Underhill route on Grand Teton. An avid skier, diver, and cyclist, Bob also enjoys rowing his Adirondack guide boat on quiet waters.


Andrea Zeller

BFA Film, New York University

Masters of Communication Leadership, University of Washington

Senior Content Strategist,Expedia, Inc.

Adjunct Faculty - Communication Leadership, University of Washington


As a content leader with experience in the travel, healthcare and non-profit industries, Andrea is well versed in scalable storytelling and driving strategy for quality rich media and content that meets the needs of the online customer. She has held various content roles in operations, editorial and more recently content strategy for Expedia,Inc. since 2007.

Previously, she was an award-winning filmmaker and video editor focusing on global non-profits, international healthcare and capturing life through a cinema verite lens. She received her undergrad degree from NYU in film, and earned a Communication Leadership degree in 2007.

Jake Stout, Founder

BA Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Washington 1978

Master’s in Communication in Digital Media, University of Washington 2013


Jake has spent a cumulative of over two years in the woods and mountains on trips and expeditions. He was a member of the smallest and youngest team to ever attempt Denali, and owned and operated Adirondack Adventures which took students on 30 day trips teaching them whitewater, rock climbing, wilderness and survival skills.


He also owned and operated ICE-9 Expeditions, in which he led collegiate rowers (including members of the Canadian National rowing team) on rafting and kayaking expeditions down the Homathko River and Bute Inlet of British Columbia.


Jake designed and built a log cabin, a hot air balloon and Rogollo wing hang glider before he was 20 . His solo climbs include Mt. Rainier, Liberty Bell, Orizaba and Wallface.   He has been a certified skydiver, pilot (former owner of a 1947 Stinson 108) a PADI diver, and former member of Everett Crew.


He currently competes in sailing races and regularly sails the 70 foot cutter JOSS singlehanded on Puget Sound. The JOSS is an ultralight displacement boat which held the race record from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta (1100 miles) for 22 years. Jake is currently training for the 2016 Singlehanded Trans-Pac.


Jake also founded and owns Stout Roofing, LLC – a 30 year-old contracting company which currently enjoys the highest ratings on Angie’s List and the BBB, has had up to 65 employees and was the first to promote the recycling of roofing materials on the west coast.  Jake’s forbearers include Titus Benjamin Meigs who owned the Santa Clara Lumber Company in upstate New York which pioneered re-forestry practices in America, and Sarah Bates Lawrence who founded one of the first all-women’s colleges in the United States.Sarah Lawrence was also named the higher education institution with the best faculty in America by Princeton Review in 2013.


Ankur Verma, Tech Lead

BS University of Delhi

MS University of Southern California, Computer Science

Managing Director, Kazzam Software Solutions

Ankur manages the EQ tech team in New Delhi. He has worked for many Fortune 500 companies including Nokia, Fox Studios, Warner Bros studios and Coca-Cola during his stint in Los Angeles, CA.  Ankur was instrumental in the development of the Call of Duty and Spiderman 2 websites. A passionate naturalist, dog-lover, motorcyclist  and 4-wheeler, Ankur recently guided Jake Stout over the two highest passes in the world from Leh, India down toward Tibet and Pakistan into the mystical Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir. 


Chris White, Co-Founder

BS Biology, Princeton

MS Biology, University of Maryland

Christopher White is a science writer and naturalist. Early in his career, Chris was a staff biologist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, specializing in maritime issues. He also served as Executive Director of the Mare Nostrum Foundation, a Belgium-based ocean policy organization. Since then, he has written The Melting World and three books on the Chesapeake Bay, as well as articles about science and natural history for National Geographic and other magazines.  As a filmmaker, Chris served as a producer in development for an eight-part television documentary on man’s relationship with the sea, The Blue Revolution, which won a CINE Golden Eagle. The series was broadcast on Discovery Channel and many networks around the world, including NHK-Japan, ABC-Australia, and TF1-France. His diving expeditions have taken him to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and the Great Barrier Reef (Australia). An avid mountaineer, he has climbed Mr. Rainier, Grand Teton, Glacier Peak, Mont Blanc, and the Matterhorn, among other summits. Chris climbed the Grand Teton with Jake Stout and Bob Underhill when he was 15.



Tony Winkler, Editor

BA University of Washington, English, Summa cum Laude

In his spare time, Tony crews in various sailing races, is becoming a PADI certified

diver, and has taken up skydiving and fencing.


Ganelle Swehla,  Content Manager


BA University of Washington, Journalism

Ganelle manages the EQ intern team.


In her spare time, Ganelle coaches a high school volleyball team.


Mackenzie Stout

BA Communications, University of Washington

J.D. Seattle University Law School, with honors

Mac handles all contractual and intellectual property issues for ExpeditionQuest.

Mac worked previously for Wizards of the Coast. She is an aspiring skydiver, climber, sailor and diver.


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