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Video Short Lesson 4 Plate Tectonics pt 2 - RED SEA AND KENYAthe full lesso...
Gulf of Mexico 2003: Extraordinary Biological Diversity
The deep sea habitats of the northern gulf of mexico are extraordinarily di...
The Girls - World Record Hot Air Balloon Flight.
On 31st May 2006, local Bath band "The Girls" made up of Steven Evansson, J...
Paul Dayton renowned oceanographer on Dot Eco Part 3
Dr. Julien Harou
Siang / Upper Brahmaputra, Aquaterra Adventures' signature trip!
International descent of the Brahmaputra river, Nov 2002. First descent aft...
Expedition Quest Mobile App
Our Mobile App enables EQ members to search for other local members by combining the ExpeSearch Index System with GPS geo-location. Want to meet or get advice from someone who has climbed, or is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to organize a local group of kayakers with Class 3 experience to go down the Snake River? Perform a search within a 20 mile radius, check out their qualifications and experiences and send them a message. Get together, share a cup of coffee or a couple of beers and make it happen.
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