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Cho Oyu and Everest
Chinese have begun issuing permits for expeditions to the North side of Cho Oyu and Everest. Hopefully future expedition teams to Tibet do not experience the intermittent permit issues that we have had over the past few years. Of the 24 expeditions that we scheduled to Cho Oyu since 1995, only twice have we had to cancel due to permit issues.
The best places to ski on Earth
It's that time of the year when winter sports enthusiasts dust off their skis and snowboards and get ready to hit the slopes in search of perfect powder and fresh adventures. The choice of ski resort is key to that enjoyment and a good place to start might be Solden in Austria where the Alpine Skiing World Cup starts next weekend on the treacherous Rettenbach Glacier.
1,000 Feet Down: Man Sets New Deep-Dive Record
An Egyptian man recently took the ultimate plunge for the sake of science. Setting a new Guinness World Record for the deepest scuba dive, the man dove more than 1,000 feet (305 meters) below the surface of the Red Sea. When asked why he decided to dive deeper than any person had before, Ahmed Gabr, 41, told the media that he was hoping to prove that humans could survive the conditions of deep-sea immersion, according to Guinness World Records
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