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ARTICLE: Bouldering as Treatment for Depression - A Study
A recent study by the University of Arizona suggests that bouldering could be an effective treatment for depression in adults. Climber and researcher Eva-Maria Stelzer and her colleagues discovered that the physical, mental and so UKClimbing.com Articles
California 12-year-old readies for Mount Everest climb
The call could come any day now. When it does, Tyler Armstrong hopes to be one step closer to doing something he has dreamed about for years: climbing Mount Everest, Earth's highest peak.

Tyler is 12. If he makes it to the chicagotribune.com - Nation &

Lost Soul: The Future of Climbing Magazine
One of the biggest perks of my job is access to Climbing's complete 46-year archive, a full 342 issues of obsessive passion, wild personalities, harebrained ideas, monster epics, blinding Lycra, and incredible accomplishments. The RSS - Hot Flashes Climbing New
Two climbers flown to hospital after major avalanche in Highlands
Two climbers in serious condition, one hillwalker dead and young couple missing on Ben Nevis after three days of atrocious weather in Scottish hills Latest news, breaking news, cu
Officials: Death toll from Nepal earthquake has surpassed 4,000
Shelter, fuel, food, medicine, power, news, workers — Nepal's earthquake-hit capital was short on everything Monday as its people searched for lost loved ones, sorted through rubble for their belongings and struggled to provide
New 2015 Safety Protocol for Everest
For the first 28 years of Everest exploration, starting in 1922, the Nepalese side of the mountain was off-limits; climbers launched their attempts from the Tibetan side. Once the Nepalese government opened the mountain to climber
Will Pacific Crest Trail be the same after ‘Wild’?
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) advocates say the book “Wild,” now a movie of the same name, has been a good thing for the 2,650-mile trail — mostly. Liz Bergeron, director of the nonprofit Pacific Crest Trail Association (www
ParaClimb Scotland 2014: A Competitor's Perspective
I am Matthew Phillips, I'm nearly 14 and I was born without my right arm below the elbow. I started climbing at taster sessions, rock-climbing on the beach on holiday and at birthday parties but started climbing seriously about 18
Increasing Mountaineering Safety
University students will get mountaineering instruction in a scheme backed by a Scottish charity. St John Scotland is funding the appointment of a qualified instructor who will work with university mountaineering clubs in a bid to
Rock climb your way to the top
In rock climbing, it's all about making it to the top - and in business, it's no different. At Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, the two worlds collide. The company's co-founders Lance Pinn and Jesse Levin talk to Smart Business about
Kilian Jornet & Emelie Forsberg’s mountain epic
Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg are two of the most talented and passionate mountain runners ever to grace the sport. And now they have turned their hands (and feet) to organising their own event, creating a truly unique event i
Patagonia catalog shows illegal climbing in Utah national park
Three rock climbers have paid a $4,000 settlement to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah for violating climbing policies in the making of a photograph that appeared in a Patagonia clothing catalog, a park official said Tuesday.
Scale the Rockies, no mountaineering experience required. Seriously
From where I’m hanging, on a sheer cliff face some 700 metres above the town of Banff, Alta., it’s clear that my scaling skills are about to be tested like never before. Conquering Mount Norquay’s new via ferrata “is l
In wake of Everest deaths, many groups push for reform
A major workshop late last month represents a significant change in the debates about climbing expeditions on Mount Everest, with significance across the Himalayas and beyond. The “Participatory Workshop on Roles, Responsibi
Essential Fall Guide '14: Celebrating Rocky Mountain National Park's Centennial, Join The Party At Estes Park
don’t usually look to elk for hiking companions, but as I worked my way from Nymph Lake to Dream Lake towards my final destination at Emerald Lake, I couldn’t ignore the cow elk and her young calf. We didn’t share the trail,
A tough climb: From mountaineer to tour operator
The card has four small pictures of him posing on top of snow-peaked mountains. "National hero Hassan Sadpara: first Pakistani to climb all five peaks above 8,000 metres, plus Everest," reads the card. For a man with humble beginn
Thoughts from the top: Dangerous and iconic Mount Rainier beckons many climbers
Inside the cabin, four men wearing mountaineering boots talked of waiting for the fog to lift as a park ranger, 9,010 feet below Mount Rainier's summit, listened on his phone. The weather was warming. Two and a half inches of rain
Nepal names mountain after Everest chronicler Elizabeth Hawley
Nepal has named a small Himalayan peak near its border with Tibet after a respected chronicler of mountain climbing and opened it to foreign mountaineers for climbing, officials said on Tuesday. The U.S.-born Elizabeth Hawley c
Mountaineers say moves to make Snowdon 'safe' are misguided
Mountaineers say their views are being ignored by a national park trying to make Wales’s highest mountain ‘safe’. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) said Snowdonia National Park Authority’s attempts are misguided
Thirteen-strong Kiwi team off to New Caledonia for World Championship
New Zealand will send its largest team to the 2014 World Youth Climbing Championships next month. New Caledonia is hosting the World Championship from September 19-23 and the close proximity to New Zealand has enabled Climbing NZ
15 Minutes With...Colorado Super-Athlete Ben Clark
In 2002, at the age of 23, when most of us are still trying to find our first real job, Ben Clark hit a career high, both literally and figuratively, by becoming the youngest American to summit Mount Everest. He spent the next 10
How K2 Had One of Its Luckiest Seasons Ever
At the end of July, during a rare instance of good weather, an estimated 45 people reached the summit of Pakistan’s K2. This is an unusually high number on a mountain where one in four people who attempt the climb die. A Spanish
Nepal to build first road to Everest region
Nepal is planning to build the first road leading to the Everest region. The road will link Jiri with Surkhe village, a couple of hours of walk from Tenzing-Hillary airport in Lukla at an altitude of 2860 metres, the Tourism Minis
Indian Army sends 18-member team for mountaineering expedition
The Indian army on Wednesday sent an 18-member team to a mountaineering expedition in the Siachen glacier region of Ladakh. The team, which includes six reserve members and is a mix of experienced and first-time climbers, was
Man Pushes Brussels Sprout Up a Mountain
A British man spent three days pushing a Brussels sprout up a mountain -- with his nose. Stuart Kettel, 49, used a special face mask and an extra-large Brussels sprout so that it wouldn’t fall into a crack. Kettel practi
Pakistan climbers scale K2 summit
A team of Pakistani climbers reaches the top of the world's second tallest mountain, the K2, the first since Italians completed the feat 60 years ago. BBC News | News Front Page | U
Fort Collins man summits K2 in a climb for Alzheimer's
Fort Collins adventurer Alan Arnette made it to the summit of the world's second highest mountain, K2, on his 58th birthday Saturday, after a grueling and dangerous climb to draw attention to Alzheimer's. Denver Post: News: Breaking
Behind the Shot: Tommy Caldwell Climbs Above the Clouds in Switzerland
Climber Tommy Caldwell tells us about this climb, the benefits of thick clouds, his decade-long Yosemite Dawn Wall obsession, and his favorite recovery food. “I think most climbers will drool over this photo,” says top cli
Nepal's Sherpas Drift Away From Mountaineering
Cheddar Sherpa has scaled Mount Everest seven times while guiding Western climbers to the top of the world. He has narrowly escaped three avalanches and seen a dozen of his friends perish on the icy Himalayan slopes. But an av Associated Press
Climbers work to care for the environment
In a recent (June 20) opinion piece, Van Keele accused local climbers of hurting the environment and violating Forest Service regulations. Keele frequently expresses his opinion in the Ravalli Republic on a wide range of subjects.
Helander, Zimmerman Score Another Impressive First in Alaska
Clint Helander (U.S.) and Graham Zimmerman (U.S./N.Z.) have made the first ascent of the west face of Titanic Peak in Alaska's Revelation Mountains. The circa 9,300-foot peak had only been climbed once before, by Fred Beckey, Dan RSS - Hot Flashes Climbing New
Probe politicisation of Sherpa's grief: Climbers
KATHMANDU: Expedition leaders and operators today decided to ask the government to form a high-level commission to investigate alleged politically-motivated unruly activities of a few liaison officers and guides that fuelled tensi News
IMG's 2014 Everest Expedition is Officially Over
With the last IMG team member now off the hill, the expedition is officially over, though still plenty to figure out about the future of climbing on Everest from Nepal. International Mountain Guides
Nepal to Open Five New Peaks to Mountaineers
Nepal will open five peaks of over 8,000 metres to expeditions when the autumn climbing season begins, taking the total number of such mountains to 13. The new peaks - Lhotse Middle, Lhotse Shar, Kanchenjunga South, Kanchenj
Everest climbing rules 'to be tightened'
Nepalese officials say that for the first time, a government team will be located at the base camp. They will monitor and help expedition teams, coordinate rescues and protect the environment. The move follows embarrassing i
Boon or Blight: Challenges Facing the Everest Region
As Nepal and the Khumbu gets ready to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest, the results of Garrards research provide timely insights and a way to understand trends of environmental change in this UNE UIAA news
Maxut Zhumayev Sets Up the Kazakh Alpine Club
Two years ago Maxut Zhumayev completed a remarkable achievement. At age 36, he had climbed the last of all fourteen 8000 metre peaks without oxygen including K2 which he called the hardest of the lot. What is there for me UIAA news
Must-Do Trip: Climb Geyikbayiri, Turkey
There might be a conspiracy among climbers to keep this secret: A lot of the world’s best sport-climbing crags happen to be in warm, gorgeous, vacation-worthy locales that might also appeal to the masses. Last year, Alex Honnold
New Route on Big Rock Candy Mountain
A 5.9 climb isn’t usually newsworthy, but when the 5.9 is a new route up one of Colorado’s biggest and most mysterious granite domes, it’s not an everyday event. Big Rock Candy Mountain is a 1,300-foot formation deep in the
Il Maratoneta, third repeat by Ivan Lisica-Lija and a little history about this famous Manolo climb
On 27/01/2013 Croatian climber Ivan Lisica-Lija made the third repeat of Il Maratoneta, the legendary route first climbed by Maurizio "Manolo" Zanolla at Paklenica (Croatia).
Mount Everest as you've never seen it: zoom in on the remarkable 4bn pixel image
Filmmaker and climate-change campaigner David Breashears spent this spring taking around 400 images of Everest and its near neighbours from a vantage point above base camp through a 300mm lens. Now he's released them digitally sti
Avalanche kills four climbers in Scottish Highlands
Four people were killed in an avalanche in the Scottish Highlands as snow and icy weather continued to bring widespread disruption to Britain. A party of six climbers, three men and three women, were caught in the snowfall on B
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