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Atmospheric Science/Weather
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Meteorologists may soon give 50-day notice for Eastern heat waves
Meteorologists may soon be able to predict likelihood of extreme heat in the Eastern United States as much as 50 days in advance, according to a new study. A team of scientists looking for links between heat waves and the water te The Seattle Times: Home
Global warming increases rain in world's driest areas
Global warming will increase rainfall in some of the world's driest areas over land, with not only the wet getting wetter but the dry getting wetter as well. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Greenland's ice melt accelerating as surface darkens, raising sea levels
Winnowing away of the ice, exacerbated by soot blown on to the ice from wildfires, means Greenlands ice sheet is stuck in a feedback loop Environment news, comment and
Discovery News: Seas Are Rising at Fastest Pace in 2,800 Years
The world’s oceans are rising at a faster rate than any time in the past 2,800 years, and might even have fallen without the influence of human-driven climate change, researchers say. WHOI In The News
Antarctic Fungus Survives in Mars-like Conditions
After living for 18 months in a Mars-like environment outside the International Space Station, some Antarctic fungi were still living and dividing when examined by researchers back on Earth. Discovery News - Top Stories
Ice sheet modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps predict sea-level rise
Predicting the expected loss of ice sheet mass is difficult due to the complexity of modeling ice sheet behavior. To better understand this loss, a team of researchers has been improving the reliability and efficiency of computati ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Discovery of new iron oxides points to large oxygen source inside Earth
Using a special high-pressure chamber, scientists have discovered two new iron oxides in experiments at DESY's X-ray light source PETRA III and other facilities. The discovery points to a huge, hitherto unknown oxygen source in th ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Hundreds of manatees congregate in Florida refuge to escape chilly seas
  • Three Sisters Springs closed to swimmers and kayakers
  • 400 of the marine mammals leave Gulf of Mexico to gather in river system

A popular Florida wildlife refuge has been closed to swimmers, thanks to an Environment news, comment and

Climate Central: Warming Waters Linked to Northeast Seagrass Die-offs
Waterways are warming worldwide as oceans absorb most of the energy trapped by greenhouse gas pollution. Changes in ocean circulation triggered by climate change are also washing tropical currents further north along the East Coas WHOI In The News
Doomsday Clock to stay at 3 minutes to midnight as experts warn global catastrophe remains imminent
Scientists have decided to keep the symbolic Doomsday Clock at its current time of 3 minutes to midnight mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Climate change: Ocean warming underestimated
To date, research on the effects of climate change has underestimated the contribution of seawater expansion to sea level rise due to warming of the oceans. A team of researchers has now investigated, using satellite data, that th ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
The aftermath of 1492: Study shows how Native American depopulation impacted ecology
Among the Pueblo Indians of northern New Mexico, disease didn't break out until nearly a century after their first contact with Europeans, following the establishment of mission churches in the seventeenth century, a team of resea ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Global warming to blame for most heat extremes - study
Global warming is to blame for most extreme hot days and almost a fifth of heavy downpours, according to a scientific study on Monday that gives new evidence of how rising man-made greenhouse gases are skewing the weather. "Alr
The Pacific Ocean may have entered a new warm phase — and the consequences could be dramatic
Two new studies have just hit about the “warm blob” in the northeast Pacific ocean — a 2 degree C or more temperature anomaly that began in the winter of 2013-2014 in the Gulf of Alaska and later expanded. Scientists have be
New Window to Change Color with Weather
eather could power the next generation of smart windows. Researchers have created glass that tints by harvesting energy from wind and precipitation. The approach offers an alternative to other smart windows powered by batteries, s
Can Humans Survive Climate Change?
Although most of us worry about other things, climate scientists have become increasingly worried about the survival of civilization. For example, Lonnie Thompson, who received the U.S. National Medal of Science in 2010, said that
How the wind farms of the future could be underwater
The United Kingdom may seem an unlikely candidate to lead a renewable energy revolution; it doesn't have much sun for solar power, it doesn't have much space for wind power and it doesn't have giant coursing rivers for hydro.
2014 set to be world's hottest year ever
The world is on course for the hottest year ever in 2014, the United Nations weather agency said on Wednesday, heightening the sense of urgency around climate change negotiations underway in Lima. Preliminary estimates from the Wo
Buffalo Digs Out
Warmer temperatures arrived in Western New York this week, raising flooding concerns after the Buffalo area saw up to 7 feet of snow. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday that some residents should prepare to evacuate: "Flood
Lake Effect Snow Buries Buffalo, NY
Up to 60 inches of snow fell on Buffalo, N.Y., this week, in part due to a weather event called lake effect snow. It's a highly localized snowfall, which appears when cold air masses move over warmer lake waters. Snow may exceed 5
How a Bomb Cyclone Turns Into a Polar Bomb
It’s bad enough that a huge swath of the central and eastern United States is going to be slammed with a premature blast of cold weather this week. But to make matters worse, that means getting our heads around more confusing me
What Will Winter Hold for Drought-Plagued California
The state is now at the beginning of the fourth year of one if its worst droughts on record. The drought has been fueled by a spate of disappointing winter rainy seasons that have left meager snowpacks and diminished reservoir lev
Angry, Rolling Cloud Is First New Type in 60 Years
Undulatus asperatus isn’t some obscure anatomical structure next to your peritoneum, nor is it a minor character from the movie "Gladiator." No, it’s actually a type of cloud formation that weather fanciers have proposed fo
'Bolt from the Blue' Caught on Camera
Lighting can strike the ground miles away from the towering thunderstorms that produce it, a phenomenon called a "bolt from the blue." A high-speed camera run by the University of Florida's Lightning Research Laboratory caught
Ozone Pollution in India Kills Enough Crops to Feed 94 Million in Poverty
In one year, India’s ozone pollution damaged millions of tons of the country’s major crops, causing losses of more than a billion dollars and destroying enough food to feed tens of millions of people living below the poverty l
Report: telltale signs that ozone layer is recovering
Nearly 30 years after the protections of the Montreal Protocol were put into place, there’s more evidence that the international agreement to protect Earth’s ozone layer is working, according to a new scientific report release
Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy
The world can still act in time to stave off the worst effects of climate change, and enjoy the fruits of continued economic growth as long as the global economy can be transformed within the next 15 years, a group of the world's
Ozone Problem on Course for Fix By Mid-Century
Paris (AFP) - In some rare good news for the environment, the UN on Wednesday said Earth's damaged ozone layer was "well on track" for recovery by mid-century, although fixing it over Antarctica would take longer. In their firs
Rising carbon dioxide emissions push greenhouse gases to record high
Surging carbon dioxide levels have pushed greenhouse gases to record highs in the atmosphere, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has said. Concentrations of carbon dioxide, the major cause of global warming, increased
Hot and Cold: Crocodile Evolution Based on Ocean Temps
Ancient crocodiles colonized the seas during warm phases and became extinct during cold phases, according to a new study, demonstrating a link between crocodile evolution and ocean temperature. For more than 140 million years,
Models challenge temperature reconstruction of last 12,000 years
Climate records, like tree rings or ice cores, are invaluable archives of past climate, but they each reflect their local conditions. If you really want a global average for some time period, you’re going to have to combine many
Devastating mudslides leave dozens dead in Hiroshima, Japan
Devastating mudslides have left over 30 people dead after record-breaking rain fell in and around the Japan city of Hiroshima early Wednesday morning, local time. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, around 3.9 inches
Global warming is moistening the atmosphere
We have long suspected that greenhouse gases which cause the Earth to warm would lead to a wetter atmosphere. The latest research published by Eul-Seok Chung, Brian Soden, and colleagues provides new insight into what was thought
Feds reduce area in Atlantic Ocean for wind farm plans off NC coast
The US Department of Interior has reduced the areas of the Atlantic Ocean where turbines can be built, dealing a potential blow to North Carolina's hopes for wind farms off the coast. The News & Observer of Raleigh reports the
Iowa's Corn Farmers Learn To Adapt To Weather Extremes
Climate change is creating all kinds of challenges and opportunities for business. One of the sectors that feels the effects most immediately is agriculture. Already, weather patterns are making it more challenging to raise corn
Extreme weather becoming more common, study says
Extreme weather like the drought currently scorching the western US and the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2010 is becoming much more common, according to new scientific research. The work shows so-called “blocking pattern
Brace yourself for another polar vortex — in September
It’s already August, which means fall is around the corner – and another winter no longer seems that far away. Forecasters are out with some predictions about the weather we can expect in the coming months: A polar vortex
Hurricane Iselle to hit Hawaii on Thursday
Hawaiians are bracing for a rare direct tropical cyclone hit as Hurricane Iselle threatens the US island chain. Hurricane Iselle is 350 miles (535km) east of Hilo and is expected to make landfall on Thursday afternoon. Hawa
Gasses from Kilauea volcano affected tropical storm Flossie formation
One might assume that a tropical storm moving through volcanic smog would sweep up the tainted air and march on, unchanged. However, a recent study from atmospheric scientists revealed that, though microscopic, gasses and particle ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Atmospheric scientists take to the skies to study Colorado Front Range ozone pollution
It's July, a hot time in the city of Denver and in urban areas across the United States. Summertime is also ozone time, a period when ozone pollution peaks. As global temperatures rise with climate change, summertime ozone--an
How Do Pollen Particles In The Atmosphere Influence Climate?
Researchers study water cycle and cloud formation and design computer algorithm models to understand impact In the past, many atmospheric scientists believed that pollen particles probably had a negligible effect on climate be
Meltwater from Tibetan glaciers floods pastures
Glaciers are important indicators of climate change. Global warming causes mountain glaciers to melt, which, apart from the shrinking of the Greenlandic and Antarctic ice sheets, is regarded as one of the main causes of the presen ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Green Lightning Revealed in Volcanic Eruption
Green lightning is real, but it's only been documented in this one case from a volcanic eruption in Chile. One scientists tries to explain why the flash goes Irish. Discovery News - Earth News
Russian Meteor Explosion’s Dust Circled the Earth, Lingered for Months
he Chelyabinsk meteor – weighing 11,000 metric tons and measuring 59 feet in diameter – entered Earth’s atmosphere shortly after sunrise on February 15, 2013, proceeded down towards the earth’s surface at 41,600 miles per
Arctic Methane Catastrophe Scenario is Based on new Empirical Observations
Last week, the journal Nature published a new paper warning of a $60 trillion price tag for a potential 50 Gigatonne methane pulse from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) over 10-50 years this century. The paper, however, promp Environment news, comment and
Arctic Summer Cyclones Churn Up Sea Ice
At the top of the world, intense summer cyclones have been raging in recent years, eating up sea ice and helping push the North Pole closer to ice-free summers. In fact, a week-long cyclone just concluded, which Matthew Asplin, Discovery News - Earth News
'Brown Ocean' Can Fuel Inland Tropical Cyclones
In the summer of 2007, Tropical Storm Erin stumped meteorologists. Most tropical cyclones dissipate after making landfall, weakened by everything from friction and wind shear to loss of the ocean as a source of heat energy. Not Er
Rocks Can Restore Our Climate ... After 300,000 Years
A study of a global warming event that happened 93 million years ago suggests that the Earth can recover from high carbon dioxide emissions faster than thought, but that this process takes around 300,000 years after emissions decl
Causes of Global Warming
Scientists have spent decades figuring out what is causing global warming. They've looked at the natural cycles and events that are known to influence climate. But the amount and pattern of warming that's been measured can't be ex
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