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solo 2017|| will steger
The departure point of this year’s solo will be 150 travel-miles northeast of Ely, Minnesota, in northwestern Ontario. I’ll start at Burchell Lake, the headwaters of the Waweag River. It features smal...
Duration : Not Available
2018 north pole unassisted, unsupported expedition
The North Pole, often known as the home of Santa, is located on a floating ice pack situated in the Arctic Ocean in the northern hemisphere. Walking on frozen water, there is a risk of falling through...
Duration : Not Available
running the sacred monkey river
Our goal was an 88-mile long section of the Usumacinta River—“Sacred Monkey River” in Mayan—that is on the Mexico-Guatemala border. The largest river in Mexico, the “Usu” normally runs around 40,000 c...
Duration : Not Available
adventure mississippi river
Mississippi River (AMR) represents the kickoff to our annual OAR Northwest Education series. AMR will be the flagship expedition, blending real-life adventure with technology to reach students both lo...
Duration : Not Available
row zambezi
Poor quality water and sanitation are a major problem in Western Zambia causing unnecessary death, Ill health and restricting development. Village Water has already demonstrated success in addressing ...
Duration : Jul 2018 - Aug 2018
4,250 mile walk of the river nile
Levison Wood is such a man, his bold challenge is to walk the full length of the River Nile. This 4,250 mile epic will consume a year of his time and take him through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan a...
Duration : Not Available
7 rivers 7 continents
The 7 rivers, 7 continents project is an endeavour to complete source to sea paddling descents of the longest river on each continent. A combined total distance of some 35 000km (22 000 miles). Amazon...
Duration : Jan 2008 - Jan 2018
homathko icecap traverse
A ski mountaineering expedition to traverse the 800 square mile Homathko Icecap in British Columbia. \r\nOur project will incorporate skiing, mountaineering and whitewater rafting....
Members : 4     Duration : Jul 2003 - Aug 2003
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