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 Animal Magazine
Articles about all kinds of animals.
Short articles highlighting unusual facts about animals.

 Animals! The Animal Information Center
A general overview of Kingdom Animalia.

 Biological Diversity: Animals
A concise, illustrated overview of Kingdom Animalia and the organization of animal bodies.

 Diversity and Systematics of Organisms
Characteristics of the phyla of the Animalia.

A virtual zoo with photo galleries, web cams, news, and a zoo and aquarium directory.

 Indian Fauna
Searchable database that aims to provide accurate taxonomic and associated information about India's 81,000 known animal species.

 Introduction to the Metazoa
Information on the group's fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics and morphology, covering each group of organisms (each taxon).

 Jellies Zone
Guide to gelatinous zooplankton of the U.S. Pacific Coast, with photos and information on jellyfish (true jellies), comb jellies, gelatinous molluscs, and pelagic tunicates.

 Kingdom Animalia
Article about Kingdom Animalia, also called Metazoa.

 Natural Perspective
Highlights of the larger members of the animal kingdom (Animalia).

 Pacific Film Foundation
From biotechnology to medical breakthroughs, and from the environment to the arts, The Pacific Film Foundation is dedicated to promoting educational awareness of today?s most important global issues through the power of digital film and television. We loo

 The Animal Diversity Web
An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology

 The Animal Files
Brief notes on the biology of about 50 animal species as well as their role in mythology, shamanism, and dream symbolism.

 The Phyla of Kingdom Animalia
Comprehensive outline of animal taxonomy, with links to descriptions of phyla and major classes and orders.