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 Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
Geophysical intruments manufacurer of geophysical instruments, resistivity meters, and IP meters.

 Advanced Measurements and Controls, Inc.
Providing environmental monitoring equipment for water quality, hydrology, stream gaging, stage, and meteorology. Includes sensors, dataloggers, sediment sampling devices, current meters, and fish tags.

 AeroVironment Inc.
Atmospheric Systems business develops, manufactures and sells a line of acoustic sensing products. The flagship products are the SODARs.

 Allied Associates Geophysical, Ltd.
Specialist European supplier of geophysical equipment for hire and sale including radar, resistivity EM, Gravity and magnetic instruments.

A source of weather sensors, environmental monitoring systems, data collection products, and display and recording devices.

 American Sigma, Inc.
Manufacturer of open channel flow meters, water quality monitors, wastewater samplers and sewer system management software.

 Applied Research Laboratories
Research, marketing, manufacturing and commercialisation of OE (Optical Emission including Laser Spark) and X-Ray spectrometers including automation for both product lines.

 Applied Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of scientific instrumentation, software, and systems for meteorological and atmospheric research.

 Aqua Bailers, Inc.
Manufacturers of high-quality bailers and other ground water and well sampling equipment. Online catalog and ordering information.

 Aquatic Life Ltd.
Seller of a comprehensive selection of environmental sampling and monitoring apparatus. Winnipeg, Canada, or buy online.

 Aquatrak Corporation
Manufacturer of liquid level determination for measuring tides, sea state, river stages, ground water, head and tail water, tank ullage, etc. Proven technology characterized by accuracy (?3 mm), reliability, versatility, and durability.

 Arjay Engineering Ltd
Manufacturers of level monitors and controls, ppm oil in water monitors, leak detection and alarms, open channel flow monitors and gas detection systems.

 ASC Scientific
Geology equipment for the lab and for the field.

 Ashtead TechnologyThe Rental Specialists
For all your oceanographic, hydrographic, Survey, ROV sensor, Non Destructive Testing and Inspection rental and hire requirements

 B. K. Consimpex Meteorological Systems
Satellite remote sensing & metereological system integrators in India.

 Belfort Instruments
Offer a variety of weather instruments for the measurement of Wind, Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Visibility.

 Bennett Sample Pumps, Inc.
Description, technical specifications, pricing and contact information for Bennett sample pump, reels and tube bundles, used for groundwater sampling.

 Berntsen International, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of all types of markers forthe surveying industry.

 Bico Inc.
Manufacturers of lab sized pulverizers, crushers, furnaces, ball mills, asphalt extractors, oil centrifuges, and other assay lab equipment.

 Biospherical Instruments Inc.
A research-oriented company that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art submersible and ground-based optical instruments for monitoring reservoir water quality.

 Books on Geological Sciences
Annotated catalogue of geology books published in India (in English). These are academic books on the Himalayas and other areas of India.

 Bright Dyes Dye Tracing Products
Fluorescent dye tracing products for use in groundwater flow tracing, leak detection, septic & sewer inspections and similar applications.

Suppliers of the famous Brunton compass, and other equipment for outdoor research

 Cablesafe Safety Hook
Cablesafe ? is a development from the offshore industry to improve safety on decks, stairs, scaffolding and other structures. Accidents can easily be avoided by using Cablesafe ? for safer cable management. Contact

 Campbell Scientific Ltd.
Professional weather monitoring products, including a full line of automated, research-grade weather stations.

 Carl Zeiss, Inc.
Company with a range of survey instruments such as GPS receivers, total stations, levels and theodolites.

 CASICompact Airbone Spectrographic Imager
A programmable imaging spectrograph that measures electromagnetic radiation between 400nm and 1000nm.

 Climatronics Corp.
Meteorological systems for ambient surface and upper air weather stations and networks. Offering sensors for wind, temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure, solar, ice, clouds and visibility.

 Coastal Environmental Systems
Coastal Environmental designs and manufactures weather stations, meteorological, environmental monitoring instrumentation, and data acquisition systems.

 Columbia Weather Systems
Makers of the Capricorn weather stations. Systems include wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, leaf wetness, solar radiation and soil moisture.

 Comptus Inc.
Manufacturer of meterological instruments for measuring wind, rain, snow and other weather elements.

 Contract Geological Services, Inc.
Equipment for exploration geology, including lots of field equipment, and some lab equipment. "Everything but the Mule"

borehole core storage systems and geological equipment.

 Crain Enterprises Manufacturers
CRAIN ENTERPRISES Manufacture of composite fiberglass telescoping leveling rods, prism poles, gps poles, range poles, measuring rulers, and tripods. In addition, Crain provides many other surveying supplies.

 Croft Instrument Systems
Supplies instrments for the pulp and paper industry, including optical consistency transmitters, suspended solids meters, turbidity meters, and color intensity meters for paper pulp, wastewater, effluent and sludge filtrate measurement.

 CST Corporation
Manufacturers of surveying and construction equipment. Chicago Steel Tape, Berger Instruments, LaserMark, Magna-Trak?, Tru-Lock.

 D-Tec Corporation
Design and manufacture of storm water samplers. Simple and reliable solution for remote monitoring applications. Collection within the first thirty minuntes of flow.

 Dascore Inc.
Manufacturers of modular systems and sensors for water quality monitoring.

 Davis Instruments Corp.
Weather instrumentation for amateur and commercial boaters, farmers, meteorologists, hobbyists. Introductory Flash option.

 Dell Systems-Omnitron
Lightweight, portable, full function, Ground Penetrating Radar, with selection of antennas.

 Dr. F. Krantz, Rheinisches Mineralien-Kontor
Buying and selling collections (rocks, minerals, fossils). Also sells specimens, field equipment, and teaching aids for geology. Site in both English and French.

 Dunham & Morrow Inc
Manufacturer of the DML2000 Magnetic Locator, the perfect instrument for pinpointing survey markers, buried iron or steel pipes, water valves, water meters or any other ferrous object covered by ground, pavement, water, snow or ice.

 ELE International
Range of meteorological testing and monitoring equipment.
Factory Direct Supplier of pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Selective Electrodes, Meters, and Monitors for the Laboratory, Process, and Biotechnology Industries.

 Encardio Rite Geotechnical Instruments
Instruments for geotechnical, underground tunnels, dam and mining fields.

 Enercorp Instruments Ltd
Site Index features Differential Pressure Transmitter and other meteorological sensors for most commercial and industrial applications.

 Environdata Complete Weather Services
Environdata manufactures automatic weather stations, and provides environmental monitoring services worldwide.

 Environmental Plug
Markets torque locking well plugs for groundwater environmental monitoring applications. Bright colour, large ID lettering, liquid tight, easy to use, low cost and developed by Geologists.
Rents, sell and services submersible pumps and related equipment for the environmental and water supply industries. Division of SAIC.

 EnviroTech Sensors
Specialize in the design, and manufacture of sensors used in environmental and industrial settings.

 Eping Electro-Optic Instruments
Manufacturer and exporter of surveying instruments from China, supplying automatic level, electronic theodolite, laser level, tripods, levelling staff, prism system, prism pole, prisms and other accessories.

 ESI Environmental Sensors Inc.
Specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of instrumentation and systems for moisture monitoring sensors and systems for landfill closure, agriculture, civil engineering and oil/gas applications.

Semi-permeable membrane devices used in passive sampler technology for monitoring PAH, PCB, pesticide pollutants in soil, air and water. Sensitive at very low levels.

Manufacturer of hand-held striking and struck tools for geology and other uses (hammers, hoe-picks, chisels, axes, and pry bars).

 Fedelity Technologies Corp.
Line of high-precision meteorological products and systems.

 FT Technologies Ltd
Manufacturers of compact, rugged, low power ultrasonic wind sensors.

 Fuizion Freeze Dried Food Limited
Just because you?re operating in extreme conditions, doesn?t mean that you have to compromise on good quality, nutritious freeze dried food. At Fuizion we produce and sell a wide range of gourmet Freeze Dried Food. In addition to our standard range of re

 Gematronik Weather Radar Systems
Developer and manufacturer of doppler weather radar systems and weather data processing software. Flash intro option.

 Geo Tools Direct
Internet shopping for geological tools and accessories.

GeoAstor AG has 20 years old reputation in producing and selling high-quality land surveying instruments and equipment.

Makers direct push water sampler, small-diameter well devices, and other groundwater sampling and monitoring apparatus.

 GeoLog, Inc.
Low-flow and micro-flow pumping devices for ground water monitoring. Also offers well-logging systems and pumps for use in remediation projects. Descriptions of product lines.

 Geology Micro Mineral Loupes
Geology magnifiers including doublet, and achromat micromineral loupes, hand lenses (2X to 20X), in metal holders from

Brand name of geophysical instruments manufactured by Research Institute of Engineering and technology, Changchun University of Sci. and Tech.

 Geotechnical Instrumentation
Equipment for use in the geotechnical, mining and environmental engineering fields. Products include: piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, settlement systems, and borehole packers.

Offers rock hammers for mining with wooden handles.

 Global Water Instrumentation, Inc.
Manufactures and markets water level loggers and sensors, velocity meters, flow meters, water quality sensors, samplers, data recorders, meteorological instruments, and related devices.

 Grade Stakes
Florida manufacturer and supplier of wood construction layout and land surveyor stakes including lath, 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 2x4, rebar, iron rods and monuments with online payment system.

 GRAW Radiosondes
Develops and manufactures GPS-based radiosonde-systems for upper-air measurements

 Guangdong Geo Industries Co., Ltd.
Design, manufacture, and marketing of laser equipment, land surveying equipment and accessories. China.

 Gurley Precision Instruments
Manufacturers of hydrological current meters and accessories for open channels, rivers and streams. Products include Price and pygmy meters, digital indicators and headphone sets, support systems, including cranes and sounding reels.

 Hach Co.Systems for water testing and water quality analysis
Reagents and instrumentation for water testing and water quality analysis, including portable systems (test strips, test kits, portable labs), laboratory instruments (spectrophotometers, colorimeters, turbidimeters), and process analyzers (turbidity, part

 HD Supply Inc.
Supplies Hester Dendy multiple plate benthic invertebrate samplers direct from the manufacturer.

 Heron Instruments
Manufactures and sells portable groundwater monitoring instrumentation, including water level and oil/water interface meters.

 Hixon Manufacturing and Supply
Online shopping for lasers, prism poles, GPS, Pentax, Leica, CST/Berger, Sokkia, Garmin and other survey products.

 Hovemere Ltd
Scientific instrument company specialising in Optical and Electronic Measurement Systems, for use in Research Applications.

 Hukseflux Thermal Sensors
For measurement of heat flux, thermal conductivity, thermal gradients and transfer coefficients, and particularly surface energy balance measurements in meteorology.

Multiprobes and displays for surveys, profiling, remote, unattended monitoring of any array of water quality parameters in fresh, salt, ground, waste waters to 200 meters.

HydroLynx real-time data telemetry equipment for monitoring hydrological conditions which includes: rain gauges, water level sensors, as well as meteorological sensors. Requires Flash.

 HydroTechnics, Inc.
Technical information and case histories for the VECTOR: an in-situ ground water velocity sensor and software system capable of remotely monitoring changes in the flow vector.

Remote water monitoring equipment for unattended monitoring of water depths, flow rates, water temperatures and precipitation.

 Instrumentation Northwest, Inc.
Manufactures, sells, and rents water resource tools and environmental monitoring products, including water quality sensors, dataloggers, level sensors, submersible pumps and multi-parameter meters.

 Instruments Developed by the National Institute of Hydrology, In
Describes instruments for measuring precipitation (both rain and snow), soil moisture, and other hydrologic parameters.

 Instruments for construction sites
Compete range of electro optical instruments for surveyors and house building.

 Intermountain Environmental
Carries a wide variety of meteorological system and sensors for environmental work.

 IQ Scientific Instruments
State-of-the-art non-glass pH systems with ISFET silicon-chip sensor technology. A full line of non-glass pH meter and probe are displayed.

Manufacturer of digitalno moving partsmeteorological instruments and sensor systems.

 Jinyang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Korean based meteorological company specializing in automatic weather systems, aviation meteorological observation systems, and portable automatic weather systems. Slow download.

 Ken Mannion
New and used fossil preparation equipment and supplies.

 Kipp & Zonen Corp.
A manufacture of environmental monitoring instrumentation, ISO and WMO class meteorological and solar radiation sensors and accessories.

 Kooter's Geology Tools
Basic geology field tools for students and professionals. Includes details about equipment, and tips for geologists.

 Koshin Denki
International manufacturer of individual sensors and weather systems, based in Japan.

 Lambrecht GmbH
Develops precision meteorological instruments and systems.

 Laser Alignment Online Store
Provider for construction lasers for general construction, interior, underground and machine control, along with auto levels, accessories, theodolites and total stations.

 Laser Atlanta Optics
Laser Atlanta Optics is the premier U.S. designer and manufacturer of eyesafe, portable, laser-based distance and speed measuring systems.

 Laser Level Kits
Laser level kits complete with 400mm laser level, smooth action metal rotate base, tripod and laser enhancement glasses in a robust carry case.

 Laser Reference
Manufacturer of laser systems for construction alignment.

 Laser TechnologyLaser Rangefinders
Laser Technology, Inc designs and manufactures laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments, or laser rangefinders, used in a wide variety of applications.

 LaserCraft, Inc.
Designer and Manufacturer of laser rangefinders,altimeters,3 km rangefinders and digital red light and speed enforcement systems.

Manufacturer of complete line of construction laser products for exterior, interior, utility and speciality alignment applications.

 Leica Geosystems
Offers solutions for positioning, surveying, mapping, navigation, industrial and other applications. Systems include GPS, total stations, GIS, photogrammetry, aerial cameras.

 LI-COR Environmental Research and Analysis
Instrumentation for the environmental sciences, including radiation sensors, infrared gas analyzers, dataloggers, light meters, and meteorological measurement systems.

 LN Industries Environmental Instrumentation
LN Industries Air pollution monitoring network equipment calibrates air pollution monitors of SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, O3, hydrocarbons, BTX, NH3, H2S.

 Manufacturer of Water Quality Measuring Instruments
Water Quality Measuring Instruments such as pH meters, ORP meters, TDS/Conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters.

Geodetic Systems Map500 Graphics Field Information System

 Marschalk Corporation
Manufacturer of System 1 ground water sampling products for low flow, and pneumatic pumping systems for remediationsince 1978

 McNab Water Monitoring Systems
Instruments to measure conductivity, salinity, and pH.

 MDL Measurement Devices Ltd
MDL is a laser measurement company specialising in the marine, offshore, mining, quarrying, surveying, GIS, police, security, engineering and military marketplaces.

 Met Check
Supplies a range of weather instrumentation for both domestic use, and meteorological and environmental monitoring.

 Met One Instruments, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of a line of meteorological and particulate monitoring instruments.

 Meteorological Engineering Limited
A systems house, identifies the ideal equipment for applications, and ensures instrumentation performs as designed.

 Meteorological measurement technology
Meteorological sensors and measurement systems: The place to start searching. Comprehensive database.

 MGL Scientific
Scientific field equipment.

 Microscopes - laboratory, inverted, industrial, educational, ste
Optical Devices Inc., Provides various kind of quality microscopes to industry, research, clinics and laboratories

Manufactures monitoring and information systems for a variety of disiplines including meteorology and environmental sciences.

 Morcom International, Inc.
Supplies a wide range of meteorological equipment and systems.

 Murray Engineering
Pneumatic fossil preparation tools and equipment. Patented modifications for pneumatic airscribse. Home of the Murray Mini-Jack, mother of all airscribes. Paleontology tools designed by a paleontologist.

 Neylon Lasers Ltd
Offers, hires out, calibrates and repairs surveying, construction and industrial line lasers. Also supply patient alignment lasers. Located in Dunfermline, Scotland.

 Nikon Surveying Instruments
Nikon USA Inc. Surveying Equipment

 NovaLynx Corporation
Manufacturer of weather monitoring instruments including tipping bucket rain gauges, anemometers, evaporation pans and sensors, and modular weather stations.

 NSW Technology Limited
Manufactures underwater electrical and electro-mechanical cables. Applications include fibre-optic telecommunication links, dynamic cables for underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs), geophysical, and oceanographic instrumentation.

 Nubila SAS
Developer of meteorological software and hardware for data processing and nowcasting, including the rain gauge-disdrometer PLUDIX, based on backscattering of a MW beam by hydrometers. Italian company, site in English.

 Optical Scientific, Inc.
Measurement instruments using optical technology in the areas of weather, the environment, transportation, aviation and communications.

 P.R.Engineering Ltd
Manufacturer of measuring equipment including spirit levels, spirit level vials, circular vials, laser levels, surveying levels, digital and engineers precision levels.

 Pacific Crest Corporation
Pacific Crest Corporation is a Leading Manufacturer of Wireless Technology for GPS (Global Positioning System) Applications.

Penmap, Pen Based Surveying System, software for: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Building Construction, Road Construction. Police Accident Investigation, Archaeology, and Geology.

 Process Control, Water Purification, Waste Water Treatment and E
Process Control Instruments for measurement of water & wastewater treatment, effluent and ground water. pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Turbidity, Dissolved oxygen, Salinity, Resistivity and Temperature Meters.

 QED Environmental Systems
Supplier of pumping systems and equipment for groundwater sampling and remediation.

 R. M. Young Company
Precision meteorological instruments for: Wind Speed and Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Precipitation; Indicators and displays, Data recorders

 RAI Technical Ltd
Authorised Dealer for Pentax Surveying Equipment, Spectra Precision Lasers, Stanley Tools to the Constrtion, Building & Civil Engineering Industry. Provision of Site / Setting Out Engineers and Land Surveyors

 RainWise Weather Stations and Instruments
Manufactures weather instruments.

 REMTECH Inc. Home Page
Manufactures DOPPLER SODAR (Acoustic Wind Profiler), the RASS (Air Temperature Profiler) and the DOPPLER SONAR (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)

 Rickly Hydrological Company
Online catalog of Rickly Hydrological Company, manufacturer of USGS Stream Gaging, Sediment Sampling, and Stage Measurement instrumentation equipment.

 Rite in the Rain
Water-resistant field notebooks and paper.

 Robin Instruments Ltd.
Suppliers of instumentation for water analysis, both portable and Process (On-line).

Earth science supplies for the classroom and collector.

Line of instruments for the measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters.

 Schonstedt Instrument Company
Since 1953, premier manufacturer of fluxgate magnetometers and magnetic pipe & cable locators, water leak detectors and correlators, rebar locators, concrete cover meters, post tension cable & tendon duct locators and unexploded ordnance magnetom

 Scientific Sales, Inc.
Offers a line of weather instruments, including wireless weather stations.

 Scintec Advanced Atmosperic Sensing
Manufacturer of innovative radiowave, acoustic, and optical sensing technology for atmospheric research.

SECO Manufacturing Co., Inc., worldwide leading manufacturer of quality GPS and land surveying equipment accessories.

Quality ORP (REDOX) electrodes and other specialty sensors for pH, Conductivity and dissolved O2. For portable, laboratory and industrial process applications.

Weather Instruments and Environmental Measurement Systems for Commercial and Residential applications.

 Si Cong Group
Manufacturer and vendor of geodesic surveying instruments as well as other precision instrument equipment.

 Sippican, Inc.
Product lines include expendable upper air oceanographic and meteorologic instrumentation and associated data acquisition systems.

 SITE Manufacturing Inc.
S!TE manufactures survey equipment accessories such as Prism Poles, Rover Rods, Tribrachs, Targets, HI Rods, Mag Mounts, Bipods and Tripods for the traditional and GPS/GIS survey market.

 Skyview Systems
Skyview Systems is a UK based company, supplying meteorological, hydrological and marine instruments.

 Solinst Groundwater Instruments
Manufactures high quality hydrogeological and hydrological instrumentation. Groundwater monitoring instruments include water level indicators, level and water quality data loggers, groundwater samplers, oil/water interface probes, drive-point pi

 Southern DataStream
Specializes in monitoring equipment, data collection and analysis for agricultural engineering, water management, and water quality. Products include stage loggers, stilling wells, and data collection units.

 Stabila Inc.
Manufactures and sells german made levels and lasers. Includes a useful FAQs section.

 SubSurface Instruments, Inc.
SubSurface manufactures high quality magnetic locators.We repair Schonstedt brand locators. SubSurface also sells water leak detectors and pipe & cable locators.

 Sun Survey Systems
Manufactures surveying instruments and accessories in Inida.

 Sunburst Sensors, LLC
Manufactures autonomous optical chemical sensors for in situ monitoring of carbon dioxide, pH and other chemical properties in ocean and fresh water.

 surveyors-express tm germany
in europe the biggest stockholder in secondhand total stations (everytime around 50 total stations on stock) certificated leica performance dealer for germany.

 Sutron Corporation
Build your own weather station!

 Tamez Company
Producer of an elevation rod available in metric or english measurement units.

 Technika Weather Station Central
Weather Stations in the best olde world tradition with state of the art precision technology.

 TeleDevices LLC
Offers automatic samplers, telemetry, SDADA systems, flow meters and other products for remote monitoring of rainfall, stormwater, and other hydrologic parameters. Includes specifications and online manual.

 Texas Electronics
Designer and manufacturer of industrial quality meteorological sensors and systems since 1957, including rain, wind, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, controllers, data loggers, and solar radiation instruments.

 Texas Weather Instruments, Inc.
Manufacurer of a complete line of weather stations, including anemometer, humidity, temperature, solar radiation, rain, barometric pressure, lightning, leaf wetness sensors, and wireless weather stations.

 The Republic Group Environmental Science Division
Consortium of 12 US world class sensor and hydromet systems manufacturers.

 Thies Clima
Measurement instruments and documentation for meteorology, environmental protection, and industrial applications. Company in Germany, with an international network of regional agents. Site also in Deutch.

 Thorn Satcom Data Services
a Tyco International LTD. Company. Offers a complete range of Satellite data reception and environmental data collection products, and can provide customised solutions to meet any requirement.

 Topac Conductivity Meters and Probes
Instruments for measuring conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature.

Topcon America Corporation (TAC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Topcon Corporation, a Japanese producer of optical products and furniture used with such products. The company sells products, supplied by its Parent, for the ophthalmic, GPS and surveying

 Topline America Stake & Supply Co.
U.S. Manufacturer of Clear Douglas Fir survey stakes, hubs, and lath. Many survey supplies & accessories.

 Tornado Quest
Online source of meteorological instruments and photos for storm chasers and weather enthusiasts.

 Turner Designs
A comprehensive site of fluorometers, luminometers, and oil in water monitors used in environmental, biotechnology, and industrial applications.

Manufactures electronic measurement systems and equipment for meteorology and the environmental sciences, traffic safety, and industrial applications.

 Vancouver Petrographics
Offers geological laboratory services, rock cutting, polishing, geological studies and geological supplies and equipment.

 Waterra UK Limited
UK based company manufacturing and selling a range of groundwater monitoring and sampling equipment for use in groundwater investigation, remediation and monitoring programmes.

 Weather Graphics Technologies
Forecasting products and home of software titles such as Digital Atmosphere and Weathergraphix.

 Weather Information Systems
Offers digital and analog weather stations.

 Weather instruments
Instruments for measuring wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, windchill and heat index.

 Weather Instruments from Accents of Nature
Whether for a burgeoning young scientist or an avid weather enthusiast, weather instruments keep you in touch with the ever-changing forces of nature.

 Weather Stick Science
Technical and commercial information on weather sticks, a traditional weather prediction tool from the backwoods of New England.

 Weather Systems Company
Sells and installs weather stations, instruments, and sensors.

 Weather Warehouse
Meteorological instruments, anemometers, weather stations, rain collectors, wind speed indicators and sensors for the amateur to professional meteorologist.

 Welcome to Sokkia
Sokkia Co., Ltd. Home Page. Products for measuring distance, position and area.

 Westbay Instruments Incorporated
Designs and manufactures a multi-level instrumentation system for investigating and monitoring groundwater conditions, allowing the monitoring of multiple zones in a single borehole. Includes extensive technical information about field applications of the

 WNIWeather Instrumentation
A systems integrator for industrial quality weather monitoring systems.

 Wood Emporium
Maker of weather station screens (Stevenson Screens) for the British Met Office.

 Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.
Advanced optical weather instrumentation for solar radiation and dew point humidity.

Designs, manufactures and distributes water quality and environmental monitoring equipment, temperature probes, temperature measurement equipment, thermistors, CO2 sensors, glucose analyzers, and lactate analyzers.