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 Friends of the Earth International
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Conservation organization with Christian religious orientation.

 Amazon International Rainforest Reserve (AIRR)
A non-profit organization set up exclusively to buy land in the Amazon and protect it with forest rangers for the purpose of preserving the rainforest. Site includes articles, kids' section, and description of ways to help.

 American Land Conservancy
Dedicated to the preservation of land and water as enduring public resources, to protect and enhance our nation's natural, ecological, historical, recreational and scenic heritage.

 Amics de la Terra Eivissa
Environmental activities in the island of Ibiza. Member of Friends of the Earth Spain. Campaigns on water resources, renewable energies, genetically modified organismn (GMO) and endangered local species. Catala, Espanol, English and Deutsch.

 Center for Ecological Management of Military Lands (CEMML)
Supports the national defense mission by providing professional services and technical support to the Department of Defense in conservation, environmental protection, and natural and cultural resources management.

 Center for Ecosystem Survival
USA Non-profit organization raising funds for international conservation projects.

 Columbia Land Trust
Works with landowners to conserve sensitive and critical lands in the Columbia River region. Provides project tours, news, factsheets, and membership information.

 Conservation Land Group
Created with the pursuit of structuring and completing land conservation transactions between private landowners, non-profit organizations and public agencies.

 Conservation Partners
Working exclusively on land conservation projects; includes information about the company, projects, and contact information.

 Creating Land Trusts: Help Conserve Our Land and Natural Resourc
General information about the history and organization of land trust organizations. Includes links.

 David Brower
Web site of founder and chairman of Earth Island Institute and president of Earth Island Action Group. Tribute and memorial of his life.

 Delta Land Trust
Non-profit conservation and sustainable development organization based in Madison, Mississippi with operations throughout the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley portions of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

 Earth Preservation Fund
Supports international community-based projects focused on environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and public health through a partnership with ecotourism.

 Earthwave Society
Provides information and education on biodiversity, conservation practices, and utilization of natural resources.

 EIAThe Environmental Investigation Agency
An independent, international campaigning organisation committed to investigating and exposing environmental crime.

 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
Non-profit organization founded to promote national awareness of the importance of land conservation for equestrian sports and activity. Guide, directors, council, calendar of events, library, equestrian partners, contact, and links.

 Expeditions in Conservation
Travel alongside World Wildlife Fund scientists as they journey into remote and exotic locales to learn more about the most precious and varied ecosystems.

 Foundation for Awareness and Understanding of Nature and Animals
Non-profit wildlife conservation, environmental education, and animal welfare organization.

 Frequently Asked Questions on World Wildlife Fund
Provides searchable archive of the WWF. Environment-related FAQs presents answers to common queries, and links to sources of detailed information.

 Frieds of Earth Hammersmith and Fulham
Local FOE group in West London, provides information on campaigns, actions, events, joining, links and contacts.

 Friends of the Earth Australia
FOE Melbourne community-based activist organization which works towards an ecologically sustainable and socially equitable society. Provide information, news and publications on environmental issues.

 Friends of the Earth Canada
Environmental organizations that campaign on the most urgent environmental and social issues of the day. Provide information on the activities of FOE.

 Friends of the Earth Cornwall
Provides information about environmentally sustainable transport and waste campaigns. Activities, contacts and links.

 Friends of the Earth Craigavon
Local FOE group with information on meetings and activities in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

 Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)
Provide information on the campaigns and projects of its member groups, which deal with a large variety of subjects such as traffic, waste, recycling, EU-enlargement, sustainable tourism, EU structural funds, international financial institutions, trade, c

 Friends of The Earth Indonesia
WALHI (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia) or Indonesian Forum for Environment is a forum of NGO's concerned with problems of the environment. Site in Indonesian and English.

 Friends of the Earth Isle of Man
Provide information on a campaign against a mass burn incinerator.

 Friends of the Earth Maryborough
FoE Queensland Australia group providing information and campaigning on the ecologically sustainable use of Fraser Island.

 Friends of the Earth Middle East
Representing leading Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian environmental non-governmental organizations. Primary objective is to promote of cooperative efforts to protect our shared environmental heritage. Site topics include trans

 Friends of the Earth Muswell Hill
Local FOE group for North London, UK. ProvideS information on campaigns, events diary and links.

 Friends of the Earth Oldham
FOE Lancashire, UK. Provide information on campaigns.

 Friends of the Earth Press Releases
Regular news updates on a wide range of environmental issuesincluding gm food, climate change, wildlife, transport, anti-globalization. Available online or via email.

 Friends of the Earth Sydney
FOE Australia. Provide information on campaigns.

 Friends of the Earth UK
FOE UK. Provide information on campaigns.

 Friends of the Earth US
FOE is a national environmental organization dedicated to preserving the health and diversity of the planet for future generations. Provide information on campaigns and issues.

 Friends of the Earth, King's Lynn and West Norfolk
Web site containing details of campaigns, events, meetings and other items relating to the King's Lynn and West Norfolk area.

 Fundacion de Tierra Preservada (Foundation of Preserved Land)
Non-profit, tax-exempt organization promoting the preservation of land in Costa Rica and elsewhere in Latin America, using donated funds, corporate sponsorship, and volunteers. Information in English and Spanish.

 Great Rivers Land Trust
Seeks to promote, for the benefit of the general public, the preservation and improvement of natural resources principally in, but not limited to, the watershed of the Mississippi River.

Environmental expeditions and marine surveys details for volunteers.

 Greenpeace Australia
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns for sustainable living and the protection of nature. Includes the Get Active campaign for help in setting up and managing social and environmental issues.

 Greenpeace Canada
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns that uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems. Features research solutions and alternatives that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Site in English an

 Greenpeace China
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns of environmental issues in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Site in English and Chinese.

 Greenpeace Mediterranean
Provides information, news and resources on campaigns of environmental issues of the Eastern Mediterranean Basin including Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel.

 Greenpeace New Zealand
Information, resources and campaigns of Greenpeace New Zealand.

 Greenpeace Research Laboratories, Exeter University
Part of the Science Unit of Greenpeace international.?Provide scientific advice and analytical support to Greenpeace offices worldwide. Publications, reports and articles.

 Greenpeace Russia
Information on campaigns of the Russian branch of the international environmental organization Greenpeace. Available in Russian and English.

 Greenpeace Support Page
The GSP provides information on Greenpeace?s work, events, news and how to help.

 Greenpeace UK
Information, resources and campaigns of Greenpeace UK.

 Greenpeace USA
The leading organization that uses peaceful and creative activism to protect the global environment. Provides environmental information, photo and video galleries, press releases and online action items.

Offers opposing views of Greenpeace, its goals and tactics, using strategies learned from "opponent."

 Habitat Trust
USA land trust and conservation project. Manages donations of land and money.

 Inland Northwest Land Trust
Non-profit conservation organization dedicated to protecting habitat and green space by working with private landowners in eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

 Land Tenure Center North American Program
Working in developing countries on issues of resource tenure and institutional aspects of rural development.

 Land Trust Alliance
Promotes voluntary land conservation and works with nonprofit land trusts by providing information, skills and resources land trusts need to conserve land for the benefit of communities and natural systems.

 National Association of Conservation Districts
Provides news and information for and about the nation?s 3000 local conservation districts.

 Natural Land Institute
Protecting and managing lands in Illinois and Wisconsin. Includes news, major acquisitions, volunteer opportunities, and membership information.

 Northern Prairies Land Trust
Provide landowners with information to protect lands that are significant for agriculture, ranching, fish and wildlife habitat, water resource enchancement and open space.

 Southern Plains Land Trust
Dedicated to preserving and restoring the short grass prairie ecosystem including key species such as the black-tailed prairie dog, swift fox, and others.

 The Aldo Leopold Foundation
USA organization promoting an ethical relationship between people and land.

 The Forest Trust
A land trust and stewardship organization in the American Southwest serving foresters, forest-dependent rural communities and businesses, policy makers, and public agencies with research and education on sustainable forestry.

 The Nature Conservancy
USA organization working to protect endangered species and ecosystems through land acquisition and research.

 The Trust for Public Land
A U.S. national, nonprofit organization that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, natural areas and open space. Information on the organization and current projects.

Wildlife trade monitoring program of the World Wildlife Fund which aims to help ensure that wildlife trade is at sustainable levels and in accordance with domestic and international laws and agreements. Provide information and resources.

 Wilderness Land Trust
Has acquired over 180 private inholdings in 35 National Wilderness Areas in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico and Washington. Includes news and events, accomplishments, and ways to contribute and become involved.

 WildLife Care International (WLCI)
Works to protecting and conserve non-domesticated animals in captivity and in the wild. Details of goals, projects, news.

 World Wildlife Fund Brazil
Official site of the Brazilian conservation organization WWF-Brazil. Environmental news, publications, webcards, general information about the organization and about endangered species.

 World Wildlife Fund Cameroon Programme Office
Provides information and resources on projects of the WWF in Africa.

 World Wildlife Fund Conservation Action Network
WWF provides information to take action on environmental issues by communicating with the president, members of Congress, and other decision makers.

 World Wildlife Fund Global Network
Provides links to WWF national organizations, program offices, and associate offices.

 World Wildlife Fund Indochina Programme
Provides information for the WWF organization in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam with activities focused on forest landscapes, fresh water system, coastal and marine ecosystems and endangered species.

 World Wildlife Fund Russia
WWF operates conservation projects in Russia. Provides news, resources and online bulletin. Site in English and Russian.

 World Wildlife Fund UK
Provides WWF news and reports on global and UK campaigns.

 World Wildlife Fund US
Learn more about endangered species, the places where they live, threats to their survival, and how WWF is helping to save them. Take action online, shop the site, and down load free postcards, screen savers, and fun wildlife stuff.

 World Wildlife FundGlobal Forest Program
WWF works to establish effective management of protected areas and forests. Provides information on projects, publications and links.

 WWF International Arctic Programme
Information on arctic global warming and climate change, toxics in the arctic, artic protected areas and arctic conservation.
Provides information on WWF's activities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and eastern DRC.