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 Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
Seeks to advance environmental technology (ET) education through curriculum development, professional development, and program improvement in community colleges and high schools.

 American Nature Study Society
Information about this organization, which helps promote effective education and environmental literacy workshops, publications, field trips, and conferences. Encourages student-centered hands-on learning bridging between the natural sciences, social scie

 Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station Environment
advancing science and engineering technologies for ecosystem management. Research staff includes government and contract researchers from environmental disciplines.

 Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
An inter-governmental network for the promotion of global environmental change research and links between science and policy making in the Asia-Pacific Region.

 Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
The (AGCI) summer programs provide a series of in-depth sessions for invited scientists from around the world to explore the latest understandings of the global environment and how human activities affect Earth systems.

 Australian CSIRO Atmospheric Research
Addresses topics such as urban and regional air pollution, acid deposition, the enhanced greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, climatic variability and severe weather

 Back Bay Restoration Foundation
The Back Bay Restoration Foundation (BBRF) site is dedicated to education toward the preservation, restoration and enhancement of the water quality in the Back Bay watershed in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

 Biosphere 2 Center
Columbia University environmental research activities and education programs in the Arizona "living laboratory" originally built for an experiment to test the feasibility of humans living in a closed ecosystem.

 Blackland Research CenterWater Sciences Laboratory

 Cape Tribulation Research Station, AUSTROP Foundation
The only research facility in the lowland tropics of Australia, Cape Tribulation Tropical Research Station operated by the Australian Tropical Research Foundation (AUSTROP), and the home of the Daintree Rainforest Taskforce.

 Carbon County Environmental Education Center
Provides residents in Carbon with environmental classes, programs, wildlife rehabilitation, research and conservation.

 Center for Coastal And Land-Margin Research (CCALMR)
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology

 Center For Combustion and Environmental Research
An interdisciplinary group established to study fundamental problems relating to the field of combustion and environmental protection.

 Center for Conservation Biology
Created to develop the science of conservation biology, including its application to solutions for critical conservation problems. In particular, the CCB conducts objective scientific and policy research that is building a sound basis for the conservatio

 Center for Development Research, University of Bonn
Conducts interdisciplinary research on political, cultural, economic, technical and ecological questions related to development and global sustainability.

 Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
Research programs into the areas of environmental justice and sustainable development.

 Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
Central liaison for energy and environmental research and education. Focuses on efficient and economical uses of energy and on ensuring a cleaner environment by developing ecologically sound energy related technologies.

 Center For Environmenal Prediction, Rutgers University
Specializes in research and education in regional and global environmental prediction, particularly with reference to climate change modeling.

 Center for Environmental Research & Conservation
A consortium of five education and research institutions created in response to critical environmental concerns facing the Earth.

 Center for Global Environmental Research, Japan
Conducts diverse research on the consequences of human activities on the earth system. Includes information about capabilities, projects, data, and publications.

 Center for Global Environmental Studies, Oak Ridge National Labo
The center provides a base for studying systems that affect the global environment, including terrestrial ecosystems, aquatic systems, and the atmosphere. Scientists study the carbon cycle, climate, ecosystem dynamics, and environmental effects of human a

 Center for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environmen
CSERGE's core academic objectives are to undertake policy-relevant research on global environmental problems and to contribute to the ESRC's Global Environmental Change Research Programme.

 Center for the Study of Marine Policy
The Center conducts a broad range of research studies emphasizing the application of policy analysis and other analytical tools to the study of the management of ocean and coastal areas on regional, national, and global scales.

 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
United Kingdom body for research, survey, monitoring and training in the terrestrial and freshwater sciences. Provides independent research and advice to inform government policy on natural resource management and environmental p

 Centre for Environmental Strategy
The Centre for Environmental Strategy has a focus for cross-disciplinary analysis of long-term environmental problems

 Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
CIIT is a not-for-profit toxicology research institute dedicated to providing an improved scientific basis for understanding and assessing the potential adverse effects of chemica

 Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Manitoba, Canada
Promote and facilitates Northern research covering the physical environment, social issues and economic development, including sustainable resource development. Offers opportunities to study the northern lights, whales, arctic flora and fauna, polar bears

 Climate System Research Center, University of Massachusetts
Research is focused on the climate system, climate variability and global change issues, from contemporary climate variations, their causes and consequences, to paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes. Includes news of recent research.

 Coalition for Education in the Outdoors
A non-profit network of environmental education centers, conservation and recreation organizations, schools, fish and wildlife agencies, and businesses to support outdoor education.

 Cobbs Creek Environmental Center
Philadelphia-based non profit organization specializing in youth programs, teacher training, stream monitoring and watershed sutides.

 Conservation & Research Center
At the Smithsonian Institution's mandate their mission is to advance conservation of biological diversity. The CRC increases knowledge through investigations of threatened species, habitats, and communities, and disseminates knowledge through advan

 CRC for Waste Management and Pollution Control Limited
Australian research center studying wastewater treatment and reuse, solid waste management, waste minimisation, contaminated site remediation, and hazardous waste treatment.

 CSIRO Sustainable EcosystemsCentre for Arid Zone Research, Alice
A regional research group within the Sustainable Ecosystems division of CSIRO. Undertakes research into the ecology and management of the arid and semi-arid rangelands of Australia.

 Danish Hydraulic Institute
Independent, international organisation affiliated with the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, offering research and consultation in ecology, environmental chemistry, water resources, environmental informatics, and hydraulic structures, with particular

 Delaware Nature Society
A non-profit organization that provides environmental education and advocacy; manages nature centers and preserves; has a native plant garden, butterfly house and historic gristmill; offers international trips.

 Desert Research Institute
affiliated with University of Nevada; research programs focus on water resources and air quality, global climate change and the physics of the earth's turbulent atmosphere, and humanity's historic struggle to adapt to harsh environments.

 Dutch Global Climate Change Research Programme
Searchable reports and proceeedings on the projects supported by the program.

 Earth Foundation
Empowers students and educators to work toward a healthy environment through the Adopt an Acre rainforest conservation program, education and ecotours.

 Earthnomad Foundation
The Foundation allocates resources and contributes to public and private efforts in Earth Sustainability and in raising awareness of the uniqueness and fragility of our living environment.

 EcolincEnvironmental Awareness NE Scotland
Ecolinc promotes environmental awareness by organising projects, seminars, school quizzes, surveys and debates in NE Scotland.

 EcoStewards Alliance
A non-political, environmental organization focused on individual education for making earth-friendly choices in the household and the community.

 EE Resources for the U.S.Mexico Border
In Spanish and English, offering comprehensive information on environmental education programs and organizations along the U.SMexico border.

 ELI: The Environmental Law Institute
an internationally recognized, independent research and education center that advances environmental protection by improving law, policy, and management. (U.S.-based)

 EMSL: William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laborato
U.S. Department of Energy national scientific user facility with over 100 major instrument systems for use by the research community. Has experimental, theoretical, and computational capabilities for solving environmental problems. Pacific Northwest Nati

 Energy, Environment, and Resources Center
University of Tennessee, Knoxville center conducts high-level, multidisciplinary research using the intellectual resources of the University and its regional partners. This research seeks to find real-world solutions to problems in the fields of energy, e

 ENVINETEuropean Network for Arctic-Alpine Environmental Research
"Infrastructure Co-operation Network" of 17 research stations engaged in multidisciplinary environmental research in Northern Europe. Includes information on cooperative projects.

 Environment Institute
European Institute's concern has been focused on protecting man and his environment and on the quality of life and goods in Europe.

 Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Oxford University's centre for the study of environmental change: causes, impacts and remediation.

 Environmental Control Research Group
University of Paisley in Scotland investigates contaminants in air, land, inland waters and river estuaries. Details given about projects, publications and the people who work on them.

 Environmental Education Agency
Provides environmental education resources, and also gives out awards to organisations who had provided the masses with better understanding to the environment.

 Environmental Education Association of Washington
Local information for educators in the Pacific Northwest of North America, plus links to other environmental education resources.

 Environmental Education Centre
Environmental Education Centre (Tamil Nadu, India) provides information on many topics, pertaining primarily to South Asia, organized by age-level of student.

 Environmental Education Council of Ohio
EECO promotes environmental education to all audiences in the state of Ohio.

 Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand
Directory that comprises of aspects like heritage, land, infrastructure, air and biodiversity in the environment of New Zealand.

 Environmental Forum of Marin
A Marin County, California, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment through education.

 Environmental Literacy Council
Discussions of environmental topics, with selected links, intended to help K-12 teachers and students to find substantive information about the environment on the Internet. Also includes a review of advanced placement textbooks in environmental science.

 Environmental SciencesOak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL's environmental sciences R&D portfolio includes work in biogeochemistry, environmental biotechnology, environmental chemistry, ecosystem studies, geosciences, hydrology, microbiology, and environmental assessment.

 Environmental Site, The
Information and resources for environmental practitioners, educators, and students, covering topics including pollution prevention, environmental justice, and green chemistry.

 Environmental Working Group
EWG is a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, D.C. and a leading content provider for public interest groups and concerned citizens who are campaigning to protect the environment.

 For Ed BC
This BC, Canada-based non-partisan organization provides environmental education teaching resources for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

 Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century (GEE-21)
Not-for-profit organization which carries out research and educational activities dealing with issues of environment and energy. Areas of activity include reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, transfer and diffusion of environment-friendly energy techno

 Global Environmental and Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) of Al
Lesson plans and resources for teaching about the environment, global interdependence, and sustainability.

 Global Habitat Project Online
Offers newsletters for students and educators, covering a wide-range of topics related to science and the environment with some articles online.

 Greenworks TV
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection environmental education website. Extensive collection of online materials.

 Harmony Foundation
A non-profit that creates innovative environmental and community training programs and educational materials for educators, youth, the workplace and communities.

 Horizon Communications
International research, film production and development organization: finding solutions to environmental, health, population and development problems.

 Human Dimensions Research Programs Guide
To improve the understanding of global environmental processes.

 Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
Research, training, and software for hydrologic engineering and water resources planning and management.

 ICENSInternational Center for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences
Multi-disciplinary research centre located on the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Site has information about the centre, its research programmes, publications, and analytical services available.

 Institute of Chemical Toxicology, Wayne State University
Research on the short- and long-term effects of chemicals on human, animal and plant life.

 International Arctic Research Center, Fairbanks, Alaska
Fostering international collaboration in global climate change research in the Arctic.

 International centre for Conservation Education
UK-based charity educating for sustainable development especially in Africa. Produces educational resources, carries out consultancy and training.

 International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
Programme is focused on acquiring basic scientific knowledge about the interactive processes of biology and chemistry of the earth as they relate to Global Change.

 International Union of Forestry Research Organizations
IUFRO is a non-profit, non-governmental international network of forest scientists. Its objectives are to promote international cooperation in forestry and forest products research.

 Investigate Biodiversity
Investigate Biodiversity, an educational tool for science students brought to students by the Conservation International and Intel Corporation

 K.U.Leuven research database
All research teams, research projects(5000) and expertises of K.U.Leuven researchers.

 King County Water and Land Resources
Information on lakes, streams, marine waters, wetlands, and fish and wildlife habitat and their protection. Specific to King County, Washington, but also of general interest.

 Lake Annsjon Bird Observatory, Sweden
Monitors bird populations in an area in the middle of the Scandinavian mountain range.

 Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace encourages responsible, non-motorized outdoor activities with minimal impact on public recreational areas. The program provides education in outdoor skills and ethics.

 Maine Environmental Policy Institute
The institure is dedicated to researching environmental challenges facing the state and reporting this research to policy makers and the public.

 Massachusetts Environmental Education Society
Provides networking and educational resources such as annual conference, job listings, event listings, and student activities to the environmental education community.

 Missoula County Weed District
Learn about the environmental effects of noxious weeds, integrated weed control, and the educational and grant programs available.

 Missouri Environmental Fund
Group takes part in the preservation of parks, rivers, and natural lands, maintaining clean air and safe water, and development and maintenance of urban and wilderness trails.

 MIT Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (P-S
Publications from and information about multidisciplary research program focused on increasing the effectiveness of government and corporate environmental policies and management approaches.

 Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund
Montana Conservation Voters Education Fund increasing citizen participation in local, state, and national democratic processes on environmental issues.

 NASA Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder
Microwave radar scatterometers measure wind over the ocean from space. Their data is usefule for monitoring climate conditions. This site provides access to climate record data from the Seasat, NSCAT, ERS-1/2 and SeaWinds scatterometers in image form to

 NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Includes a spotlight on global warming, and information on their research into the climate and climate modelling.

 National Center For Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
At NCEAS, scientists conduct collaborative research on major fundamental and applied problems in ecology. The Center facilitates integrative research aimed at synthesizing existing data and information, and subsequently making these data available in acco

 National Center for Environmental Decision-making Research
NCEDR focus is on needs of subnational (state, regional, tribal, local) environmental decision makers. It engages environmental decisionmakers with researchers to develop and communicate processes and information that help solve or avoid problems associa

 National Center for Environmental Health (U.S. CDC)
Leadership to promote health & quality of life by preventing or controlling those diseases, birth defects, or disabilities resulting from interaction between people and the environment.

 National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education
Mission is to promote sustainable development by educating students, faculty, and professionals about pollution prevention; create educational materials; provide tools and strategies for addressing relevant environmental problems; and establish a nationa

 National Wildlife Federation Environmental Education
School and community program resources for students and teachers with publications such as "Ranger Rick".

 Natural Environment Research Council
To promote and support, by any means, high quality basic, strategic and applied research, survey, long-term environmental monitoring and related postgraduate training in terrestrial, marine and freshwater biology.

 Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Center of expertise in research and consultancy in the environment and natural resources sector, conducting research, development, and training to promote efficient management and use of renewable natural resources in support of sustainable livelihoods.

 NEDO (Japan) Global Environmental Technology Development
Research and technology development in several environmental areas (including waste management, recycling, CFC destruction and replacement, CO2 fixation and utilization, bioreactors, soil remediation, more). Languages: English, Japanese.

 NEETFThe National Environmental Education and Training Foundatio
Addressing Issues of Critcal National Concern through Environmental Education.

 NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
conducts basic research on environmental health and environment-related diseases. Links to information on programs, grants, research, events, contracts, employment, training, outreach events, public information.

 North American Association for Environmental Education
For professionals and students, global membership. Curriculum standards, guidelines on professional qualifications of educators, conferences, and professional development opportunities.

 Northern Climate ExChange
Yukon-based exchange point for climate change study in the circumpolar north. Topics include climate predictions, impacts, and energy efficiency.

 Northern Environmental Research Network, NorNet
Co-operation network of northern Finnish environmental researchers. Includes information about member institutions and upcoming conferences.

 Northern Ireland Centre for Energy Research and Technology, NICE
Contract research centre on energy-related topics e,g. advanced power cycles, renewable energy, refrigeration, biomass, heat pumps, clean coal technology, CFC replacements.

 Ocean Voice International
Canadian non-profit works for harmony between people, marine life and the environment. It is environmental, humanitarian and global in its concerns and works through education, training, research, appropriate technologies and partnerships.

 Organization of Biological Field Stations
An association of more than 200 field stations and professionals concerned with field facilities for biological research and education, primarily in North America and Central America. This site provides links to OBFS member stations.

 Orion Society, The
Non-profit organization that publishes Orion magazine and Orion Afield, sponsors conferences, teacher training and model classroom programs, and Stories in the Land teaching fellowships.

 ORNL Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Conducts basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions to restore and protect the environment.

 Pfeiffer Nature Center -building knowledge of our natural world
Provides listing of educational events, nature activities and research that promote responsibility and stewardship for nature within the local community through a variety of programs.

 Placer Nature Center
Non-profit organization in California's Sierra Nevada foothills, dedicated to educating the public on environmental issues. Teaching composting, land preservation and the necessity of the wild animals to human existence.

 Professor Alex Hall's Climate Sensitivity Research Lounge
From the UCLA's Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Provides information on research, publications and courses, as well as an 'information exchange' that provides links to a range of published articles.

 Project Food, Land and People
A nonprofit educational organiztion promoting learning to help people better understand agriculture, the environment and people of the world.

 Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth
Japanese organization focused on development of innovative environmental technologies and broadening the range of CO2 sinks. About the organization, its research activities and results, and funding opportunities.

 Resources for the Future
A nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank located in Washington, DC that conducts independent research ? rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences ? on environmental and natural resource issues.

 Rocky Mountain Institute
RMI is an independent, nonprofit research and educational foundation with a mission to foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security. Founded by Amory and Hunter Lovins. Research areas are energy, transportatio

 Save Cambodia's Wildlife
Provides information about Cambodia's wildlife and environmental programs designed to help save it.

 Schools For a Sustainable Development
An Australian organization which seeks to increase children's access to quality, hands-on environmental-sustainable education and sponsored school environmental projects.

 Shenandoah National Park Association providing educational and n
SNPA is a non-profit partner with Shenandoah National Park providing informational and educational items to park visitors. Maps, hiking guides, nature guides, cultural and other information helps plan visits or to better enjoy the Park.

 Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Does research on landscape and population ecology, coastal science, and global change, particularly within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

 Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce (SMS)
The (SMS) is a research center specializing in marine biodiversity and ecosystems of Florida. Research focuses on the Indian River Lagoon and the offshore waters of Florida's east central coast, with comparative studies throughout coastal Florida.

 Sustainable Development Institute
SDI seeks to heighten the environmental quality of economic development efforts through improvements in policy and practice. Its geographical concentration is on tropical forest regions and the Atlantic coast of Canada, the U.S., and the eastern Caribbean

 Synoptic Climatology Lab, University of Delaware
Performs research into climate and health, as well as other climatological issues that affect humans and other organisms around the world..

 Texas Environmental Education Partnership
Statewide coalition which seeks to improve the quality of environmental education in Texas.

 The Eco Station
An environmental science museum and wildlife rescue center.

 The Center for Global Environmental Studies
The Center for Global Environmental Studies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory provides a base for exploring global issues beyond the boundaries of traditional research disciplines.

 The Dolphin Society
An Australian non-profit-making research institution, established in 1994 to research the effects on people of interaction with dolphins, and to pursue conservation and rights for marine mammals in general.

 The Earthling
A variety of environmental education programs for students with performances featuring original characters, music and magic for younger grade levels and presentation programs for higher levels.

 The Ecosystems Center
Part of the Marine Biology Lab, with focus on environmental research and education. Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

 The Environmental Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Promoting interdisciplinary environmental research that will enable Carnegie Mellon to continue its leadership in developing new knowledge.

 The Environmental Studies Centre
Promoting awareness by providing education, the ESC in Kritou Terra, Cyprus, on the outskirts of the proposed Akamas national park, was the first environmental education centre on the island.

 The Institute for Earth Education
The world's alternative to agency- and industry-sponsored supplemental environmental education.

 The League of Environmental Educators in Florida
Professional organization comprised of individuals, institutions, and agencies committed to environmental education. Site has organization information, teaching resources, and related information.

 The Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research
(MCEER) is a national center of excellence that develops and applies knowledge and advanced technologies to reduce earthquake losses.

 The Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, a
Conducts research and policy analysis in the areas of environment, sustainable development, and international security.

 The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)
One of the world's leading centers for basic research on the ecology, behavior and evolution of tropical organisms.

 The University of Texas at Austin Environmental Science Institut
The mission of the Institute is to bring together faculty and students in the life, earth, physical, and social sciences to form a focused, interdisciplinary program of environmental research at the university.

 Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station
Field research station of Southeastern Louisiana University's College of Arts and Sciences. Its predominate use is by faculty and students in the biology department.

 U.S. EPA's Kerr Environmental Research Center
The Subsurface Protection and Remediation Division (SPRD) of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL) in Ada, Oklahoma conducts research and engages in technical assistance and technology transfer on the chemical, physical and biological

 U.S. Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS)
A collection of distributed information systems operated by government agencies involved in global change research. Includes multidisciplinary data from atmospheric science, ecology, oceanography, economics and sociology.

 U.S. Salinity Laboratory, Riverside, California
The United States Salinity Laboratory, a National Laboratory for basic research on the chemistry, physics, biology, and assessment of salt-affected soil-plant-water systems. (Riverside CA USA)

 UCLA Center for Clean Technology (CCT)
Center performs research in the areas of pollution prevention, environmental impact and waste handling.

 UK Climatic Research Unit
Widely recognised as one of the world's leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change. Site provides a introductory-level information sheets, extensive downloadable data sets, information on research projects an

 Univ of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
Environmental research institute specializing in the science of coastal environments.

 University of California Energy Institute
The purpose of the center is to foster and support selected research programs in the energy fields, build an information database for teachers and students, and conduct policy related studies. Page includes mission statement, list of staff, research paper

 University of Delaware Research Centers
Agricultural, Engineering, and Natural Science research centers.

 Urban Regeneration and the Environment (URGENT)
UK Natural Environment Research Council's thematic programme set up to integrate urban environmental research across the geological, ecological, freshwater and atmospheric sciences.

 US Global Change Research Information Office
Studies climate change and related issues.

 US Global Hydrology and Climate Center
A joint venture between government (NASA) and academia to study the global water cycle and its effect on weather and climate.

 US NOAA Office of Global Programs
Leads the U.S. NOAA Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Program. OGP assists NOAA by sponsoring focused scientific research aimed at understanding climate variability and it predictability.

 Woods Hole Research Center
Addresses the great issues of environment through scientific research and education and through applications of science in public affairs. Focus is on climate change and the warming of the earth, as well as global forests because of their controlling

 World Climate Research Programme- World Meteorological Organizat
Research to develop a fundamental scientific understanding of the physical climate system and climate processes to support studies of global change.

 World Resources Institute (WRI)
committed to change for a sustainable worldbelieves that change in human behavior is urgently needed to halt the accelerating rate of environmental deterioration. Site has resources on climate change, forest resources, international environmental economic

 Worldwatch Institute
Analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world, providing information on how to build a sustainable society. Website has articles on a broad range on topics.

 Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
One of the leading centers for biomedical and biobehavioral research with non-human primates, in recent years Yerkes has expanded to include a broad range of science from molecular and cellular studies to investigations of culture and social behavi