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The online community for specialists in animal health and production.

 AONA Veterinary Cases
Information on veterinary health care education and treatment concerning musculo-skeletal injuries.

Includes directory of veterinarians, events, products, employment, stories, and links.

 Case Studies in Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine
The site presents veterinary patients in a grand rounds format. The participant is asked to examine all of the relevant material and then to make a diagnosis and answer questions regarding the case. Follow-up information and a case discussion follows.

 Center for Animal Health and Productivity
Established to implement teaching, research and service programs directed toward the improvement of health and productivity in food animal herds and flocks.

 Center for Veterinary Medicine
The United States federal agency that regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. Includes antimicrobial resistance information, extensive topical index, and agency information.

Online computer-assisted veterinary diagnosis tool. Enter signs or diagnosis in search box and get possible matches.

 David Levine
Links and general information concerning rehabilitation and physical therapy for animals.

Includes sections for veterinarians only, with e-mail lists, message boards, and client handouts. Also includes pet health information, and databases of veterinarians and veterinary supply companies.

 FARADFood Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
Databank listing the withdrawal times for drugs used in food producing animals in the United States.

 For Vets Only
Includes help wanted, practices and equipment for sale, and positions wanted.

 Inno-Vet (C.A.)
Scanning the world veterinary literature, the world-wide-web and other sources for items of consumer interest to the veterinary companion animal practitioner.

 Literature Review Source for Avian and Exotic Veterinary Practit
Scanning the latest veterinary medical, human medical and other scientific publications for items of interest to the avian / exotic veterinary practitioner. Updated monthly.

 Martindale's Health Science Guide: Veterinary Center
Extensive directory of veterinary science links.

Provides a directory of veterinary clinics, reference articles for pet owners, and a complimentary web site service for veterinarians.

 NetVet Veterinary Resources
Large collection of veterinary medical and animal related internet resources.

World Health Organization Division for Emerging and other Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control Zoonotic Disease Unit. Rabies information.

 Side Effects of Rimadyl
Extensive information on the use and possible side effects of Rimadyl, provided by the Senior Dogs Project.

 The Neurology Service Pages
For the VMTH at the University of Florida. These pages are presented for the benefit of students, veterinarians and animal owners throughout the world.

 UC Davis Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service
Veterinary dentistry for veterinarians, students and pet owners. Provided by the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of California at Davis.

A site conceived to furnish you with basic information about clinical uses of ultrasound for pet's diagnostics. By: Dra. Elizabeth Guimar?es Pierobon.

 USDA APHIS -Veterinary Services
United States regulatory body charged with protecting, sustaining, and improving the health, quality, and productivity of U.S. livestock and poultry. Includes departments and programs.

 UT SkinVet
Designed to assist practicing veterinarians and pet owners with various problems associated with veterinary dermatology.

 VET Helpline India
Contains information on the Veterinary Profession and Education in India. Also avail of Vet Servicesgiving users the opportunity to interact with Online Experts. Also gives information about organisations like the BSPCA, INKC.

Free veterinary advice for all pets; dogs, cats, and exotic. Strong focus on Asia-Pacific region, with information on diseases, vet clinics, and organisations.

 VetCentric.comAnimal Healthcare on the Web
Veterinary information and resources for animal owners. Browse the encyclopedia, read about the latest advances in veterinary medicine, or search the knowledgebase.

Veterinary politics and discussion for UK veterinarins. Includes links, contact information and articles.

Information resource for veterinarians. Includes diagnostic laboratory reports, medical and product information, and electronic commerce, and free web pages for veterinarians.

 Veterinary Guidelines for Anesthetics: Dogs
Guidelines for using injectable anticholinergics, tranquilizers, neuroleptanalgesics, dissassociative anesthesia, barbiturates, and analgesics.

 Veterinary Information NetworkVIN
Large online community for veterinarians. Includes vet finder, forums, membership information, consultants, and contact information. Must be a VIN member to access all of the site.

 Veterinary Medicine Resources
Veterinary medicine links, articles, chat, bulletin boards.

 Veterinary Specialists
Includes veterinary specialisation, veterinary book reviews, various diseases, links to all veterinary colleges around the world, new treatment options, and diagnostic methods.

Gateway to a search of evaluated internet resources in animal health. Aimed at students, researchers, academics, and practitioners in animal health.

For veterinarians and pet owners. Features searchable formulary, case studies, practice tips, news, procedures, and specialties for veterinarians and pet care information, breed center, first aid, and medical resources for pet owners.

 VetProf and VetPlus
International e-mail list for professional veterinary discussion. Includes list charter, online subscription application form, archives, client information sheets, and FAQ.

 VetScape Veterinary Internet Network
A selective directory of Internet sites for vets, techs, nurses, and students.
Portal for veterinarians. Includes news, web site reviews, CPD calendar provided by vetcpd, bookshop, and veterinary links directory.

 World Small Animal Association Veterinary Congress
The meeting will be held in Granada, Spain from 3rd to 6th October 2002, and will be organized by AVEPASpanish Small Animal Veterinarians Association. Includes venue, forms, program, and tourist information. In English and Spanish.

Discussion group for veterinarian in food animal practices. Major interest is the Nipah Virus situation in Malaysia. Public health, food safety, and drug residue issues.