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 123worldLanguages of Our World
Links to world language sites.

 A Web of On-line Grammars
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Language and linguistics resources for Asian languages including Japanese hiragana with vocabulary, a Korean linguistics glossary, Mandarin Chinese and Old English with romanization and transliteration.

 Child of the World- World of Languages
Descriptions of diverse languages, and links to fonts.

 Convent of Pater Noster
The Lord's Prayer in more than one thousand languages and dialects.

Languages of the World, 14th Edition; Barbara F. Grimes, Editor; Summer Institute of Linguistics, 2002.

"Putting minority and native languages on the map." Information on world language geography, with emphasis on minor languages.

 ISO 639 Languages and Dialects
ISO 639 code for the representation of names of languages with additional data and references.

 Jennifer's Language Page
How to say hello, please, thank you, and other basic social phrases, in hundreds of languages. Includes links to dictionaries, phrase guides, and other resources for many of the world's languages and countries.

 Language Families
Maps of the various language familys with background reference material.

 Language Families
Introduction to the major language families, including Indo-European, Uralic, Altaic, and Afro-Asiatic.

 Language Miniatures
Mini-essays about human language in its endless kaleidoscope of aspects.

 Language Museum
Short sample texts of more than 1200 languages and dialects in the world.

 Language of the Week
A different world language is examined each week. Includes archives of past weeks.

 Language Tree
List of world language hierarchies.
Translations of one poem into 82 languages by native speakers.

 Languages of the World
A description of major world languages and language families, with links.

 Languages on the Web
30,000 selected links to as many as 400 different languages, plus the first internet library of multilingual parallel texts.

 Liberation Philology
low-cost, no-nonsense, user-friendly computer programs to help beginning and intermediate students master the vocabulary and/or basic grammar of a variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages.

 LMBM: Table of Contents
The personal website of Robert Beard, devoted to the study of morphology, especially Beard's theory of 'Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology'. It is linked to an index of on-line dictionaries and grammars, and several pages of linguistic fun.

 Multilingual Data Bank
Multilingual corpus server located at the Department of General Linguistics, University of Helsinki. Contains some samples from the rarer languages.

 Numeral Systems of the World
Taxonomically organized collection of numbers for a large slice of the worlds languages.

 The Genetic Unity of Black African, Elamite, Dravidian, and Sume
Attempt at showing a genetic relationship among four language groups not normally thought of as related.

 The Human-Languages Page
The Human-Languages Page is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The over 1900 links in the HLP database have been hand-reviewed to bring the best language links the Web has to offer.

 The Language Museum
Lists of basic words in various languages grouped by family.

 The LINGUIST List: Language Resources
Searchable information on language families, employment opportunities, publications, text and computer tools, language study and pedagogy.

 The List of Language Lists
Listservers for a wide variety of language studies, from Nostratic to Spanish and Tolkien.

 The Rosetta Project
Working to develop a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone, a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1,000 languages.

 The World's Top Twenty Spoken Languages
Estimates for the world's top 20 languages (given in millions) on the basis of the number of mother-tongue (first-language) speakers and population estimates for those countries where the language has official status.

 UCLA Language Materials Project Index Pages
Information on less-commonly taught languages.

 Vocabulary Test
A java applet to test your language skills in French, Spanish, German and Czech.

 Yamada Language Center
Extensive information and web links on languages.