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Choose from a wide variety of prime locations for your floating adventure and get connected with enthusiasts all over the world.

 Advanced Technologies Group
Manufacturing a range of airships for uses from advertising to geo-stationary communications platforms.

Producing large passenger carrying and small advertising aerostats. Choose between English and French.

 Aerostar International
Manufacturer of speciality hot air balloons and aerostats.

Directory, classified ads, discussion forum, news.

 Airship Resources
The main focus is on airships and blimps, experimental balloons and cloudhoppers.

 American Blimp Corporation
Manufacturing and operating blimps. The site includes some company history, the theory of blimp flight and plenty of pictures.

 Around the World
Follow the story of balloons from the first balloon flight to circumnavigating the Earth.

 Ballonbau W?rner
Manufacturer of passenger carrying helium and hot air balloons as well as aerostats. Choose between German and English [requires flash].

 Balloon Dispatch
Ballooning resource with articles and links.

 Balloon Links
Extensive list of ballooning links with search capability.

 Balony Kubicek
Producing standard and special hot air ballons and hot air airships. Choose between Czech and English.

 Bart's Special Shape Collection
Photos and reports of special shape balloons plus classified ads and a mailing list.

 BBC News: The Great Balloon Challenge
News about the Breitling Orbiter III round the world trip.

Ballooning search engine and directory, weather and resources for pilots and crew. More ballooning links than any other site.

 Bluner Bill
Meet "Bluner Bill" and learn about his balloon "Cool Change". Includes a history of hot-air ballooning, photo gallery, information about festivals, and links.

 Cameron Balloons Ltd
All kinds of balloons including special shapes, airships, Roziere balloons and projection spheres.

 Cameron Balloons U.S.
The US branch of the world's largest balloon manufacturer.

A German company manufacturing heavy lift airships. Choose between German and English.

 Crewing 101
Information about crewing for hot air balloons and the BFA Crew Achievement Awards.

 FireFly Balloons
Manufacturer of hot air balloons for passenger carrying, graphic, commercial, advertising, or sport. Information on safety, shapes, components, and specifications included.

 Global Skyship Industries
Manufacturers of the Skyship range.

 Head Balloons, Inc.
JT Head manufactures handcrafted hot air balloons, replacement envelopes, burners and baskets.

 Hot Air Ballooning
A very comprehensive site about the sport of hot air ballooninghow they fly, where to get a ride, what it takes to become a pilot or crew. Extensive resource material and timely news about ballooning make this a top site.

 Hot Air Ballooning Information
A variety of resources for pilots, ride seekers, spectators, and student pilots.

 Hot Air Ballooning Q & A
Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about hot air ballooning. Free.

 Hot Air Hysteria
Hot air ballooning screensaver, desktop theme and prints from the Albuquerque International balloon fiesta.

 Hot-air Balloons
Collection of pictures of hot-air ballons at Biennale Mondiale de l'A?rostation, Lorraine 99, France.

 Internet Ballooning Database
List of hot air balloon pilots, crew, observers, clubs, examiners and technical support from around the world.

 Legacy II
About the balloon and its pilot, located in South Carolina.

 Lindstrand Balloons
Manufacturers of hot air balloons, gas balloons, airships and tethered aerostats.

 Lindstrand Balloons USA
Hot air balloon manufacturer for sport, commercial and ride operations.

 Micki's Balloon World
Photos of local balloons and events plus items for sale.

 More Stuff Balloon Team
About Mark and Elisa Trillanes and crew from Albuquerque and their schedule.

 Phil's Balloons
Balloon photos, information and articles from local newspapers and web site addresses.

 QinetiQ 1
Official site of an attempt to break the world altitude record for manned balloon flight. Contains news, updates, and background information.

 Rigid Airship Design
Designs, develops and produces classic rigid airships. Company history, product benefits, FAQs, email news, image gallery and location.

 SkyCat Technologies, Inc.
Designing a hybrid aerodynamic lift/buoyancy vehicle to provide very heavy lift global transport.

 Solar Balloons
Covers the principles of, manufacturing and flying a solar balloon on tether or in free flight. Pictures, details of a flight and instructions. In English and French.

 Syrinx Balloon
A comprehensive resource of hot-air ballooning and lighter-than-air flight.Photo-essays of numerous California ballooning events. Guide to books, periodicals, and video on balloons and ballooning. History of ballooning.

Products, achievements, pictures and news from the manufacturer of tethered aerostat systems and airships for surveillance, communications and transport.

 Thunder and Colt
Manufacturers of hot air balloons, hot air airships and advertising inflatables.

 Ultramagic Balloons
Manufacturing hot air balloons for sport and advertising. Choose between English, Spanish and Catalan.

Designs and Manufactures a 160ft airship suitable for advertising and remote sensing.

 Virgin Global Challenger
Virgin Global Challenger is the largest and most technologically sophisticated manned gas balloon ever built.

 Windcrafter, Inc
Designs and manufactures an airship and for use as an aerial photography platform.

 Worldwide Aeros
Designing and manufacturing rigid and non-rigid airships along with aerostats.

 Zeppelin NT
Manufacturing a new technology airship, the site contains company history and news [Choose between German and English].