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 @Contact LLC
Teleport C and Ku-Band satellite broadcast transmission and playout services. Provider of broadband IP data, VoIP and Video satellite links to fiber POP covering U.S. (inc Alaska) and Latin America.

 A-1 Satellite of Cahokia Inc
A-1 Satellite of Cahokia provides equipment, installation, and service for residential and commercial mini-dish satellite systems in the St. Louis Metro Area.

 AIS wireless North America Earth Station Commissioning and Anten
AISwireless provides satellite antenna installation and RF commissioning of antenna systems ranging from 2.4m VSATs to 34m Inteslat Standard "A". Services include: Preventive maintenance, point to multi-point surveys and installations, tower maintenance s

 All About Satellite Communications
Satellite information portal for users and companies involved in the supply or use of satellite communication systems.

 Alpha Data Communications
Commercial satellite and data communications installation and service

 Antarctic.tvKa Band Satellite Communications
Global Communications via Satellite, High Speed Internet Access, Satellite Uplink/Downlinking Services, Edge of Network Solutions. Broadband Satellite Services.

Provides technical design and analysis support in the area of satellite telecommunications systems, space segment and ground segment.

 Axiom Installations
Axiom provides DirecTv, Dish Network, Directway, and Starband installation, repair, and equipment to residential customers in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

 Bell Canada Enterprises
Canadian-based telecom provider w/satellite networks, IP, e-commerce.

 Broadband Satellite Access from Bentley Walker
High-speed broadband internet access via satellite for home and business.

 Broadband Solutions
2 Way High Speed Internet Satellite Solutions featuring HSi and DiRECWAY. Enhanced Wireless Distribution Systems

E-mail service to Ships on Sat-C.

Provider of satellite based broadcast and communications services in Canada. Features information on systems and solutions, technology, and investor reports .

 Commercial and Residential Dish Network Provider
Kaptain Satellite is a Dish Network Commercial and Residential sevice provider with a multitude of programming options and state-of-the-art-equipment.

 Commercial integrated satellite solutions
NationSat provides customized, cost-saving television entertainment solutions for healthcare and lodging facilities. NationSat is a licensed SMATV dealer, specializing in delivering these systems to commercial markets.

 COMMS, satellite service provider
Provides satellite communications to oil exploration, mega yachts, cruiselines, film and large corporate data networks.

 Communications Services-Satellite Communication Systems, Inc. (S
International telecommunications carrier providing communications, bandwidth, internet and network services via satellite to customers worldwide.

 Constellation Communications
Constellation Communications is a provider of established satellite services for mobile of fixed applications.

 Crystal Computer Corporation
Monitor and Control software for the satellite broadcast industry. Specializing in TV stations and Teleports.

 Danimex Communication Ltd.
Communication equipment from two-way radios to satellite technology. The company is based in Denmark with offices in Africa and USA.

 Danimex Communication Ltd.
Danimex Communication Ltd. is a specialist in communication equipment from two-way radios to satellite technology. The company is based in Denmark with offices in Africa and USA.

 Day Wireless satellite and cellular communications
Authorized dealers of Globalstar satellite communications, Motorola, Nextel, AT&T and other telecommunications operators. Serving the Northwest USA and California.

 Delta Wave Communications Inc.
Offer a range of services and products for terrestial and marine applications for worldwide mobile satellite communications. Includes downloadable pricing schedules, and equipment brochures.

 Digisat Inc.
Provider of Satellite Communications systems and technologies, VSAT, Cable Head End equipments and services worldwide.

 Direct Broadcast Services
Satellite uplink trucks, newsvan and portable microwave services in the New York area and northeast US.

 Ellipso Inc.
Operate a global mobile personal communications by satellite (GMPCS) system. Features information on space and earth segments, orbital architecture, and user terminals.

 Elsacom S.A.
Provides mobile and fixed satellite services and manages the Globalstar gateway covering central European countries. Includes a range of user documentation available in pdf format .

Broadband solution provider in Copenhagen, Denmark. Offers IP communication and distribution based on intelligent, fully integrated broadband network infrastructure and applications.

 EMS Satellite Networks
EMS Satellite Networks, a division of EMS Technologies, Inc., provides satellite-based broadband communications equipment.

 EMS Satellite Networks Applications
EMS Satellite Networks, a division of EMS Technologies, Inc., is a world leader in satellite-based broadband communications equipment, developing equipment that supports two-way internet communications via satellite.

International satellite operator. A Monaco based company, established in 1996 as a joint venture between T?rk Telekom and Alcatel Space.

 Euro Streaming Media
Video broadcasting over IP and satellite, special event broadcasting,distance learning services,video conferencing,video on demand,video encoding.

Provider of satellite telecommunications: TV, radio, VSAT services; OPEN-SKY?, fast Internet, satellite-based broadband services; corporate networks, IP and non-IP business applications.

 Extreme Communications
Quality services and solutions for satellite and terrestrial communications

 Fleet 77
Provides voice, data, fax, video service for ships. Operates in both ISDN and Mobile Packet data modes.

 France Telecom
Provide a range of satellite and fibre optic cable communication systems. Includes information on services, operational locations, news, and financila information.

 Freebird Satellite Communications
A full service mobile satellite provider serving the Midwest and beyond. Based in Kansas City, our fully-equipped SNG truck and team of broadcasters can staff your project with one call.

 G-COM International
Offer teleport services including internet access services, communications including VSAT. Also supply transportable uplink equipment. Includes an overview of services.

 GE American Communications
Operates a fleet of high-powered satellites serving the north american market. Provides uplinking, downlinking, tape playback, terrestrial interconnections, and end-to-end turnkey solutions.

 Global Connect Inc.
Portable satellite voice and data communications for business and vacation travel utilizing Mini-M and GAN services.

 Global Satellite Exchange, LLC
Directory and selection service for buying and selling satellite communications transponders, capacity, bandwidth and services.

 Global tracking and monitoring
Satellite tracking and monitoring of vehicles, boats, cars, trucks, for GPS location, speed, heading, etc. Remote control of door locks, ignition, etc. for anti-kidnaping alarm systems.

 Globalstar Telecommunications Limited
Builds and operates worldwide, low-earth orbit satellite-based digital telecommunications systems.

 GlobalTelGlobalstar Services Operator
Globalstar mobile satellite communications operator for Russia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Caucuses

 GlobeCast Asia the number one provider of satellite and fiber so
GlobeCast Asia is the wholly owned subsidiary of France Telecom offering transmission and production services for television broadcasters, ISP's, and enterprise customers worldwide.

 GloCall Satellite Communication Solutions
Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya products as well as a distributor subscription management and invoicing system.

 GMD Electronics
Commercial VSAT and C-Band, KU-Band, and DSS Satellite Systems, Service, and Installation. Certified by HNS, Hughes, StarBand, DirecTV Commercial, and RCA. Located in the Houston / Galveston, Texas Area. Call 281-388-1941.

 GMPCS Personal Communications Inc.
Full service provider of global mobile personal communications by satellite, via the Inmarsat, Globalstar, TMI and emerging systems. Includes a facility to purchase online, and career opportunities.

 H.M.S. Communications, Inc.
Global, regional, broadband and lease channel satellite services. Voice, data, fax, Inmarsat, high speed data and VSAT.

 HMSCOM Inmarsat M-4
H.M.S. Communications, Inc. offers the latest Inmarsat Satellite Service, Inmarsat M-4, providing a Global Area Network, providing ISDN compatibility over the M-4 satellite network. Enjoy bandwidth that enables video-conferencing, high-speed data transfer

 Hughes Escorts Communications Limited
Provide VSAT satellite communications services through its hub earth station in Gurgaon, India. Includes an overview of services, news, career opportunities, and a solutions resource center.

 ICO Global Communications
Project designed to create a communication network via a space segment and a dedicated ground network. Includes latest news, and investor information.

 IDG Europe AB
Suppliers of satellite communications systems and portable power supplies.

 iHouseGlobalpioneering 21st century communications in Africa
Pioneering the provision of broadband connectivity and internet access to the African continent, with a full portfolio of satellite and broadband products and services, internet access and telecenter facilities.

 Immeon Networks LLC
Operate a wireless, satellite-based bandwidth-on-demand network, that provides wideband IP services to nodes located anywhere in the United States.

 Infokom Elektrindo, PT.
Indonesian satellite communication and internet service provider under the brand name of SmartCom which is to answer the increasing demand on information and communication technology.

 Infosat Telecommunications
Provides remote communications via satellite telephones, pagers, internet access, and wireless accessories for business travelers, marine, oil and gas, mining, forestry and transportation industries.

H.M.S. Communications, Inc. provides Inmarsat satellite services offering satellite voice, data, fax, messaging and high-speed data services. We have a wide range services to offer the required bandwidth and satellite services required for air, land and m

Mobile communications operator. Offer a range of services to maritime, land-mobile, aeronautical and other users. Features information on satellite fleet and network operations.

Operate a global fleet of 21 satellites for the provision of commercial communications services. Features a range of service information, customer support, and technical resources.

 Iridium Satellite LLC
Provide a satellite communication service supporting global voice, messaging and data services. Also supplier of satellite phones.

 K&S International Communications Inc.
Provider of satellite-based telecommunication channels servicing operations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Services include dedicated leased lines, VSAT networks, and wholesale Internet.

 Loral Skynet
Communications services provider that operates the Telstar satellite fleet. Features services, news, career opportunities, and technical resources.

 Mackay Communications
Worldwide sales of navigation and satellite communications electronics for marine and land-mobile industries with commercial or government applications. Services: satellite airtime, equipment repair, network engineering

High speed text based email and web access, for satellite and wireless users at sea and ashore

 Maritime communications & messaging
Matrix Maricom aims at being a one stop shop for messaging solutions to the Indian Maritime industry. The ultimate aim is to bring the entire maritime community together thro' our range of services.

 Maritime Communications Solutions
Provider of communication options that allow shipowners, operators, passengers, and crewmembers to take advantage of expanding satellite networks.

 Michigan Satellite Systems
Mobile satellite uplink truck serving the Midwest and eastern states.

 Mobile Satellite Broadband Internet for your RV, Truck, Trailer.
Mobile Broadband Internet dish. Install an automated Direcway dish on top of your vehicle for Broadband Anywhere access... No phone lines or cell phones needed.

 Mobile Satellite Communication via Inmarsat
France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications GmbH offers mobile satellite communications via Inmarsat.

Global communications specialists using Inmarsat and VSAT systems.

 Mystro Satellite Internet
Delivers bandwidth on demand broadband satellite internet services to businesses in remote locations or small towns

 ND SatComGlobal Satellite Network Solutions
Manufacturers and world-wide supplier of equipment. Stationary and mobile ground stationsand. Satellite-based communications networks.

 Nevada Space Net
Offer wireless network solutions via earth stations to provide satellite Internet access, video distribution and IP Telephony. Features an overview of services and technology.

 New Skies Satellites
Provides overview of services, news and events of a commercial satellite operator with a global fleet of C and Ku band transponders.
Provides worldwide voice, video, data, and satellite Communications for government, DoD, homeland defense, and private sectors.

 OSS Satellite Systems
Offer Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Iridium satellite telephone communications products and services.

Greek provider of mobile satellite communications services, in Greek and English.[Requires Flash]

 P.T. Pasifik Satelit Nusantara
Provides and leases satellite transponder capacity and related services to telecommunications and broadcasting customers. Indonesia Based.

 PACSAT International
Operate a fleet Ku-uplink trucks and a teleport, and offer mobile satellite uplinks in the United States and around the world. Includes an overview of services and equipment, and a photograph gallery.

Provider of global video and data broadcasting services via satellite. Global network of satellites reaches 98 percent of the world?s population. Services include full-time video program distribution, broadcast services, Webcast services, direct to home.

 Paradise Bridge Services Co., Ltd.
Integrated services of satellite communications- channel rental, TV broadcasting, news gathering, SNG / microwave engineering, multimedeia, IPTV / synchronous distance learning, music channel, radio station broadcasting, VOIP, etc.

 Pathcom Wireless Inc.
Own and operate a teleport and provide a range of satellite, microwave, and fixed wireless access solutions. Features an overview of services, company news, and investor information.

 Pathworks Wireless
Provides Wireless equipment, services for remote site security, SCADA applications, GPS tracking, fleet management, safety, low cost Satellite tracking for trailers, barge, cargo, packet data service and interface hardware design.

 Planetsky Satellite Internet
Provides Satellite Internet worldwide with a range of different products.

 Quick Link Communications Ltd.
Operate a hybrid fiber, teleport and satellite network in Canada, and service provider of broadband applications and services, Internet connectivity and telecommunications.

 R.R. Satellite Communications Ltd.
Provides global distribution services via satellites for television, radio and data channels.

 Red Wheeler Associates
Provide transportable satellite downlink services for corporate videoconferences, and the broadcasting industry. Features information on equipment and photographs of past events.

 Redwing Satellite Solutions Ltd
Own and operate a teleport and offer carriers, ISP's, corporate and other business users a full range of global satellite solutions . Includes a range of technical data in pdf format.

 Refill Thuraya
Service to top-up Thuraya satellite telephone prepaid account online

 Sat One Globalstar Communications
Authorized agent of Globalstar USA mobile satellite communications services. Provider of voice, data, and SMS solutions.

 Satcom Direct, Inc.
Inmarsat and Iridium provider, featuring our Global One Number service for aeronautical, land-mobile, maritime, and government.

 SATCONXIONSatnode service
Spanish company. Communication one-way and two-way in Europe. (Some popups).

 Satellite broadband from eM3 Technologies
Satellite broadband installations, business telephone systems, least cost routing, structured cabling, project management and peripherals.

 satellite broadband internet access
DishClover-Internet Access via Satellite.

 Satellite Broadband Solutions
Space IP offer free, impartial advice on all Satellite Broadband service providers in Europe.

 Satellite Consultant Services and Solutions, global communicatio
Global satellite network and system evaluation. System integration analysis. Transponder capacity cost and availability comparisons.

 Satellite Installers Network
We are a nationwide company assisting installers to find work in their areas. Together we can unite and give as well as take. Please advertise your work available here and apply for a job if work needed.

 Satellite Media Services
Provider of broadband IP satellite services to PTT's, and cable operaters, for Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Includes services and facilties overview.

 Satellite Service Provider
offers the following: Uplink, Downlink And Turnaround services for News, Sport, Entertainment and Channel distribution.Connectivity between Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America. Permanent & Ad Hoc digital and analogue transmissions. MC

 Satellite Technology Systems, Inc.
Provides mobile satellite uplink and production services for the broadcast industry, with ku uplink/production trucks.

 Satphone UK
Supplier of satellite telephones and airtime including Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Globalstar

 SeaWave LLC
An FCC licensed common carrier of digital data messaging for marine communications, offering wireless email, weather maps and other information services.

 Sersat S.A.
International Fixed Teleport

 Sersat S.A.
International fixed teleport.

 Seven Seas Communications
Service provider and equipment supplier to the worldwide satellite communications market. Includes product and services overviews, and a support library.

 Shin Satellite Public Company Limited
Operate satellites and teleports, provide transponder leasing services and full satellite turnkey solutions. Includes an overview of services, investot information, employment opportunities, and an industry glossary.

 Skybridge LP
Develop technologies to facilitate the close integration of satellite-delivered broadband services with terrestrial networks. Includes an overview of the technologies and market, satellite fleet, and an industry glossary.

 Solo Satellite Communications Ltd
UK provider of satellite uplinks, downlinks, communications for the TV industry.

 SpaceCom Systems
Teleport operators and providers of two-way broadband satellite solutions and point-to-multipoint C-Band and Ku-Band satellite transmission services. Includes a range of downloadable customer tools.

 Spacenet Inc.
Spacenet provides customized broadband VSAT satellite networks to multi-location enterprises (from regional businesses to Fortune 100 to government) anywhere in the US.

 Spirit WirelessGlobalstar Satellite Phones
Globalstar satellite phones, Globalstar Portable Docking Kit, sales, and rentals for mobile, marine and data applications.

 Station 12
Operate two land earth stations and provide mobile satellite communications service for maritime, aeronautical and land based industries across the globe.

 Stratos Global Corporation
Provide customers operating in remote locations with a variety of wireless IP, data, and voice satellite solutions. Features a products and services overview, and information on area of coverage.

 Swe-Dish Satellite Systems
Swe-Dish supplies major broadcasters, civil and armed forces, disaster relief organisations with compact quick-to-air satellite terminals for live transmission of video, data, internet and voice from anywhere in the world.

 Tachyon Inc.
Provides high-performance 2-way links by satellite direct to and from end-user premises to ISP fiber.

 Telaurus Communications
A global marine voice and data communications company providing innovative, lowest cost, integrated communications solutions for commercial vessels and their crews.

 Teleport Paris
Specialists in satellite communications

Operate a fleet of satellites for the provision of broadcast distribution and telecommunications services. Provides a range of information on services, and operated satellites including Anik and Nimiq .

 The Dish Doctor Limited
Commercial satellite communications installation and service Starchoice, voice, data, high speed internet.

 The Satellite Store
DISH Network retailer

 Thuraya Discount
Sells Thuraya satellite telephone handsets and accessories online.

 Thuraya Satellite Teleommunications Company.
Offer mobile telephone services via a satellite (GMPCS) system. Features information on products and services, and technology issues. Includes facilities to purchase online.

 TISC Satellite Communications Provider
Specialising in Inmarsat, VSAT, WebSat and Micro GSM systems. TISC is an Inmarsat and Eutelsat Service Provider.

 Transvision International
Provider of flyaway uplinks, transportable mobile uplinks, and fixed uplinks to domestic and international satellites

 Ulidian Networks
Satellite and Wireless solutions

 UUPlus: Satellite E-mail Service Provider
Providing dialin access for satellite phone users to send and receive e-mail.

 Via Sky Communications
Offer transportable satellite uplinks and downlinks for television broadcasting (western U.S.) based in Phoenix, AZ

 Vidcom Satellite Communications
Vidcom offers satellite transmission, transponder space, remote uplinks and downlinks.

H.M.S. Communications, Inc. offers a full range of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Satellite Equipment and Services, which deliver a variety of Bandwidths and services, including voice, data, fax, high-speed data, video-conferencing and SCADA.

 VSAT Service Provider from the Tata Group
Tatanet provides cost-effective and highly reliable WAN connectivity solutions through VSATs. It facilitates its clients in data, voice and fax based communication.

 Wild Blue
Satellite operator and developer of Ka band satellite technology for broadband Internet access to the Continental United States. Includes information on services, technology, and jobs .

 World Communication Center, LP
World Communication Cetnet, LPWorld-Wide Iridium Satellite Phone Sales.

 XanticSmart Communication Solutions
Satellite solutions supplier