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Information regarding amateur radio satellite communications. Also available are Keplerian elements in several formats, updated weekly.

Information about AO-10, including status updates on a periodic basis.

Official website of the organization providing amateur radio service to the International Space Station, created to further the success of amateur radio on Mir and in the Shuttle program.

Keplerian elements for most satellites in low-earth orbit. Also includes historical archives dating back to 1980 and information about satellite tracking.

 CubeSAT Project
Project led by students at Cuesta College to construct and operate a small amateur radio satellite.

 Getting started with the AO-40 satellite
Hints, tips and FAQs for getting started with the AO-40 amateur ham radio satellite. Tips on soundcard software and the PSK-1 modem. Receiving and decoding telemetry.

 Heavens Above
Real-time satellite, ISS, and Space Shuttle orbital pass information, maps, star and charts.

Advanced software, with features including antenna radiation maps for optimal satellite coverage.

 MSFC: Real-time Satellite Tracking
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional applets showing the positions of over 700 satellites. Also includes a sighting guide and public-use images of the whereabouts of several popular satellites.

 P3D Article by KA0SNL
Discusses main design goal of making satellite operations less complex and less expensive for operator on the ground. Includes photographs.

 Real-time ISS Shuttle Data
NASA information on the International Space Station's whereabouts, Keplerian elements for the ISS and Shuttle, sighting prediction information, and more.

 Satellite Frequency Guide
A tabular guide to amateur radio satellite frequencies.

 Satellite Index Project
Graphical and real-time information on satellite locations.

 Satellite Tracking Prediction Form
Satellite tracking pass predictions includes by state listings, and related resources.

Windows tracking software; features include 3D maps and can track several hundred satellites simultaneously.

 SatSignal & WXtrack
Satellite tracking and decoding software, including WXtrack, WXtrackGL, SatSignal, GeoSatSignal, and the HRPT Reader is available for download.

 Timestep Weather Satellite Systems
Hardware/software products to receive data from weather satellites, for the amateur radio enthusiast

 UK Satellite Feeds
Satellite feeds, listings, and free channels across Europe.

 WinOrbit Home Page
Free satellite tracking software for Windows 3.x.