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 ::: Diving Bali
Diving Bali Acquaints you with the unique charms of Bali's azure seas with a tropical climate tempered by sea breezes, a bounty of reefs, submerged wrecks and fabulous coral gardens bases on personal experience with combining local knowledge of diving an

 Alain-Beno?t RASSAT
More than 600 underwater and scenery pictures from the Alpine lakes to the islands of Indian and Pacific Oceans.

 An Underwater Photo Primer
Lessons on underwater photography: basics, equipment, lighting, composition, common photo errors, and special lenses.

 Andrew Snowhite
Images of the world's oceans. Features images from Bonaire and other destinations.

 Antonio Gon?alves e Ana Cristina
Photos from Portuguese waters using an ikelite aquashot.

 Aqua405 Photography
Aqua405's Nature and Travel Photography specializing in underwater photographic images of the Caribbean and South Pacific.

 Barry Lipman
Marine life, travel, and wildlife photos from around the world. Don't miss the technical information section--very helpful

 Bertrand Chauvel
Undewater photography at Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Underwater photography from Amos Nachoum and Predators, Mammals and Us offering adventure travel, unique underwater photography expeditions to photograph, and whale observation.

 Bill Garvin
Underwater and Nature Photographs.

 Bob Cumming
Underwater photography from around the globe.

 Bob Kjellberg
Award winning underwater photographer with photos for sale and stock photography.

 Boo & Laurie
Underwater photographs from Thailand, Mynmar, Honduras, and California

 Bruce Hall
Underwater photography of Southern California.

 Carlos Minguell
Underwater photos by an award-winning photographer. Site in English and Spanish.

Underwater photos of the Caribbean, Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.

 City Seahorse, Inc.
Underwater stock photography from around the world to use in publications, websites, or home and office decoration.

 Clara Taylor
Sample images of tropical fish and sea life along with top side photography.

 Clay Coleman
Underwater photography from the waters of Louisiana, Florida, and the Caribbean, general photography.

 Coral Sphere
Underwater photography from around the world.

 Cyber Sea, Inc.
Underwater photography from the Pacific Northwest, California, Cayman Islands and Maui.

 Dagmar and Wolfgang Fritz
Underwaterpictures and slideshows from all over the world.

 Dan Burton
A professional photographer from England who specialises in underwater, commercial, stock, travel & ipix photography.

 Dave Forcucci
Photographs of colorful sealife dispayed in galleries and free screen savers.

 David Fleetham
Site showcases some of David's high-impact shots. Features several published shark photos.

 David Glennie
Photography from The Great Barrier Reef, Victoria, Australia and Papua New Guineatropical fish, eels, starfish, coral, clown fish, seals and seahorses.

 David Hall
Encounters in the Sea GalleryUnderwater coverage of animals found on or near tropical coral reefs and temperate kelp forests.

 David Stephens
Photographs and articles from the UK and around the world.

 David Weiss
Socorro Islands, Mexico, Cocos Island, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Cozumel.

 Deeanne Edwards
A gallery of photographs depicting marine life from tropical and temperate oceans, including fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals.

 Dick Sealand
Moving Colorsgallery showing the colourful beauty and variety of tropical reeflife throughout the world.

 Dive Deep Underwater Photography
Supermicro underwater photography from Japan. Fish portraits, Rare fishes, coral bleaching, Beach diving information on Okinawa,Japan. Photographer Mitsuaki Takata.

 Dive Photos Northwest
Underwater photos, custom prints, photo CDs, and Pacific Northwest photography.

 Diving and Skiing with Ren
Information about diving around the world, dive sites, dive travel, underwater photography,sharks

 Diving in Asia
Instruction on underwater photography, lots of pictures from popular Asian dive destinations.

 Diving in the warm seas
Photos form various photographers from across the globe. Photo locations include Polynesia, Belize, Red Sea, Bahamas, Maldives, Mauritius, Cozumel, and Corsica.

 Diving on the Ambergris Caye
Photography of snorkeling offshore at Shark Ray Alley and the Great Blue Hole.

 Diving Under Antarctic Ice
Scuba diving under the ice in Antarctica with underwater photographer Norbert Wu.

 Don Sutherland
Seascapes and fish images from the Maldives, the Caribbean and the Pacific; also the wrecks of Truk Lagoon.

 Dorothy Cutter
Underwater and travel photography.

 Dorys Foltin
'Liquid and global vision'shots using models.

 Eaglesmeer Video & Photography
Gallery of corals, scenery, fish, mammals, and other marine life critters. The photos were taken while scuba diving in the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.

 Eco-Photo Explorers
A New York based organization formed in 1994 to help promote public interest in protecting the environment through knowledge and awareness as well as in underwater photography.

 Fabio Ehrengruber
Underwater photography from around the world.

 Fish and Shark Photography and Illustrations
A rich photo gallery of fish and sharks features the work of world renowned underwater photographers. Photographs are linked to biological profiles of fishes.

 Foto Sub
Underwater photography from Sicily

 Fredy J. Brauchli
Gallery of scuba diving pictures from the world's best dive spots. Large selection of nudibrach photos.

 Fumio Kato
Marine Photo Blue DolphinLocated in photo agency in Japan, 311 dives, 8years shooting with NikonosV and a Canon EOS5.

 Gil's underwater photography
Includes images, dive locations, and photo techniques.

 Glen Cowans & Louise Stazzonelli
Underwater and wildlife photography from Australia and the world.

 Harald Bolten
Photos of wrecks, whales, dolphins, and fish from all over the world.

 J McDermott
Underwater images mostly from the channel islands off the California coast.

 James Lee
Deepscape PhotographyUnderwater photography featuring the award winning photography of James Leeshipwrecks, marine life and reefs.

 James Mathias
Dive down 'Below the Blue Horizon' and enjoy a fascinating glimpse of sea life through an artist's eye!

 Jeff and Nancy Farris
Trip reports and Photo Galleries from Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Cozumel, Palau, Yap, Bimini, Kona and Roatan.

 Jeff Dudas
'Lines and Shadows'Features the award winning underwater photography of Jeff Dudas, with an emphasis on Indo-Pacific dive sites.

 Jeff Kamerer
Galleries of underwater photographs.

 Jim Christensen
Photography in the Florida Keys, Bonaire, Belize, the Cayman Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, and Palau.

 Joanne Peckarsky
Underwater photo gallery. Milton Village, MA.

 Joe Belanger
'California Marine Life' Images and descriptions of commonly encountered marine life of Southern California area. Includes ordering information for Joe's books.

 Joel Penland
Site contains nice freshwater and saltwater photography galleries.

 John Liddiard
Underwater photography around the world from Britain to Bikini Atoll, from tropical waters to under ice. Features fish, sharks, seals, wrecks and macro wildlife.

 Juergen Spiess
Site features underwater images from the Maldives, Egypt and Croatia.

 K-Productions Underwater Video
Offer custom underwater videos, editing, dive holiday memories on film and promotion videos for dive shops, resorts and travel agents.

 Kathy Kalohi
Southern California Offshore Oil Platformsincludes crabs, shrimp, nudibranchs, scallops, mussels, and sea stars.

 Keith Flood
Underwater photography from northern California and Hawaii.

 La M?duse
Site is in French and English. Features galleries from the Mediterranaean sea, the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Also offers information on the french scubadiving world.

 Light and Dark underwater photography
Undererwater photography from Okinawa, Japan.

 Lorusso Vito
Bio and gallery of italian underwater photographer.

 Lorusso Vito Underwater Photographer
Vito Lorusso Underwater Photographer the new URL is: Bye Vito Lorusso

 Lorusso Vito Underwater Photographer
Vito Lorusso Underwater Photographer the new URL is: Bye Vito Lorusso

 Lyubomir Klissurov
'The Wonderful Underwater World'.

 M Westermeier
Underwater photography exhibits and some nature photography.

 Malcolm Hey
Underwater images taken around the world.

 Marcel Widmer
Over 500 photos from Thailand, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji by the award winning Australian photographer.

 Marcelo Mammana
Light UnderwaterAll black & white photography featuring wrecks and underwater scenics.

 Mark Magner
Some of the unusual and exciting photos taken by Mark who describes himself as an amateur photographer, traveller and scuba diver.

 Matt Weedon
Exclusive Seaside CollectionUnderwater photographic prints available for purchase online.

 Michael Gooding
Good Spirit PhotographyGallery of underwater images and photographs.

 Michael Patrick Wong
Malaysia, Beneath the Waves.

 Mirko Zanni
Gallery showing some of Mirko's best work.

 Miro Andric
Undersea photographs from the Croatian Adriatic.

 Morris Gregory
Underwater photography in UK and foreign waters, including Red Sea,Maldives,Borneo and Bonaire.

 Norbert Wu
Underwater and nature photography; books; stock library; film work; commercial assigments.

 Ocean Wildlife
Underwater and nature photographers based in New Zealand. Range of fine art prints available and stories about diving and photography.

 Oceanic Research Group
A non-profit environmental organization dedicated to ocean conservation with large stock photo archive.

A selection of underwater and other photos. Fine art prints, place mats and coasters are available for the underwater work.

Learn how to use underwater photography cameras and video,and drysuits in many workshops.

 Paulette's Southern California Underwater Photographs
Large collection of high resolution photographs of Southern California Sea Life and scuba diving. The collection includes kelp forests, abalone, lobster, octopus, calico bass, garabaldi, snails, shrimp, moray eels, sea lions, and divers. There are 107 ph

 Pauls Scuba
Creative underwater pictures.

 Pere Rubio Longimanus
Underwater and nature photography worldwide.

 Peter Meyer
'Visions From A Tranquil Sea'Photos from the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific.

 Phillip Colla
Photography of marine mammals from the eastern Pacific and the California kelp forest.

 Pietro Cusenza
Photography from locations such as Belize, Bay Islands Honduras and the Bahamas. Based in Philadelphia, Pietro offers UW Photo instruction.

 Rainbowed Sea Tours
Colorful photo galleries and regularly updated photo hints.

 Ralf Astrom
'Shades of Blue'images from Finland, Thailand, Norway, Sweden and St. Lucia.

 Reinhard Dirscherl
Underwater Photos from a BBC-Wildlife Winner. Scuba divers, dolphins, sharks, fishes, coral reefs, critters, whales and shoals of fishes.

 Richard Clack
Underwater Photography from many popular dive sites around the world.

 Rob Darmanin
'Aquatic Images'Explore the beauty of the underwater world as captured by camera.

 Robert Guertin
Underwater Videographer from Nova Scotia, Canada. Specializing in Broadcast underwater 16:9 BETACAM SP and 16:9 BETACAM SX.

 Robert Zimmerman
Aqua Shots Waterworld PhotographyPortfolio features many freshwater subjects in and around Florida.

 Roger and Judy Carlson
Underwater photography from Cozumel and Southern California, with accurately identified species names.

 Rudolf Svensen
Wide variety of images from various marine environments.

 S?ren Petersen
Images from the chairman for the underwater photographers in the Danish Sportsdiver Federation.

Underwater photos divided by several locations with general diving information and marine life identification.

A tutorial of advanced underwater photography.

Underwater photography, image galleries, and camera equipment selection.

 Sergio Sarta
Between 1989 and 1991, Sarta won almost all the most important underwater photographic competitions in Italy and abroad. Site features galleries of his work including his B&W images.

 Shirley Brown
Underwater photography instruction, stock photography, commercial photography, Florida and the Caribbean.

 Sicilian Photo Album
Sicilian Photo Album with UW-Photos of the Scuba School Dive Compane Terrasini.

 Stephen Frink
Florida Keys underwater photographer.

 Steve Norvich
Dive trip reports including underwater images, links to interesting photography sites.

 Taro's diving
A collection of under water images and a diving log.

 The Clownfish Unterwater Picture Gallery
Searchable underwater photo gallery from all around the world.

 The Silent World
Underwater photography and descriptions of dive sites in Australia.

 Third Coast Productions
Offering Documentary videos of the worlds wildest SCUBA diving locations.

 Tobias Bernhard
Award winning underwater photography.

 Tom Stack Photography
Underwater photography in the Florida Keys and Caribbean

 Tony Wu
Underwater photography from various Asian and Pacific locations. Nice articles too.

 Tropical Travels
Underwater photos from the Indian Ocean, West Indies, Fiji, and the Caribbean.

 Under Watercolours
Featuring underwater photography from Cozumel, Palau, Fiji, and Tonga. Specializing in QuickTime VR both above water and below.

 Underwater Housing
The SLR's way Beneath the waves .

 Underwater Imaging Inc
Specialists in underwater stills and video focussing on animal behaviour. Collection of land based photos from world wide diving sites.

 Underwater MalaysiaShootout of the Millennium
Stan Waterman, Jay Ireland and seven other underwater video/photo pros offer a workshop in Malaysia.

 Underwater photographs by Paolo Rossi
Underwater photos made by Antidio & Paolo Rossi, over 1000 pictures of underwater animals all catalogued in phylum, class, order, and family.

 Underwater Photography
From Diver Magazine. Underwater photography links,

 Underwater Photos
Underwater photos from the Red See the Mediterranean See and other places

 Underwater Video and UW Photo Vision
Underwater Video Library and UW Photo Stock Footage Galleries from the Bahamas, Belize to Myanmar and Thailand.

 Underwater Video Productions
Streaming underwater video clips from scuba and dive adventures around the world together with photographs.

 Uwe Schmolke
Uwe has photographed some of the worlds most unique marine life in the Lembeh Strait and Manado in Indonesia.

Open water dive certification and DAN instruction by Certified Scuba Instructor. Underwater video of class, pool, and open water dives as well as broadcast quality video for promotions and dive tours available.

 Walt and Mimi Miller
Galleries of Caribbean, Indo-pacific, Galapagos, and Sea of Cortez photos.

 Waterline Photos
Stock photo agency specializing in marine reef animals.

 Welcome to the Island...
Underwater and topside photos from around the world.

A digital photography resource for SCUBA divers. Includes news, reviews, links, gallery, feature articles and a message board.
Photographs from scuba trips from Cozumel, Curacao, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos. Trips organized through the club.

 Zubi's Wetpage
Collection of underwater photos, over 50 frogfish photos and read about their behavior.