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 A.B. Biller
Manufacturer of a variety of spearguns, fins, and speargun parts, carrying bags and T-shirts. Includes product description, photos, and contact information. Located in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

 Abyss Diving Suits
Manufacturer of compressed neoprene drysuits.

Dive computers for air and nitrox diving, analog instrumentation, and the Voyager diver propulsion vehicle.

 Amer-Sea SCUBA
Manufacturer of scuba equipment for brands of BCDs, lift bags, Sea-Me safety tube, snorkel vests, bags, belts, and accessories. Distributor of regulators, gauges, and masks. Downloadable catalog.

Italian manufacturer and distributor of diving equipment for commercial, sport and military divers. Includes catalog with photos, technical specifications and prices.

 Apeks Marine Equipment
Britain's only manufacturer of scuba regulators.

 Aqua Lung
The oldest dive manufacturer, formerly known as U.S. Divers in the U.S.

 AquaFlite Custom Wetsuits
Custom and stock neoprene wetsuits and semi-dry suits for both cold and tropical waters, Olefin and Triolefin dive skins, dive bags, and dive parkas.

 Aquala, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom dry suits.

 Aquatica Inc.
Manufactures and distributes sport diving accessories including draw string mesh bags, soft weight belts, underwater sonar, and sea lice and jellyfish safe sunblock.

 Armor Bags
Specialize in water sports quality, tough, durable gear bags. Including, but not limited to mesh bags, backpacks, wheeled bags, accessory bags for regulators and dive computers, and soft weight belts.

 Atlan Inc.
Canadian company specializing in neoprene wetsuit and drysuit manufacturing.

 Atomic Aquatics, Inc.
Manufacturer of a titanium regulator.

UK online surf shop and watersports gear retailer.

 Beuchat Diving Equipment
Full line diving equipment manufacturer.

 Bodyglove Wetsuits
Fullsuits, springsuits and more for surfing, diving and general watersports.

 Bonica Precision, Inc.
Canadian manufacturer of a range of underwater cameras and accessories for beginners to professional underwater photographers. Provides specifications for cameras, neon strobe and lens attachments, and accessories. Is also the worldwide distributor of DC

 Brownie's Third Lung
Manufactures surface supplied air systems and related diving equipment, including gas blending systems for nitrox, and trimix, along with tank filling compressor systems, for portable, fixed, and marine use.

 Caribbean Submarines
Designs and manufactures submersible systems, small submarines and closed circuit re-breathers. Provides highly specialized diving services such as underwater explosive ordinance disposal.

 Catalina Cylinders
Manufacturer of aluminum cylinders used in many industries, including the scuba industry.

 Cetacea Corporation
Manufactures dive and pet gear including gauge retractors, octopus holders, coiled light lanyards, gear clips and other diving accessories, dog leashes, harnesses, collars, straps, lanyards, tethers and other pet accessories. Includes complete product li

UK manufacturer and retailer of lightweight wetsuits. Order online.

 Cochran Undersea Technology
Manufacturer of dive computers, regulators, and a closed circuit rebreather.

 Coral Reef
Sells wetsuits made in USA by Tony Jones, southern California surfer. Sells factory direct. Custom sizes and children's suits available.

Manufacturer of scuba and free diving equipment.

Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.

 DeepSea Power & Light
Designs and manufactures oceanographic equipment, including underwater video, lighting, and power systems. Includes product specifications, company information, and free online tools.

 Delphi Drysuit Valves
Site presented by Delphi O.E.M drysuit valves with further information, online sales and links on drysuit manufacturers.

 Desert Star Systems
Manufacture high performance underwater systems for navigation using acoustic positioning, data acquisition, telmetry, and decompression computing.

 Dive Innovations
Tank-integrated weight system built into the tank boot.

 Dive Rite
Equipment for the technical and cave diver.

 Dive Tech
Canadian manufacturer of commercial, technical, and custom scuba diving equipment, including lights, reels, pony bottle and dive light brackets, twin bands, and tank cages. Products will also support cave and wreck penetration divers.

 Divelink Underwater Communication
Manufacturer of underwater communication systems.

 DIVEmar inc.
Canadian distributor for Cressi-sub equipment, Pelican lights and cases, and NAUI products. Manufacturer of Durward Ankle Weights and Port-O-Tank scuba tank carriers.

Top quality scuba equipment and diver apparel.

 Diving Unlimited International
Manufactures neoprene, shell and rubber drysuits, undergarments, accessories, and other diving gear.

 Dolphin Wetsuits
Manufacturer of specially designed wetsuits for vigorous sport use in barefoot & jumping.

 Dry Suits Plus Inc.
Repair of scuba diving dry suits, Vulcanized, Tri-Laminates, Neoprene and shells. Also sell dive boots. Prices listed for boots and repairs.

 Eagle Reef Wetsuits
Custom made and stock size wetsuits, neoprene accessories and thermal fleece items for diving.

 Express Wetsuit Repair
Expert repair and alterations on surfing and diving wetsuits.

 Faber Industrie
Manufacturer of steel cylinders for high pressure gases. Their tanks for scuba diving are LP (lower pressure) cylinders.

 Farallon USA
Manufacturer of aluminum diver propulsion vehicles for sport divers, technical divers and military and commercial use.

 Flesh Wetsuits Uruguay
Manufacturer of wetsuits for surfing, windsurfing, diving, bodyboarding, jetskiing and any other water sport.

 Genesis Scuba
A full line scuba equipment manufacturer offering high quality equipment.
On-line surf shop with variety of rashguard shirts, full-body suits and shorts in neoprene, nylon-lycra, polyolefin and polartec for warm and cold water surfing, windsurfing, or kitesurfing.

Manufacturer of technical dive gear following the DIR principle used by many. The online guide to "Doing It Right" features articles, information, links, and equipment news targeted to the technical diver.

 Harveys Divesuits
Custom wetsuits for scuba divers, wetsuits for water skiers and personal watercraft, windsurfers, surfers, and other water sports.

 Henderson Aquatics, Inc.
Manufacturer of dive apparel, offering polyolefin, trilam, neoprene, microprene, and gold core neoprene.

Scuba masks that quadruple underwater field-of-view compared to flat masks. The optics were designed by the engineers NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope.

 Hypres Equipment
Totally American made high pressure breathing air compressors for scuba diving, fire service and industry. Air cascade systems available too.

 Ikelite Underwater Systems
Dive lights, camera housings, flash units, cameras, and underwater light meters.

Diving equipment manufacturer of masks, snorkels, knives, and accessories.

 Innovation Drysuit Supplies UK
Gates Diving range of dry suits and dry suit accessories from Innovation Drysuit Supplies, the largest stockist in the UK.

 International VentureCraft Corporation
Manufacturer of tourist and personal submarines and submersibles.

 Jag International
Manufacturers of wetsuits and neoprene products for all watersports including surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, personal watercraft, wakeboarding, dinghy and sailing. Order factory direct.

 JBL Enterprises, Inc.
Manufacturers of sling powered spearguns, travel spearguns, pole spears, spear points and accessories.

 Jet Pilot Wetsuits
Makers of wetsuits, lifevests, race gear, clothing & apparel for wakeboarding, waterskiing, surfing, pwc and motocross.

 KME Diving Suits
Manufactures neoprene dry suits for diving and specialized equipment for scuba, commercial, military, rescue and technical divers.

 L&W USA, Inc.
Distributor of German made air compressors for SCUBA and SCBA applications including high pressure breathing air compressors. Features product description, specifications, and photos. Located in Coral Springs, Florida.

 Leonard Maggiore Optician
Prescription dive mask and eye glass prescription manufacturer.

 Light & Motion
Manufacturer of consumer and professional underwater video housings and still equipment. Products include underwater video housings, lighting systems, camera housings, and monitors. Features product specifications, gallery, and company news and contacts.

 Liquid Fit
Custom wet suits that will fit so closely you'll think they were poured on you. Stock size lycra and thermal fleece skins are also available.

 Lomo and ewetsuits
Offer wetsuits, gloves, boots, and other watersports products suitable for water skiing, windsurfing, and jet biking.

 Luxfer Group
Manufacturer of aluminum cylinders for many industries, especially the scuba diving industry.

Products designed to make surfing and other watersports in cold water more enjoyable.

 Manufacturer Of Conveyor Belting, Plastic & Rubber Products - Pr
Manufacturer and suppliers of conveyor belting, plastic & rubber products whether rubber gaskets, rubber matting, rubber tubing, sheet rubber, rubber hoses and hose fittings.

 Marine Activities Development
Manufacturers of the MAD scuba gauge cage, protecting your scuba diving computer from damage.

 Marine Gear Corp.
Manufacturer of the Hydrospeeder underwater diver propulsion vehicles, diver mobility scuba equipment and diving gear.

 Mazin Submersible Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer and designer of Jetboots?, a propulsion system for swimmers and divers using leg-mounted propulsion units. Includes product description, photos, FAQ, and technical information.

Italian company specializing in spear fishing equipment, wet suits, and accessories. Includes product descriptions, photos, and contact information.

 Nite Rider
Manufacturer of lighting systems for diving, bicycling, outdoor sports and law enforcement.

 Nordic Blue
Swedish manufacturer of ?water tight? dry glove for cold water diving and sailing. Designed to keep hands warm during the whole dive without using clips, fasteners or buckles.

 North Wales Wetsuits
Offers wetsuits and accessories. Includes price list and order form.

 Northern Diver (International) Ltd.
UK manufacturer of diving equipment, including drysuits, undersuits, wetsuits and accessories. Includes news, dealer list, and drysuit maintenance tips.

 Northern Diver Australia
Manufactures underwater diving accessories and drysuits, undersuits and wetsuits. Includes catalog, size charts, and dealer information.

 Northern Diver USA
US distributor of UK drysuit manufacturer. Includes drysuit specifications for recreational, commercial, and military use and list of accessories. Provides dealer locator.

 NRS wetsuits
NRS manufactures neoprene wetsuits for rafting, kayaking and sea kayaking.

Manufacturer of wetsuits, drysuits, sports clothing, accessories. Tips, movies, interviews.

 Ocean Adventures
Manufacturers of supplied air snorkeling bouyancy vests for youth, also known as SASY. Includes product description, wholesale instructions, and contact information.

 Ocean Management Systems
Technical scuba diving equipment manufacturer and distributor providing a wide range of gear including steel cylinders, mixed gas computers, isolation manifolds, and safety gear.

 Ocean Master
Manufacturer of the Dry Snorkel 2000, masks, knives and accessories.

 Ocean Quest Diving Systems
Manufacturer of wetsuits, hoods and buoyancy compensators.

 Ocean Technology Systems
Manufacturer of underwater communications systems for sport divers, military diving, and the movie industry. Systems include a diver recall system.

 Ocean Vendors
Manufactures scuba bouyancy compensators, bags and weight belts, dry suits, under garments, and after wear apparel from their headquarters in Brentwood, CA.

Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment and accessories, including diver propulsion vehicles.

 Official Dive Gear Page
An extensensive table of scuba diving equipment manufacturers with product categories and links. Categories include most any dive equipment and accessories from mask and fins to diver propulsion vehicles, oxygen analyzers, and underwater photography eq

 OS Systems Drysuits
Manufacturer of lightweight, high performance fabric drysuits, undergarments, and accessories.

Taiwan maker, wholesaler, and exporter of scuba equipment and accessories. Includes product description, photos, and company and contact information.

 Pelican Products
Manufacturer of tough, watertight equipment cases, dive lights, dive floats, and tank racks.

 Picasso America
Wetsuits and equipment for freediving and spearfishing.

 Poseidon Diving Systems
Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment, including drysuits and the Cyklon and Odin regulators.

Manufactures diving equipment including regulators, instruments, jackets, dry suits, and computers. Includes product catalog with description and photos and contact information.

Manufacturer of teak and aluminum spearguns and accessories. Located in San Clemente, California.

 RipTide Dive Group
Manufactures buoyancy compensators, dive bags, and vests. Includes dealer locator, product photos and specifications, and contact information.

 Sabra International of U.S.A., Inc
Distributor of scuba high pressure breathing air compressors, air compressor filters, lubricants and belts.

 Safe Dive Ltd.
Manufacturer of the ProEar 2000the diving mask which keeps the divers ears dry, protecting them from problems related to pressure and infection from water borne organisms.

 Savage Surf
British surfshop specializing in wetsuit sales.

 Scuba Air Compressor Service,Inc
Sales, service, overhaul of high pressure compressors for breathing and industrial applications.

Offers a product for washing, drying and storing your scuba gear.

Manufacturers of scuba equipment including regulators, buoyancy compensators, instruments, wetsuits, masks, fins, snorkels, and diving accessories. Also represent UWaTec dive computers in North America.

 Sea and Sea Underwater Photography
Manufactures cameras, housings, strobes and accessories for underwater photography and video.

 Sea Breathe
Manufacturer of 12-volt surface air supply systems for shallow water diving. Both deck units and floating units are available.

 Sea Otter Diver Delivery Vehicles
Designed to carry divers to sites and to return, preventing a long and tiring surface swim. It is anchored at the site and the divers down flag can be attached to a flag pole.

 Seac Sub
Italian manufacturer of scuba, snorkeling, and apnea equipment and related accessories. Includes technical specifications, dive center links, and exhibition schedule.

 Seacam Subsea Systems
Manufacture of custom and production underwater housings for film and video.

 Seadreams Wetsuits
Offers wetsuits with embroidered sea life designs and specifically designed to fit and flatter a woman?s body.

Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.

 SeaView Underwater Research
Manufacturer of underwater video camera systems, including a patented see in the dark white infrared, BW and color models. OTC Stock symbol: SEVU

 Shark Marine
Manufactures and supplies remotely operated vehicles, cameras, oceanographic equipment, and ancillary services for underwater investigation, research, and construction projects. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

 Sherwood Scuba
Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.

 Skin Diver Wet Suits
Custom manufacturer of wet suits for various water sports and activities, including scuba, skin diving and water skiing. They also make wet suits for jet skiers, wind surfers, surfers, kayakers and river rafters.

French marker of diving equipment including masks, fins, snorkels, spearguns and accessories. Includes photos and contact information.

 Sport Divers Supplies Ltd
New Zealand supplier of diving equipment from manufacturers including SportDive, Genesis, Ikelite, and Force Fins.

 Stomatex? Neoprene Supplier For Neoprene Protective Clothing
Neoprene supplier offers breathable neoprene fabrics and neoprene materials used for protective clothing, sports and orthopeadic supports to provide for a perfect microclimate against the skin, enabling extended comfort levels, when worn over longer perio

 SUBAL Austria
Manufacturer of housings for underwater camera and video equipment.

Manufacturer of gauges, dive computers, and instruments for scuba diving as well as products for the outdoor activities market.

 Terrapin Wet Suits
Specialist manufacturer of triathlon wetsuits. Also offers alterations on wet suits, lycra skins, and thermal fleece skins.

 The Scuba Company
Makes eye protection for divers, swimmers, firefighters, policemen and other individuals involved in hazardous work. Includes scubamask, scubaspec, snorklespec, and smokspec specifications and photos and contact information.

 The Skuba Company
Manufactures eye protection for divers, swimmers, firefighters, policemen and other individuals involved in hazardous work. Includes description of smoke mask, scuba mask, snorkel equipment.

 Tomcat Industries
Manufacturer PVC Plastisol handle grips, end caps, covers and tubes, garlic peelers, trailer ball covers, and ankle weights for diving and stainless steel dry suit hangers. Also do custom PVC dip coatings and PVC spray on coatings.

 truWest Custom Dive Parkas
Manufactures water proof shell polar dive parkas with truArctic fleece.

 Under Sea Institute of Aqua Technology
Manufacturer of dry suits, dry bags, and thermal exposure undergarments.

 Underwater Kinetics
Manufacturer of dive lights, cases, hangers and accessories.

 Underwater Vehicles, Inc.
Submarines, submersibles, and remote operated vehicles (ROVs) for sale or lease. UVI designs, services, manufactures, and sells a wide range.

 US Wetsuits
Wetsuits and accessories made in the USA for all watersports. Also custom fitting and repairs.

 USIA Drysuits
Manufacturer of dry suits, dry bags, and thermal exposure undergarments.

Manufacturer of dive computers, featuring the Aladin Pro, air integrated and nitrox computers, and dive and navigation instruments.

Manufactures submersible equipment for recreational diving and the boating industry.

 Warm Belly Wetsuits
Wetsuits that are specially designed in 5 sizes for ages 6 months to 12 years of age.

Manufacturer of neoprene weight belts, ankle weights, tank weights, boots, and thermal gloves.

Stock and custom wet suits made from Rubatex neoprene. Lycra and thermal fleece skins and other diving accessories are available in stock and custom sizes also.

 Whites Manufacturing
Manufacturer of neoprene and shell drysuits, undergarments and accessories.

 XS Scuba
Manufactures scuba weight belts. Includes contact information.

 Zeagle Systems, Inc.
Offering a full line of scuba diving equipment and compressed neoprene and trilaminate drysuits.