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 66 Degrees South
Contains tourist info, pictures, wildlife, history, politics and personal account of the Antarctic.

 Akademik Vernadsky Station
History of the region, expeditions, photos, weather report, and station memorabilia.

 An Antarctica Diary
Chronicles a journey to Base 'T', Adelaide Island from 1963-1966 by the RRS John Biscoe. Includes narrative and photos of the expedition, life on the base, wildlife, sledging trips, and information about early exploration.

 Antarctic Information for School Children
Information pack for school children published by the British Antarctic Survey.

 Antarctic Meteorology
Almost real time data coverage of the Ronne Ice Shelf iceberg.

 Antarctic Peninsula: "Of Ice and Men"
Journey by icebreaker to the Antarctic Peninsula

 Antarctic Projects
Information about the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center and the Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Project. Also includes some Antarctic scientific links.

 Antarctic Protected Areas
Provides access to information on areas given formal status of special protection. Includes protected areas, management plans, descriptions, location maps, site maps, photographs, and international agreements.

Personal recollections, a history of early Antarctic exploration, and pictures of the wildlife and organisms that live in the Antarctic.

 Antarctica 2000
Includes journals, sound clips, and photographs as well as other recordings of nature.

 Antarctica 360
Details of a single-handed circumnavigation around the Antarctic, south of the 50th parallel, in a 50 ft AeroRigged yacht. Visited South Georgia.

 Antarctica Flights Online
Offers sightseeing flights aboard a Qantas 747 departing Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide between October and February each year. Includes flight schedules, pricing, and online booking.

 Antarctica New Zealand
Antarctic information on education resources, the environment and protection, science research, logistical and operational capability from the New Zealand Antarctic Institute, known as Antarctica New Zealand.

 Antarctica Online: Australian Antarctic Division
Downloadable photos and virtual reality images to explore. Recent news about the Australian Antarctic Division. Detailed information about wildlife, plants, weather, and glaciers/ice. Searchable database of scientific data including maps, images, and grap

 Antarctica Travel
Offers cruises and trips to the Antarctic. Information about the company, Antarctica, and available packages.

 Antarctica: Scientific Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole
Journeys from McMurdo to the Pole. The Exploratorium invites you to follow our crew as they visit the dry valleys and hike up the slopes of volcanic Mt. Erebus.

 AntarcticaThe Antarctic Connection.
Antarctica maps, books, gifts, posters, and more also a source for news, weather and information from the frozen continent.

 Australian Antarctic Division
Agency responsible for the country's Antarctic research, as well as administering the Australian Antarctic Territory and the subantarctic Territory of Heard and McDonald Islands. Includes news, research data, and educational materials.

 Bancroft Arnesen Expedition 2000-2001
Detailed look at the journey of the first women to cross Antarctica. Includes photos, videos, e-mails and journals from the journey, and information about the gear and technology they carried.

 Blue Ice
A collaborative online unit teaching students about the geography, weather, history, geology and wildlife of Antarctica. Includes lesson plans and samples of students' work.

 Bulgarian Antarctic Institute
Details on research and presence in Antarctica. Mission statement and program information.

 CIA World FactbookAntarctica
Statistical information for the area.

 Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living
Manages the marine living resources in waters surrounding Antarctica. The conservation principles were defined in the Convention which was ratified in 1982.

 Computerworld Antarctica
Company looking at computing in cold climates. Site includes Antarctic facts and figures and a description of the company's activities and products.

 Cool Antarctica
Travel information and nature photography, plus information on wildlife and the polar environment.

 Diving under Antarctic Ice
Color photo guide to species commonly seen underwater

 Gateway Antarctica
A portal for national and international participation in collaborative research, analysis, learning and networking on Antarctica.

 Gateway Antarctica
Pictures, guides, and historical society newsletter, from ICAIR at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

General introduction to the realm of Antarctica by Rice University of Houston, Texas, and the NSF.

 iExplore: Antarctica Travel
Information and tips on planning and booking a trip, including places to go, things to do, and advice.

 Italian Antarctic Research Program
General information on Antarctica such as geography, geology, climate, biosphere, natural resources. Includes Italian facilities and research activities in the region, Italian laws for Antarctica, a gazetteer, and links to international polar research p

 Joint Australian Centre for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
Source for information about astronomy in Antarctica.

 Mission Antarctica
Organization to create public awareness of the environmental significance of the Antarctic and to raise the question of the renewal of the Antarctic. Includes information about the latest expedition.

 Mountains of Madness: A Scientist's Odyssey in Antarctica
First-person account of searching for fossils in Antarctica. Searchable page images. Illustrated.

 Peregrine Adventures: Antarctica
Offers adventure excursions on the Peregrine Mariner. Includes information about the ship, upcoming voyages, dates and prices, and online booking.

 Piri Reis Map
Prof. Charles Hapgood's account of the ancient map with input from the US Navy cartography division.

 Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
An inter-disciplinary committee of the International Council for Science. SCAR is charged with the initiation, promotion and coordination of scientific research in Antarctica, and also provides scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty System.

 Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
Developed an international science plan for global change research in the antarctic, under the title; "The Role of the Antarctic in Global Change" and oversee the implementation and coordination of this antarctic research together with the major global pr

 Secrets of the IceMuseum of Science in Boston
Follow the progress of a four-year Antarctic expedition of scientists based at the University of New Hampshire. Learn about the climate and environment, ice core research, and the expedition.

 The Antarctic Circle
Compilation of Antarctic related locations lying between 60 degrees north and south latitudes. Includes information concerning the birthplaces and final resting places of Antarctic personalities as well as monuments and dedications.

 The Antarctica Project
Organization ensuring that environmental issues are given priority when decisions are made under the Antarctic Treaty System, the international treaty governing Antarctica.

 The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
CARA investigates the origin of structure in the Universe by using the Polar Plateau for astrophysics. Includes information about the organization, projects, travelogs, and virtual tours.

 The New South Polar Times
Contains reports from individuals stationed at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, and compiled as a project by students in Virginia. Includes reports from 1993 to 1998.

 The Peri-Antarctic Islands
Lists and describes these islands.

 Tourism in Antarctica
School assignment promoting tourism in Antarctica, with statistics, photographs, and an online brochure.

 Ukrainian Antarctic Station EM1U
Ukrainian Club Amateur Radio station from Vernadsky Research Station on Galindez island EM1U, Antarctica. Includes scientific finding and photo gallery of the base and the island.

 Volcanic Activity Reports
Features reports on volcanic episodes in the Antarctic from the Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program. Includes information about seismic events, and some maps showings the features of the various islands.