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Cosmiverse is a portal for space and science enthusiasts. Includes news, space related material and merchandising.

 Encyclopedia Astronautica
Comprehensive resource providing articles on most space technology subjects and space flight history.

Provides directory with validated and graphics-free entries, compiled the National Space Society, USA.

 Heavens Above
Real-time satellite, ISS, and Space Shuttle orbital pass information, maps, star charts, and more.

 Inside KSC
Offers overview of the activities of the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

 John Hopkins University
Developer of a range of spacecraft and scientific payloads providing project overviews, scientific and engineering articles.

 Jump from Space.
Features a Russian project to sky-jump from space (over 40km altitude). Includes background of the project initiator, Mogamed Tolboev.

Offers an updated list of coming launches, and links related to launch conditions.

 NASA Skywatch Sightings Calculator
A Java applet that will calculate when spacecraft will be visible in the night sky over the viewer's own location.

 Outer Space Tourist
Provides a collection of material about space tourism and space shuttle flights.

 Russian Space Web
News and history of the Russian space program by Anatoly Zak, a journalist.

 Space and Astronomy Reference Links
Provides a space and astronomy related directory.

 Space Future
Features news and an e-zine dedicated to space tourism, habitats and vehicles by a pro-space group. Frequently updated.

 Space Links for the 21st Century
Aerospace directory provided by the Defence Technical Information Center, USA.

 Space Projects and Info
Offers a collection of popularized material on space projects and astronomy. Includes forums and merchandising.

 Space Travel and Exploration
News, information, and resources about space exploration for the armchair space traveler.

 The Astronaut Connection
Offers popularizing material on space history, astronauts, travel in space. Includes merchandising and games.