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 1990 PolarLys Expedition
Photos and information from the 1990 Polarlys expedition to the Arctic. French and English

 Ages-Old Polar Icecap Is Melting, Scientists Find
NY Times article about the discovery of an ice-free patch of ocean near the North Pole. (August 19, 2000)

 Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series
Learn about wild animals inhabiting Alaska. Organized into categories.

 Animals of the Arctic
Educational materials on marine and land animals of the Arctic. Includes links a glossary, a bibliography, an Arctic-theme classroom activities page, and related sources.

 Arctic Circle
Information and research about the Arctic regions, including natural resources, history and culture, social equity and environmental justice. Site includes a virtual museum, virtual classroom, maps, and an Arctic forum.

 Arctic Climate System Study
The scientific goal of this study is to ascertain the role of the Arctic in global climate change. Site includes a summary of the objectives and a diagram of the organisations structure.

 Arctic Climate System StudyClimate and Cryosphere Numerical Expe
Members address modelling issues of coupled cryospheric systems. Includes list of members, upcoming and past meetings, projects, and terms of reference.

 Arctic Exploration Online
Information on a scientific mission of the US Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Star, its crew, its discoveries, Arctic peoples, and the northern environment. Includes an image, sound, and video archive.

 Arctic Institute of North America
Research institute of the University of Calgary studying Canada's north through the natural and social sciences, the arts, and the humanities. Offers ASTIS databases, resources, projects, staff, and a search function.

 Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
International organization to implement components of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy. Provides information on the Arctic environment, and remedial and preventive actions relating to contaminants.

 Arctic Ocean Sciences Board
The mission of the AOSB is to facilitate Arctic Ocean research by the support of multinational and multidisciplinary natural science and engineering programs. Includes a schedule of meetings, programs, and publications.

 Arctic Ostracode
A searchable database of information on ostracodes, a group of bivalved crustacea preserved in the sediments of the Arctic Ocean.

 Arctic Program
Information on Arctic studies program or the Bulgarian Society for Regional Cultural Studies. Includes maps, photos, and history of the project.

 Arctic Protection Network
Grass roots organization dedicated to protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling.

 Arctic Research Consortium Austria
Provides comprehensive lists of links to Arctic related information. Includes research institutes and stations, history of Austrian polar exploration, tourist information, and a large photo gallery.

 Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
Information on the organization's mandate and activities, its projects, publications, directories of ARCUS member and researchers, and a searchable archive of current information funding opportunities, events, publications, positions, and news.

 Arctic Science Section
Resources on American social science and natural science research programs in the Arctic region from the U.S. Office of Polar Programs. Includes information on grants, Arctic logistics, journals, and related links.

 Arctic Theme Page
Resources and lesson plans related to the study of the Arctic. Themes include the flora, fauna, biomes, peoples, history, and exploration of the region.

 Arctic Theme Page
Comprehensive Arctic resource guide provides scientific and general interest topics, databases, photos, essays, and frequently asked questions about the Arctic.

 Arktika Expedition
The great expedition in solo bay kayak, on skis and by sled : a three year polar adventure for Gilles Elkaim crossing Russian Arctic from the North Cape to the Bering Strait.

 Aurora Research Institute
Provides research licensing and logistics support to researchers working in Canada's Western Arctic.

 Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean Theme Page
An information resource for the scientific investigation of the biology, oceanography, meteorology and ecology of the area. It provides a forum for presenting and discussing new ideas, plans, research results, and links to other sites.

 Canada's Polar Life
Information about environments, geography, organisms, and research, along with photographs.

 Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
A citizens' group devoted to protecting northern Canada. Includes a searchable archive of CARC briefs, papers, and the Committee's online journal Northern Perspective.

 Canadian Ice Service
An Environment Canada department that provides information about ice conditions in Canadian waters. Includes current ice charts, data on ice thickness, bulletins, and a glossary.

 Center for Northern Studies
A college offering multidisciplinary programs focusing on the environment, peoples, and history of the circumpolar regions. Includes information on faculty, courses, programs, field trips, graduate research, tuition, and admission.

 Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Mapping Project
Research project aiming to provide a variety of mapped vegetation information for the arctic tundra regions, based on the most recent scientific understanding of the areas.

 Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Library
A online library on the Arctic region with a virtual reference desk. Includes information on finding journals, books, websites, statistics, databases, and research reports related to cold regions research.

 Conservation of Arctic Flora and FaunaCAFF
Information on protecting Arctic species and their habitats. Includes an overview of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna program, maps, documents, and research projects.

 Gateway to Arctic and Barents Information
Portal offered by the University of Lapland, Finland to other sites with Arctic and Barents related information.

 IARCFrontier Research System for Global Change
Provides information about this groups goal to elucidate the global-Arctic feedback mechanism and predict the impact of the global climate change on the Arctic region. Includes research directions, special projects, and resources.

 Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
Lead United States government agency responsible for implementing arctic research policy and to help set priorities for future Arctic research.

 International Arctic Buoy Programm
Maintains a network of automatic buoys in the Arctic Basin which monitor pressure, temperature, and ice motion data to support real-time operations and meteorological and oceanographic research.

 International Arctic Environment Data Directory
A searchable database for locating and assessing sources of Arctic environment data. Includes news on the ADD's role and events and a directory of information holdings of circum-arctic countries.

 International Arctic Research Center
Fostering international collaboration in global climate change research in the Arctic.

 International Arctic Science Committee
A non-government organisation to encourage and facilitate cooperation in all aspects of arctic research, in all countries engaged in arctic research, and in all areas of the arctic region.

 International Artic Social Sciences Association
Promote and stimulate international cooperation and to increase the participation of social scientists in national and international arctic research.

 Lapland Regional Environment Center
Agency administering environmental programs in Lapland. Includes information on the organization, current projects, environmental programs, scientific studies and databases, publications, land use policy, housing, and related links.

 Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System
Provides information about this proposed monitoring system of the Eurasian Basin of the Arctic Ocean. Includes objectives, funding, partners, technology, and contact information.

 NOAA Arctic Science Laboratory
Scientists and research partners studying the Arctic through direct and remote observation, models, and analysis of data. Includes information about the mission, issues, capabilities, and programs.

 North Pole Environmental Observatory
Continuously monitors atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice conditions in the central Arctic Ocean. Describes the background and purpose of the observatory, and includes graphs and statistics.

 Northan Intuitive Arctic Exploration
Collection of a variety of Arctic topics.

 Paraglacial dynamics in Spitsbergen
French research mission to study the impact of climatic change on the geomorphology of polar landscapes. Includes the objectives of the research project, and information about the scientific team.

 Polar Science Center
A unit of the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington that studies of oceanography, meteorology, and ice conditions in the Arctic.

 Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean
Coordinated project to investigate the role of arctic climate in global change. Site includes a list of journal articles, some of which are also provided to download as PDF files.

 Svanhovd Environmental Centre
Extensive database of institutions, organizations and enterprises dealing with environmental, agriculture and forestry issues in the Russian part of the Barents region.

 The Arctic Science and Technology Information System
Database maintained by the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary containing over 46, 000 records describing publications and research projects about northern Canada.

 The Arctic Website
Site dedicated to the history, science, and adventure of the Arctic, Alaska, and the 1898 Gold Rush. Includes images, maps, and wildlife, environmental, and glacier information.

 The Roald Amundsen Centre for Arctic Research
Arctic research at the University of Troms? .

 The Unaami Data Collection
Diverse interdisciplinary collection of Arctic variables from the past 25 years, which represent different geographic regions and data types.

 The University Courses on Svalbard
Private foundation which offer university-level courses and perform research relevant to Svalbard's geographical location in the high Arctic.

 University of Lapland
Located in the city of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle this is the most northern university in Finland and in the European Union.

 University of LaplandArctic Centre
Researches polar climate, peoples, and environment. Includes information about the center, its scientific studies, research units, academic programs, information services, publications, and conferences. Searchable.

 University of the Arctic
Coalition of institutions of higher education to overcome barriers to education in the region. Includes an overview of purpose, activities, publications and related organizations.