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 AAA Wilderness Survival
Includes information on how to light a fire, build a shelter, find food, and find water.

 Adventure Survival: The Indigenous Way
Indigenous Survival Secretsfire, food, water, shelter, medicinal plants, etc. Focus on jungles and sea/beach survival skills.

 Buckshot's Camp
Information on trapping, wilderness survival, damage control trapping, and hobby trapping.

 History and Primitive Technology Page
This is the place to explore, discuss, and exchange information on matters pertaining to history from the stone-age to the turn of the century.

 Hoods Woods
Wilderness survival instruction, information and instructional videos for outdoor enthusiasts

 HowStuffWorks: How Quicksand Works
Animated tutorial explains how quicksand forms, where it's found, and how one can escape being trapped in it.

 John Rine's Home Page
Flintknapping, Primitive survival skills, Rockhounding

 Knife Information
Knife information and archives compiled by Pat Fogarty.

 Mike Bennett's Primitive Web Page
How to make an arrowhead, edible wild plants, friction-fire starting, making cordage, etc.

What you need to know for the survival of you and your family.

 Native Tech
Articles on clay and pottery, leather and clothes, stonework and tools, weaving and cordage, food and recipes.

 Native Web
Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.

 Ol' Buffalo Preparedness Page
Resource for learning to survive in the wilderness as well as at home in a disaster.

 Primitive Technology
Primitive technology links

 Primitive Ways
This site is dedicated to Stone Age technology, atlatl spear throwers, fire by friction, simple kayaks, and bow and arrow.

 Safety at Hiker Central
Safety and survival tips and links

 Sergeant Safari's Wilderness Survival Quiz
21 question quiz based off U.S. Army manuals.

 Society of Primitive Technology
The Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of primitive technology, earth skills, wilderness survival and Native awareness.

 Survival Bible 2001 Freeware
Extensive collection of documents and images relating to survival.

 Survival Headquarters
Includes preparedness guideliness for a variety of scenarios based on information from government agencies.

 Survival Links
Includes survival, safety, outdoor, wild bear, avalanche.
An online survival community with forums, news and discussions for people to share thoughts, ideas and experiences for personal preservation.

An illustrated guide with information, tips, pictures, maps and diagrams.
Includes climate specific guides, a directory, and classifieds.

 The Attitude of Survival
A brief guide to the mental side of dealing with unexpected survival situations.

 The Outlands WebStead
Information on homesteading, survival, and other aspects of self-reliance written by people actively involved in living close to the land.

 The Ranger's Digest
Provides a collection of survival tips as well as an order form to buy them in hard copy. Wilderness Survival
A collection of tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented websites.

 Wilderness Resource List
A compilation of wilderness schools, periodicals, and listservs.

 Wilderness Survival
Offers information from U.S. Army instruction manuals on all aspects of a wilderness survival situation. Includes diagrams and pictures.

 Wilderness Survival Guide
An illustrated guide to basic skills including travel, food and water, first-aid, and health.

 Wilderness Survival Outline
A brief outline that offers short tips for each major survival issue.

 Wilderness Way Magazine
Primitive survival skills and earth wisdom.