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 A Fat Old Lady Takes Up Climbing
A woman in Alaska decides to climb some of the smaller mountains around her. Photos.

 Abraham, Will
Pictures from Mt. Lemmon, Arizona; and Hueco Tanks, Texas.

 Achter, Jeff
Includes a route description for Whitney-Gilman, Cannon, New Hampshire.

 Adams, Jeremy
Trip reports and photos from the Gunks, New York; Rumney, New Hampshire; and T-Wall, Tennessee.

 Adventure Group
Documents the Adventure Group's goal of reaching the highest point in all 50 states.

 Ager, Joel
Photos and trip reports from New River Gorge, West Virginia; Yosemite, California; Joshua Tree, California; Smith Rock, Oregon; and various California crags.

 Alguard, Dawn a.k.a. TradGirl
Trip reports and photos from the Gunks, New York; Joshua Tree, California; Yosemite, California; Utah; Rumney, New Hamphshire; Red Rocks, Nevada; the Daks, New York; and Potrero Chico, Mexico. Information on climbing at Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands.

 Allison, Bill
Trip reports and photos from alpine climbing in the Pacific Northwest.

 Alt, Aya Kristen
Photos from the Gunks, New York; Castle Rock State Park in California; and bouldering near Middletown, Connecticut.

 Altman, Yoav
Photos from Canon Tajo, California; and Joshua Tree, California;

Tribute page dedicated to the memory of Alex Lowe.

 Andersen, Dave
The Splat Calculator which answers the question "How fast will you be going when you hit the deck?" Pictures and stories from Yosemite, Castleton Towers, and Red Rocks. Solo aiding at Rumney, New Hampshire and ice climbing at Newfound Lake, New Hampshir

 Anderson, Darrell
Photos from Pilot Mountain, Moore's Wall, New River Gorge, and other southeast areas.

 Anderson, Rik
Links to information on climbing in Washington. Photos and an account of an expedition to Aconcagua.

Tips and techniques.
Guide to climbing at Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming plus photos from various Wyoming climbing trips.

 Appleby, John (Wildcrow)
Photos, news, and new route information from north and mid Wales.

 Araceli Segarra
Collection of photos of the climber by a fan.

 Arechiga, Mike
Photos from various California, US crags. Topos for Grotto, California; and Jailhouse, California.

 Arnette, Alan
Trip reports and photos from Denali, Alaka; Ama Dablam, Nepal; Cho Oyu, Tibet; Mount Blanc, France; Long's Peak, Colorado; and the Grand Teton, Wyoming.

 Arnold, Kevin
Photos from the gym and tree climbing.

 Austin, Bob
Photos and trip reports from Joshua Tree, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; Zion National Park, Utah; Yosemite, California; and the Eastern Sierra.

 Baba, Karl
Trip reports and photos from free and aid climbing in Yosemite. A topo for Galactic Hitchhiker.

 Baenziger, Bruce and Michelle
Photos and trip report from an ascent of Mount Whitney, California.

 Baker, Brad
Photos and trip reports from Colorado.

 Baker, John R.
Article on the principles of face climbing. Photos. Information on climbing at Windy Point, Mount Lemmon, Arizona, including directions and route listings. Information on climbing at the Aspen Loop Crag, including route listings and photos. List of n

 Barber, John
Trip report and photos from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

 Barrett, Jeff
Information on climbing areas near Davis, California. Photos from Consumnes River Gorge, California; Mt. St. Helena, California; Lovers Leaps, California; and Red Rocks.

 Bates, Kelly
Trip report and photos from Aconcagua, Argentina; Devil's Tower, Wyoming; Moab, Utah; Long's Peak, Colorado; and mountaineering in Colorado.

 Beck, Josh
Photos from Yosemite, California; Taquitz, California; Canon Tajo; and ice climbing at Lee Vining Canyon, California.

 Beckwith, Nathanial
Big-wall trip reports, Eldorado Canyon information, and how to modify a Gri-Gri for rope soloing.

 Bell, George
Information on the Cirque of the Unclimbables plus trip reports and photos from Yosemite, Colorado, Alaska, Utah, Red Rocks, the Tetons. A list of North America's highest peaks.

 Benson, David
Account of a 7 month climbing trip. Pictures and accounts from Yosemite; Fisher Towers, Utah; Red Rocks; Joshua Tree; and Indian Creek.

 Bielefeldt , Hartmut
Trip reports and pictures from mountaineering trips in the Alps and expeditions in the Andes, Pamirs, Tien Shan, and Himalayas.

 Bigall, Evan
Beta for Mescalito. Pictures and stories from Yosemite with emphasis on big walls.

 Bill and Cori
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; Joshua Tree, California; Devil's Tower, Wyoming; and Castleton Tower, Utah. Information about climbing in New Hampshire and at the Gunks.

 Bill, Mr.
Rock and ice photos, primarily from California.

 Black, John R.
Nose-in-a-Day Page (Yosemite). Lover's Leap beta. Pictures from Yosemite. Answers to questions asked of John on

 Bleau'n Block
Photos and problem descriptions from bouldering at Fontainebleau and some other European areas.

 Blom, Bert
Information on a planned November, 2000 ascent of Chimborazo plus pictures from Peru, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

 Blown, John a.k.a. Johnnykuta
Pictures and information about hiking and climbing in and around Vancouver, Canada.

 Blume, David and Lillian
Trip report and photos from Red Rocks.

 Bob and Cinta
Training and technique. Pictures from North America and Europe. Information about climbing in Ontario.

 Bockmann, Mark
Pictures, trip reports, and recommended route lists for Colorado, the Gunks, and New Hampshire.

 Bole, Mauro aka Bubu
Images, movies and stories about his climbing, mountaineering expeditions, and skiing.

 Bonington, Chris
Biography. News. Expedition information. Photos. Signed books and prints for sale.

 Bossev, Ross
Information on the mountains in Bulgaria.

Some bouldering pictures and news from Scotland plus personal photos.

 Box, Phil
Photos from Mount Warning, New South Wales and Mount Kaputar, New South Wales. Photos of rescue practice.

Information on climbing in Indiana. Photos.

 Braithwaite-Lee, Reginald
Trip report from Agitez Bien at Metcalfe Rock. Articles on training and footwork.

 Brandenberger, Sarah
Photos, primarily from City of Rocks, Idaho.

 Brash, Andrew
Trip reports and photos from Cholatse, Nepal; Menlungtse, Tibet; the Chinese Karakoram; and Troll Wall, Norway.

 Braunagel, John
Photos from Denali, Alaska; Mt. Rainier, Washington; the Cascades in Washington, US and British Columbia, Canada; and Aconcagua, Argentina. Wallpaper.

 Brayack, Dan (Wake and Climb)
Photos and topos from McConnels Mill, Pennsylvania; Cooper's Rock, West Virginia; and the gym. Gear placement and training tips.

 Briceno, Hector
Trip reports and photos from Whitehorse Ledge, New Hampshire; Red Rocks, Nevada; Seneca Rocks, West Virginia; and Devil's Tower, Wyoming. Also ice climbing and peak bagging photos and trip reports.

 Bridey, Mark
Account and photos from Kilimanjaro, Africa.

 Broeking, Robert
Trip reports and photos from Colorado; Mexican volcanoes; Mount Kosciusko, Australia; Mt. Whitney, California; Mt. Shasta, California; and ice climbing in North Carolina. A list of the high points in all 50 US states.

 Bromfield, Kathryn
Photos from rock climbing and mountaineering around the UK.

 Brooks, Travis
Photos from Royal Arches and Nutcracker at Yosemite, California; and Pinnacles National Monument, California.

 Brown, Eric
Links to climbing and other outdoor sites.

 Brown, Ted
Photos from the Pacific Northwest, US; and Bolivia.

 Browne, Kerry
Photos from Smith Rocks, Oregon and other Oregon locations; Yosemite, California; and Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

 Buchanan, Doug (Alaska Stories)
Trip reports from Alaska. General area information for Alaska.

 Buckle, Matt
Guides, trip reports, photos, and links on rock climbing in Squamish; other spots in British Columbia; and the Canadian Rockies. Also trip reports and photos from Smith Rocks; Joshua Tree; and Red Rocks. Trip reports from Peter Haan (Yosemite).

 Buhler, Carlos
Trip reports and photos from Changabang, India; K2; and Nanga Parbat, Pakistan. The author gives motivational lectures to corporations and organizations on reaching difficult goals through individual effort and teamwork.

 Burdick, Dave
Trip reports and photos from apline climbing and peak bagging around the Pacific Northwest. Fall Force Machine with calculates the force on your last piece of gear for a given set of circumstances. Pictures from Joshua Tree.

 Burston, D.
Photos and trip reports from Mt. Rainier, Washington; and around the UK.

 Butterman, Mark
Trip reports and photos from Cotopaxi, Ecuador; Chimporazo, Ecuador; and Kilimanjaro, Africa.

 Byrn, Gordon
Trip reports from the Eiger and Denali.

 Caldwell, Simon
Photos from Costa Blanca; Wales; Scotland. Also photos from uk.rec.climbing and York Alpine Club outings.

 Calibani, Mauro
Bouldering photos from Italy.

 Cary, Matthew
Photos and account from an attempt on Mt. Rainier via the Puyallup Cleaver. Trip reports and photos from aid climbing the Rainbow Wall and Thin Red Line.

 Cashman, Mark
Photos and accounts of climbing at Orenaug Park, Connecticut; Rattlesnake Mountain, Connecticut; the Gunks; and Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania.

 Chetwynd, Simon
Photographs of rock, ice and alpine climbing plus gear reviews, trip reports, and photos from the United Kingdom and the Alps.

 Chiang, Alex
Trip reports from Red Rocks, Nevada; Gunks, New York; Yosemite, California; and other areas plus some favorite posts from rec.climbing offering humor and advice.

 Chiang, Alexander
Photos from Cave Creek, Arkansas; Red Rocks, Nevada; Reimer's Ranch, Texas; Valley of the Blind, Arkansas; and Sitting Bull Falls, New Mexico.

 Chotinun, Olga
Photos from Austin, Texas; and Enchanted Rock, Texas.

Illustrations of basic equipment, knots, and techniques. Photos from Pennsylvania.

Photos from climbing in Transylvania, Romania.

 Christmas Family
Topo for bouldering at Almscliff, UK.

Competition climbing photos and links.

 Churchill, Doug
Photos from Mt. Rainier and Mt. Whitney.

 Cieslik, Wit (EVP Home Page)
Stories and trip reports from canyoning, climbing, mountaineering, skiing and diving in and around Sydney Australia and New Zealand.

 Cikoski, Tom
Trip reports from the Gunks, New York; and Seneca, West Virginia.

Trip reports and photos from Gunks, New York; Rumney, New Hampshire; New River Gorge, West Virginia; and various locations in Colorado.

Mountaineering photos and wall paper from a group of friends. Content in English and Italian.

 Climbing with Bob
Accounts and photos from peak bagging and mountaineering trips, primarily in Colorado, from a group of friends based in Wyoming.

 Clinch, Peter
Gear guide, including sections on hiking poles, packs, and down gear.

 Cole , Peter
Photos of rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

 Cooper, Alexander
Protection size range charts for active and passive pro.

 Corbin, Colin
Report of ascents of Orizaba, Mexico and Ixtaccihuatl, Mexico. Includes pictures, route descriptions, local history, local food, and travel tips.

 Cory, Scott
Photos, resume and press kit for the child climber.

A map of the Pacific NW pinpointing the mountains in that area

 Cummins, Clint
Topos for Calveras Dome, Elephant's Perch, Idaho and Index, Washington. New route information for Yosemite and Pinnacles. Trip reports from Yosemite (free climbing and aid climbing), Tuolumne Meadows, Pinnacles, the Sierras, Tahoe, Smith Rock, the Gunks,

 Curtis, Neil
Pictures and stories from Yosemite and Stone Mountain, NC.

 Cushman, Mark
Photos and trip reports for Red River Gorge, Kentucky; Seneca, West Virginia; Mt. Katahdin, Maine; and Mt. Washington, New Hapmshire. Information on climbing in Ohio.

 Custer, Dave
Article "An Elastic Model of the Holding Power of Spring Loaded Camming Devices Used as Rock Climbing Anchors."

 Daggett, Greg
Photos from Cosumnes River Gorge, California and Mount Shasta, California.

Trip reports and photos from Taquitz, California.

 Danforth, Charles
Trip reports and photos from Seneca, West Virginia; Red River Gorge, Kentucky; Nelson Rocks, West Virginia; and Great Falls, Virginia.

 Dargaud, Guillaume
Pictures and stories from Alaska, Antarctica, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Tasmania, Yosemite, the Alps and central Italy. A section with pictures to use as wallpaper.

Topos and guides for Portrane, Ireland plus photos from mountaineering in the Alps and bouldering at Fontainebleau. Also includes an essay on friction as it applies to climbing.

 Davies, Andy
Pictures, and reports from the Alps, Nepal, Peru, the UK, Chamonix and New Zealand.

 Davis, John
Guides to New Zealand climbing areas.

 Dawes, Johnny
About the climber and his workshops and seminars. Also sells his line of holds.

 de Santiago, Rafael
Pictures of climbing routes in Spain: Picos de Europa, Galayos, El Torozo and Cordillera Cant?brica.

 Denali Expedition Page
Change of address for Steve Dundorf's Denali Expedition page

 Destivelle, Catherine
About the climber and her availability for speaking engagements.

 Diffendal, Ed
Trip reports and photos from big wall climbing in Yosemite, California; and Zion, Utah; and mountaineering in Peru.

 Doherty, Paul
Photos and trip reports from Yosemite, California; Mount Conness, California; Blue Mass Scenic Area, Nevada; Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravasm, Argentinia; Mt. Lemmon, Arizona; Cochise Stronghold, Arizona; and Baboquivari, Arizona

 Dominican Climbers
Photos from areas in the Dominican Republic.

 Dos Reis, Mario
Trip report and photos from Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Columbia.

 Dundorf, Steve
Downloadable Excel file with gear and food list from the author's Denali expedition. Photos from Denali; Mt. Washington; and the Grand Teton

 DuPriest, Dawn
Trip reports and photos, primarily from Colorado Fourteener's but also from rock climbing in Vedauwoo, Wyoming and various locations in Colorado.

 Dyer, Anthony
A hiking guide to the Scotland Mountains. Information on taking photos in the mountains. Journal for moutaineering/hiking trips in Scotland and Norway.

 Dyer, Med
Trip reports from Southern California climbing areas, including Joshua Tree and Tahquitz.

 E M
Tips and techniques for mountaineering. Unlabelled mountain photos.

 Earnhardt, Dave (Tree Climber's Page)
Stories and information on tree climbing.

 Edwards, Stephen
Illustrations and descriptions of basic climbing methods and equipment.

 Ellington, Ray E.
Photos, primarily from Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

 Epperson, Greg

Photos of technical tree climbing.

 Espina, Pedro
Trip reports and photos from ice climbing in the Daks, New York; and Mt. Washington, New Hampshire; alpline climbing in Austria; Denali, Alasak. Information on climbing in Puerto Rico. Advice and essays including tips on climbing photography.

 Etzel, Diether
Photos from around South Africa. Trip report and photos from Mount Kilimanjaro. Articles on rope useage and self belaying. Excerpts from the author's books.

Unlabelled photos.

 Farncombe, Martin
Photos and trip reports from the Pic de la Grave in the Ecrins region of the Alps and Via Ferrata in the Dolomites.

 Fat Boy Climbing Club
About the Fat Boys, including trip reports and photos, primarily from New Hampshire and New York.

 Fee, Everett
Guide to rock climbing in Northwest Ontario and Southeast Manitoba, Canada. Trip reports from mountaineering and ice climbing in Canada and rock climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada; Yosemite, California; and the Needles, South Dakota.

 Florine, Hans (
Speed climbing records, primary for Yosemite, California. Climbing resume. Photos. Guiding offered.

 Fluent Inc.
An image gallery that tracks the expedition to the Saifee peak in the Indian Himalayas, undertaken by the employees of this company in October, 1999.

 Flynn, Craig and Mandy
Photos from Australia. Trip reports and photos from canyoneering in Australia.

 Folger, Todd
Trip report and photos from Mount Rainier, Washington.

 Fonda, Robert
Trip reports from Yosemite, California. Photos from Johusa Tree, California. Bolting Sport Climbs, a primer by Eric Hirst.

 Ford, Alex
Pictures from walking and mountaineering in the United Kingdom plus articles.

 Foster, Charles
Guides and information for rock climbing at Taquitz, California; Joshua Tree, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; and Yosemite, California. Information on California 14'ers. A collection of trip reports from various climbers.

 Foster, Matt
Photos from Mount Baker, Mount Adams, Mount Shuksan, and Mount Hood.

 Fox, Steve
Trip reports from peak bagging in the Pacific Northwest.

 Fralich, Tom
A list of the author's rock and ice climbs, primarily in the Adirondacks and Gunks, New York, plus photos and summit logs for mountaineering trips.

 Frankenfield, Jim a.k.a. Snowman
Photos and reports from the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Blanc, Wyoming, and Utah.

 Friberg, Paul A.
Index to the climbing magazines. Beta on Lotus Flower Tower (Cirque of the Unclimbables) in a day. Pictures from Thailand. Trip reports for Yosemite walls.

 Ganter, John H.
Home to the Caving Technology Website which contains technical articles with some relevancy to climbing.
From a climber concerned about the ethics of climbing, particularly with respect to bolting. T-shirts offered for sale.

 Ghetie, Andrei
Trip reports and photos from Acadia, Maine; the Gunks, New York; Red Rocks, Nevada; and various Colorado and California locations.

 Ghiz, Scott
Beta on The Nose and Half Dome Regular NW Face, Yosemite. The Gunks Aid Guide. Stories and pictures from The Prow, Cathedral, New Hampshire

 Giasson, Marc-Andr
A list of rec.climber's home pages. A compilation of the official rec.climbing FAQ. Photos and trip reports from Yosemite, California; and Huayna Potosi, Bolivia.

 Goble, Chris
Information on climbing areas in southern Alberta, Canada. Conditions for ice climbing in Waterton. Ice climbing photos. Information and newsletter for the Southern Alberta Climber's Association.

 Goble, Clark
Guide to ice and rock climbing in Wateron Nationation Park, Canada. Guide to ice climbing in Nova Scotia, Canada and Utah, US. How to use a Soloist for roped soloing.

 Golay, Mike
Trip reports and photos from rock and ice climbing in New Hampshire; rock climbing at Seneca, West Virginia; and mountaineering in the Adirondacks, New York; Washington; and California.

 Gormley, Brendan
Photos from Ireland and the Alps.

Definitions of climbing jargon. Unlabelled photographs.

 Gray, Struan
The ASCII bouldering-fall video. A guide to Scandinavian ice climbing. Trip reports from the UK.

 Greenwood, Richard
Trip reports and photos from ice, big wall, alpine, and rock climbing in California plus the Rainbow Wall, Red Rocks, Nevada. Also includes aid climbing tips.

 Grundy, Tom
Trip reports from Potrero Chico, Mexico; Yosemite, California; and Cirque of the Towers, Wyoming. Photos from around the US.

 Gushchin, Anya
Photos from Whitehorse, NH.

 Habovstak, Steve (ClimbRock)
Photos from the Mineral Mountains, Utah. Home of Future First Ascents Inc., makers of a removable bolt replacement product.

 Hamilton, Larry
Photos and stories from Red Rocks, Nevada; Fisher Towers, Utah; Golden Cliffs, Colorado;and Front Range, Colorado.

 Harper, Skip
Trip reports, photos, and area information for Cayman Brac, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Vedauwoo, Wyoming and the Snowy Range, Wyoming.

 Harput, Vahan
Photos from various locations in Italy.

 Harris, Steven a.k.a. Big Lost
Trip reports from peak bagging in Idaho.

 Hartmann, Paul
List of favorite routes from the Gunks, New York; and various crags in Connecticut.

 Haskett, George
Trip reports and photos from big walls in Yosemite, California. Beta and links to other articles and information.

 Hasselgren, Fredrik (The Blacksite)
A list of Swedish climbing clubs and web sites. Account of the first ascent of Rakekniven at Queen Maud Land

 Hegwer, Eric
Trip report and photos from Mount Whitney, California.

 Heinsman, Ron
Topos, guides, pictures and information on climbing in Taiwan. Windows 95 logo files based on Half Dome. Climbing wallpaper. Pictures from Yosemite; Devil's Lake, Wisconsin; Vedauwoo, Wyoming; and Lake Canyon Boulders, California.

 Hengeveld, Mike
Trip reports and photos from Squamish, Canada; Joshua Tree, California; Yosemite, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; and Jasper National Park, Canada.

 Higson, Melvyn
Photos and accounts from Ben Nevis, Scotland; Snowdon, Wales; Carrantuohill, Ireland; and Scafell Pike, England.

 Hill, Meg and Mat
Photos from Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Information about climbing the peak.

 Hill, Randy
Information on climbing in New England. Photos, route descriptions, directions, and trip reports.

 Hodgson, John
Photos from the UK and Europe.

 Hoek, Keith
Photos and trip reports from Sleeping Giant and other crags in Connecticut; the Gunks, New York; Whitehorse Ledge, New Hampshire; Indian Creek, Utah; and Seneca, West Virginia.

 Hoffman, Todd
Pictures from a climbing trip to Aconcagua, South America.

 Hollingworth, Matthew
Trip reports and photos from Arapiles, Australia; Cannon, New Hampshire; Red Rocks, Nevada; Gunks, New Yorks; and canyoning at Newnes, Australia.

 Hooker, Bruce
Photos and trip reports from an expedition to the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, a trip to Chamonix, and an expedition to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia.

 Horisk, Brian
Photos of bouldering, rock climbing, mountaineering, and ice climbing in New Zealand and Scotland.

 Horst, Lisa Ann

 Hoyer, Brooke
Pictures from Red Rocks, Red River Gorge, the Gunks, and Yosemite.

 Huber Brothers
Biographies. Expedition reports. News.

 Humar, Tomaz
Chronicles a 14 day A5 solo of the Dhaulagiri South Face.

 Ikin, Paul
Trip report and photos from Bidean nam Bien, Scotland. Photos from Mera Peak, Nepal.

 Ingram, Alan
Articles and photographs on hikes, walks, treks and climbs in Scotland, European Alps, Nepal Himalaya, New Zealand and the USA.

 Isbell, Tom
Pictures of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

 J's Tree Climbing
Includes photos, links, and basic information.

 Jackson, Gregory
Information about climbing in Ottawa Valley, Canada. Photos.

 Jackson, Marcel
Photos from Tasmania, Australia.

 Jain, Christopher
A trip report for Snake Dike in Yosemite, California. Photos from Yosemite and the High Sierra.

 Japp, Adrian
Photos from uk.rec.climbing outings.

 Jardine, Ray
Climbing log from 1963 to 1982. Photos. Story of how Friends were invented and photos of the original prototypes.

Photos from Yosemite, California; and Pinnacles, California.

Photos from Colorado.

 Jennings, Geoff
Trip reports and photos from Fresno Dome, California; Yosemite, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; the Wasatch Ice Festival; and St. George, Utah.

 Jerberyd, Per
Stories from the Himalayas. Biographies of famous climbers. A climbing quiz.

Information about the climber and his current projects.

 Joe and Sandie
Photos from El Cap and Half Dome in Yosemite, plus other photos from climbing in California.

 Johann and Sandra
Trip reports and photos from Mount Hood, Oregon; Mount Saint Helens, Washington; and Mount Adams, Washington.

 Jones, Kevin
Photos and trip reports from Yosemite, California; Zion, Utah; Mt. Rainier, Washington; and Mt. Shasta, California. Information on climbing at Pinnacles, California; Grand Teton, Wyoming; and Mt. Rainier, Washington.

 Jones, Nolan Thomas (Utah Photo Wild)
Utah Canyoneering guide. Descent topo for Epinephrine in Red Rocks. Moonlight Buttress topo. Sierra high traverse map set. TR for the east face of Whitney.

Trip reports and photos from Mount Baker, Washington and Glacier Peak, Washington.

 Kalashnikov, Dmitry
Bouldering pictures from Bishop, California and Banks Lake, Washington.

 Kantarjiev, Christopher
A trip report from Mt. Shasta, California.

 Kaplan, Greg
Information on climbing at Corona del Mar, California; Joshua Tree; Rubidoux, California; and Big Rock, California. A photo gallery from Corona del Mar (requires VRML).

 Karen, Tim and Jared
Photos from the McDowell Mountains, Arizona; Red Rocks, Nevada; and Mt. Hayden, Colorado.

 Kaufman, Noah
Bouldering at Virgin Gorge, British Virgin Islands. Thoughts on climbing. Pictures from Hueco Tanks, Utah, and the Red River Gorge.

 Kautto, Vesa
Photos and story from climbing Mt. Blanc, 1995.

 Kelderman, Bas
Trip reports and photos from Belgium and France.

 Kenison, Brian
Trip report from Mount Rainier, Washington. Photos from mountaineering and peak bagging in the Pacific Northwest.

 Kenney, Tom
Stories and photos from peak bagging, primarily in Colorado and the Sierra Nevada.

 Khabazi, Merab
Photos from the author's summit of Mt. Everest.

 Kirk, John
Trip reports, photos, and progress reports from the author's attempt to climb all the Colorado's Fourteeners.

 Knight, Lee
Stories and pictures from hill walking and scrambling around the United Kingdom, particularly Snowdonia.

 Kochte, Mark a.k.a Indy
Indy's Underground Climber's Guide to Baltimore Areas (covers Suglarloaf Mountain, White Rocks, Annapolis Rocks, Maryland Heights, Great Falls, and others). Stories and pictures from the Gunks, the Daks, various spots in New Hampshire, Seneca, Stone Moun

 Kojouharov, Kalin
Trip reports for Mt. Fuji, Japan; and the Northern Japanese Alps. Photos from the Japanese Alps and Bulgaria. Information on climbing in Bulgaria.

 Kr?ger, Stefan
FAQ for uk.rec.climbing. Annotated climbing log, trip reports, and photos for climbs in the UK. Trip report and photos from Rochers Des Presles, Vercors, France.

 L., Rob
Photos, primarily bouldering, from Hueco Tanks, Texas; Gunks, New York; Bishop, California; and New River Gorge, West Virginia.

 L?wdin, Per & Elisabeth
Photos from in Kashmir, Zanskar, Ladakh, Nubra, Rupshu, Nepal, Switzerland, France and Italy.

 Lake, Chad
Photos from Unlikely Wall, Indiana; Red Rocks, Nevada; and Moab, Utah.

Photos and a trip report from Yosemite, California.

 Lanslots, JP
Photos of 8,000 meter peaks and from a mountaineering course in the Alps.

 Lapiere, Jeff
Photos and trip reports of classic climbs in Yosemite.

 Larson, Kai
Trip reports and pictures from rock and ice climbing in Utah; Colorado; Chamonix; the Canadian Rockies. Reviews of backcountry gear and clothing.

 Latombe, Jean-Claude
You might be a mountain climber if .... Photos from the Sierra Nevada; Denali; Nepal; and Owens River Gorge, California.

Photos from Montana; Leavenworth and Index, Washington; and Devil's Tower, Wyoming.

 Lee, Phil
Information and photos for Denali, Alaska; and Mt. Foraker, Alaska.

 Leger, Chris
Information about bouldering in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bouldering, climbing and big wall photos from Yosemite, California and Joshua Tree, California. Trip reports from Tahquitz, California; Seneca, West Virginia; Red River Gorge, Kentucky; and Yosem

 Leiden, Ken
Trip report and photos from Denali, Alaska; desert towers in Utah; and Thailand.

 Len, Peter
Trip report and photos for Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn in the European Alps.

Pictures from the Tetons and City of Rocks.

 Levy, Mike (Mike's Magic Climbing Site)
Pictures and descriptions of climbing in British Columbia and elsewhere featuring Squamish, Joshua Tree, Nanaimo, and Salt Spring Island.

 Lew, Karl (Climerware)
Photos and bios for rec.climbers. Plans for a home wall with tilt-a-crack. Photos and trip reports from around the San Francisco Bay area, California; Yosemite, California; Joshua Tree, California; Courtwright Reservoir, California; and Fresno Dome, Ca

 Lew, Stephen a.k.a. Toadhall
Outdoor oriented gear reviews, descriptions and equipment care information. Pictures from the Gunks; Red Rocks; and Tennessee.

 Linfield, Roger
Route descriptions, updated ratings, and comments for Joshua Tree, California and Suicide Rock, California.

 Long, Chris (Mountain Goat)
Rock climbing and mountaineering trip reports from various Colorado areas; Joshua Tree, California; and Aconcagua, Argentina.

 Lowe, Ben (Gravity Designs)
Photos from New Zealand, Australia, France, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Features photos of Fred Nicole and Ste McClure.

 Lowery, Lance (Gorge Monkey Central)
Information on climbing at Unlikely Wall, Indiana; and Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Photos from Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

 Lowrey, Fritz
Trip reports and pictures from Zion, Red Rocks and Lovers Leap, Colorado.

Trip reports and photos from Berdorf, Belgium; Fontaine Bleau, France; Orpierre, France; and Cotignac, France.

 Macartney-Snape, Tim
Tim is a biologist, an author, the first Australian to climb Mt Everest.

 MacDonald, Warren (Part Animal, Part Machine)
Biography. Information about the double amputee's expeditions and speaking engagements.

 MacLeod, Kelly
Information on rock climbing in the Bugaboos and at Castle Mountain plus ice climbing in Canada. Pictures of the above plus other areas in Canada, including Squamish.

 Mak, Ryan
Information for beginners and a photo gallery.

 Manning, Brian
Updated information on climbing at Jackson Falls, Illinois. Pictures from Jackson Falls; Red River Gorge; Great Falls, Virginia; and the author's home wall.

An Everest fan page, including an interview with the author's father who met Jon Krakauer, basic facts about the mountain, and a newspaper clipping.

About a trip to the Bavarian Alps and subsequent accident. Photos and x-rays.

Trip reports and photos from desert towers in Utah and Mount Blanc, France.

 Marsh, Peter
Reviews of mountaineering books. Story of an epic on Mt. Hood, Oregon. Sea-to-summit page with links and stories.

 Matt, Ed
Photos from Donner Summitt, California.

 Mayer, Andy
Guide to U-Mound bouldering at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photos from New Mexico; Hueco Tanks, Texas; Arizona; Colorado; The Gunks, New York; and Potrero Chico, Mexico.

 McGary, Mike
A review of gyms in the Dallas, Texas area.

 McLin, Kevin
A slide presentation of an ascent of Ojos del Salado, Chile. Photos from Mount Toll, Colorado.

 McMurra, M.
Pictures and descriptions of apline climbs in and around Washington.

 McNabb, Stephen
Photos from a bouldering competition and some advice for beginners.

 McNamara, Rourke
Trip report and photos from Pinnacle and Castle Rock, California.

 McRaven, Chris
Photos from Devil's Tower, Wyoming; Cochise Stronghold, Arizona; Spain; and the author's non-climbing trip to South Africa.

 Melhuish, James
Trip report and photos from Yosemite, California. Advice on system training and route setting. Route beta for Social Outcast at Rumney, New Hampshire and To Be or Not To Be at the Gunks, New York.

 Melvin, Graham
Pictures from Squamish, British Columbia; and Smith Rock, Oregon; plus mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest.

 Mens, Hans
A site devoted to climbing Mont Blanc.

 Merrick, Daniel Smith
Trip report and photos from the Bolivian Andes; Mount Whitney, California; and Queen's Throne, California.

 Michael (Rock Climb. org)
List of gyms in the US, gyms outside the US, guiding services around the world, gear shops around the world, gear manufacturers. Trip reports primarily from Yosemite.

Photos from a trip to Cirque of the Towers, Wind River, Wyoming.

 Mitch and Nola
Photos and trip reports from British Columbia and Stone Hill, Montana

Photos form the Gunks and bouldering in NYC.

 Monks, Peter
Grade conversion table for Australian ratings. Information and pictures from crags throughout Australia. Trip reports from Reimer's Ranch, Texas.

 Monks, Tim
Photos from Fontainebleau, France; and Sardinia.

 Monnerot-Dumaine, Alexis
Trip report and photos for Ama Dablam, Nepal and Aconcagua, Nepal.

 Monteith, Neil (Neil's Haul Bag)
Trip reports and photos from rock climbing in Arapiles and the Grampians, Australia and expeditions to Mount Cook and Mount Warning, Australia.

 Morrison, Dave
Trip reports and photos from Mt. Watkins (Yosemite), Mt. Rainier, Mt. Charleston, Kings Peak, Utah, Mt. Baker, Washington, Iztaccihuatl, Mexico Mt. Adams, Washington, Mt. Hood, Oregon.

 Mottinger, Dan
Essays and book reviews. Trip reports and photos from Colorado Fourteeners and Independence Monument, Colorado.

 Mowfortth, Clive
A personal account of two alpine mountaineering courses taken in Switzerland during the summer of 2001

 Mueller, Greg
Trip reports and photos from mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest

 Muir, Mack
Trip reports and photos from moutaineering in the Pacific Northwest; ice climbing in the Adirondacks; and rock climbing at Seneca, West Virginia among others.

 Myers, Kathy
Information on the Silent Partner, including a photo of how to rig it correctly.

 Naka, Mitsuko
Photos from climbing in Japan.

Trip reports and photos from rock, glacier, and alpine climbing, primarily in the Cascades.

 Navratil, Joe
Personal climbing journal, primarily from locations in California.

 Nichol, Peter
Pictures from Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Shuksan, Washington.

 Nielsen, Anders Strange
The author's article on "The Infamous Japanese Everest Ski Expedition 1970". Climbing and skiing photos from France.

 O'Dowd, Cathy
About the climber, her books, expeditions, and speaking engagements. Expedition reports and photos from Lohtse, Aconcagua, Everest, Bolivia, and Ruwenzori.

 Oliver, Brian
Unlabelled photos. Basic information on climbing techniques.

 Our Climbing Adventure
Photos from Seneca, West Virginia.

 Outdoor Adventure
Photos from the Tetons and big walls in Zion.

 Owens, Mark
Trip report and photos from Kala Patar, Nepal (go to the Travel link).

 Pagels, Jeff (Rainbow Expeditions)
Trip reports and photos from the paraplegic's trips to Mt. Rainier, Washington and Mt Galdh?piggen, Norway.

 Pang, Leonhard
Camming range of various brands of SLCD's compared in a chart. Photos from various European locations.

 Pardoe, Steve and Judy
Mountainnering trip reports and pictures, including Mount Blanc, France; Mount Whitney, California; and Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Information on cragging in England. Photos from uk.rec.climbing meetings.

 Parker, Nick
Rec.Climbing's Greatest Hits '98. Rec.Climbing's Greatest Hits '95. Compilation of solo TR articles from rec.climbing. A collection of climbing quotes. Photos and trip reports from the East Face of Teewinot, in the Tetons; the Adirondacks; Liberty Rid

 Pasquale, Bert & Holly
Trip reports and photos from Great Falls, Virginia; Carderock, Maryland; Seneca Rocks, West Virginia; and the Gunks, New York. Bouldering information for Carderock, Maryland.

Photos, primarily from New River Gorge, West Virginia; and Colorado.

 Paulin, Ari
A list of and information on the highest mountains in the world. Grading systems from around the world compared. Unlabeled rock and ice climbing photos.

 Pavel, L.
Climbing in Alaska on Mt.McKinley. Also canyoneering in Utah.

Pictures from Red Rocks and Owens River Gorge. Some beta on climbs there and at Tuolumne Meadows, Castle Rock and Mt. St. Helena.

 Perez, Jason
Photos and trip reports from Hueco Tanks, Texas; Mt. Rainier, Washington; the Gunks, New York; and Enchanted Rock, Texas.

 Peters, Geoff
Photos from hillwalking and climbing, mainly in Wales and Scotland.

 Peterson, John
Beta on climbing in Connecticut and the Gunks. Topos for Ragged Mountain Main Cliff and Small Cliff. Trip reports for Red Rocks; various spots in Utah; Mount Robson, Canada; various spots in Colorado; Joshua Tree; Smith Rock; Stone Mountain, NC; various

Photos of hiking and climbing in the mountains of Switzerland.

 Podemski, Edwina and Wood, Chris
Photos from rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering in various Canadian locales including Mt. Joffre; Mt. Andromeda; and Cougar Canyon.

 Pogue, Kevin
Information on climbing areas near Walla Walla, Washington; A guide to Spring Mountain, Oregon. Information on Whitman College's climbing wall. Photos from Red River Gorge; City of Rocks, Idaho; and Frenchman Coulee, Washington. A quick time movie with

 Presho, Scott
Photos and descriptions of selected climbs in the Washington Cascades.

 Prinz, Ulrich
Photos and trip reports from rock climbing in Chamonix and the Verdon, France; and mountaineering in France and Peru. Instructions for modifying a Gri-Gri for soloing, including photos.

 Pritchard, Paul
About the climber and author. Includes future plans, biography, and appearance schedule.

Photos from Seneca Rocks, West Virginia; Queen's Creek, Arizona; and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.

Contains a history of the climbs the author has done and some photos.

 Read, Jon
UK climbing news. A graded list of grit routes E5 and above, including beta. "True Climbing Horror Stories" from the UK. Topos and guides for Crag Y, Leicestershire; Trossach Boulders; The Salmon Slab at Bamford; and Aberdeen. Photos from the UK, Fran

 Redfield, T. F.
An article on mountaineering in Antartica. Photos and a trip report from Yosemite, California.

 Reynolds, Steve
Guides and information on climbing in southern Australia.

 Ripley, Vaughn
Jargon dictionary. Book and video reviews. Suggested workout routine. Journal.

 Robert, Alain
About the climber known for scaling buildings and other man made structures. His future plans, past ascents, and relations with the law. Photos.

 Robertson, Matt
Trip reports of climbing and hiking in the Pacific Northwest

 Rock Lizard
Photos and trip report from Grand Teton, Wyoming; photos from Mount Rainier, Washington; as well as of local crags in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

 RockJock & CliffHanger
Unlabelled photos.

 RockMonkey Climbing UK
Advice for beginners and photos.

 Rokklym, Chad
Information on Wisconsin bouldering and climbing areas plus Barn Bluff, Minnesota; Taylors Falls, Minnesota; and Wild Iowa, Iowa. Photos from the New River Gorge, West Virginia; Red River Gorge, Kentucky; Little River Canyon, Alabama; Virgin River Gorge,

 Rooselaer, Hans
Trip report and photos from Arolla, Switzerland.

 Rosenberg, Amy
Trip reports and photos from Seneca, West Virginia; Mt. Washington, New Hampshire; and Annapolis Rocks, Maryland.

 Rout, Shayma Prasad
Photographs of Mount Nandakot in the Himalayas.

 Ryan, Jesse
Photographs from Smith Rock; Joshua Tree; Mt. Rainer; Mt. Hood, Oregon; various spots in Colorado.

 S., Ian
A guide to The Cuillin of Skye. Information, routes, and photos for walkers and climbers.

 Saltar, Mark (Armchair Mountaineer)
Trip report from Mount Collon, Switzerland. Photos.

 Sandelin, Erik
Trip reports and photos from Joshua Tree, California; Denali, Alaska; Yosemite, Califonria; and the Needles, South Dakota.

 Savoye, Rob
Photos of rock and ice climbing, primarily from Colorado, US. Information on climbing areas around Baltimore, Maryland.

 Schryer, Gordon and Tracy
Guide to climbing at Marymoor Park, Washington. Trip reports and photos from Joshua Tree, California; Yosemite, California; and mountaineering and backcountry skiing at various locations in the Pacific Northwest.

 Schutlz, Madeleine
Aid climbing and peak bagging trip reports from Yosemite; Tuolumne Meadows; Mexico; Colorado; Red Rocks; Zion.

Story of the author's father's climbing accident. Photos.

 Scott, Chic
Mountaineering, skiing, and climbing information and history, as well as photographs from around the world and information on his slide shows.

 Sheer 7
Account, photos, and videos of a British team's ascent of Low's Gully Wall on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. [Requires Flash.]

 Shen, Linda
Pictures from Goodrich Piannacle and Iris Slab, Rock Creek, California.

 Shields, Justin
Trip reports from Yosemite, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; Canona Tajo, Mexico; and Consumnes River Gorge. Pictures from those and the Sierra Nevada; Joshua Tree, California; Tuolumne Meadows, California; Calveras Dome, California; Pinnacles, and Courtw

 Sibiu Climb
Photos from rock climbing and mountaineering in Sibiu, Romania.

 Sidel, Phil
Trip reports and photos, primarily from Seneca, West Virginia.

 Sillence, David (Rockfanatics)
Photos from the Lakes District, UK. Story about participating in an AMA competition.

 Simpson, Cameron
Technique tips from Tony Bubb, originally posted to rec.climbing.

 Sitch, William
Trip reports and photos from Gatineau Hills, Quebec.

 Skidly, Mark
Trip report from Joshua Tree, California. Information on climbing at Joshua Tree, California; and Suicide, California.

 Slaght, Jordan
Pictures from Smith Rock, Red Rocks, and bouldering in France.

 Smith, Cameron McPherson
Features the online book: Technical Alpine Climbing for Two-Person Teams. Pictures and stories from Yosemite, Red Rocks, and Squamish. Alpine trip reports, pictures, and tips.

 Soles, Clyde
Photos of Gasherbrum II, El Capitan, and the Haute Route in Chamonix. Information on the author's book "Gear".

 Solmssen, Hans
Information on climbing in the Alps. Trip reports and photos. Author is a guide in Switzerland.

 Spiekerman, Chuck
Trip reports and photos from Red Rocks, Nevada; Devil's Tower, Wyoming; and Squamish, Canada. "Best of rec.climbing" entries.

 Spinosa, Rob (
Mountaineering trip reports and photos from Aconcagua, Argentina; Pico de Orizaba, Mexico; Mt. Rainier, Washington; Mt. Whitney, California; Mt. Shasta, California and other peaks in the 3000m to 6000m range.

 Stanton, Michael
Photos and trip reports from hiking and climbing in the Pacific Northwest plus climbing at Smith Rock, Oregon; Yosemite, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; Index, Washington; City of Rocks, Idaho.

 Steffins, Gary (ClimbMonkey)
Photos from Sand Rock, Alabama; Lost Wall, Georgia; Foster Falls, Tennessee; and Currahee, Georgia; and Moab, Utah.

 Steinmetz, Peter
Grade index to the climbs listed in Devil's Tower National Monument: A Climber's Guide by Steve Gardiner and Dick Guilmette. Index to climbs featured in Selected Climbs in the Cascades by Jim Nelson & Peter Potterfield.

 Stephens, Dave
Trip reports and photos from alpine climbing in the Canadian Rockies and Mount Rainier; and ice climbing and scrambles in the Canadian Rockies.

 Stern, Ilana
Photos from various areas in Wyoming and Colorado.

 Stillman Family
Photos from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; Torreys Peak, Colorado; and Taylor's Falls, Minnesota.

 Storrick, Gary
Photos and information from the author's collection of rappelling, ascending and belay devices.

 Straka, Bill
Trip report and photos from an ascent of Denali, Alaska.

 Swerbenski, Bill a.k.a. Swerbo
Climbing related headlines filtered from over 1,500 news sources. Pictures and accounts of climbing in Yosemite and Thailand.

 Takabe, Kenneth
Trip reports and photos from the Canadian Rockies. Information on climbing in the Rockies.

 Takeda, Pete
Climbing resume. Photos. Previously published articles.

 Tales From The Mountainside
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; and the United Kingdom.

 Terra Incognito
Trip report and photos from alpine climbing in Norway.

 The Big Love Climbing Crew
Photos and history of this United Kingdom-based group of friends. Includes memorial to group member Andrew James Wells.

 Thiessen, Jeremy
Photos and trip reports from Mount Hood, Oregon and Mount Adams, Washington.

Information and photos on mountain climbing in Korea and Australia.

 Timofeyev, Ilya
Photos from New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington. Text is mixed English and Russian.

 Tokyo Bill
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; the Dolomites, Italy; the Gunks, New York; and various crags in Japan.

 Tower, Dean
Photos from Tahquitz, California; Suicide, California; Joshua Tree, California; and the Sierra.

 Traddaddy's Outdoors
Trip reports and photos from Seneca, West Virginia; and Torrey's Peak, Colorado.

 Trebisky, Tom
Information for beginners. Recommended routes for various crags near Tucson, Arizona.

 Turner, Keith
Maps and information on rock and ice climbing in the Reno, Nevada; and Lake Tahoe areas. Rules for a Reno-based bouldering league. Site attempts to install Internet Explorer Gradient Control.

 Vachon, Chris (Shooting Sevens)
About his attempt to become the youngest person to scale the Seven Summits. Includes biography, schedule, and information about the Seven Summits.

 Valdez, Samuel
Trip reports from El Dorado, Colorado; and Yosemite, California.

 Varchavskaia, Paulina
Trip reports and photos from the Gunks, NY; and Rumney, New Hampshire.

 Verniers, Kristof
Pictures from the French Alps.

 Viesturs, Ed
About the climber, his expeditions, and his experiences with IMAX Everest and Vertical Limit. Photos. Discussion forum and mailing list.

 Virdee, Davy
Photos from Ben Nevis, UK; the French Alps; and various other spots throughout the UK and France.

 Ware, Brent
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; the Needles, California; Colorado; Beta for big walls: Zodiac, Yosemite; Moonlight Buttress, Zion; and Lunar Ecstasy, Zion.

 Weaver, Chris
Dr. Ascii's Text LabASCII drawings from rec.climbing. Climbing film reviews. Trip reports and information from Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. Pictures from various spots in Arizona; Hueco Tanks; Yosemite.

 Weihenmayer, Erik
About the blind climber and his speaking engagements. Excerpt from his book. Video of his Everest summit

 Weinert, Joe
Trip report and photos from Mount Rainier, Washington.

 Wendling, Matt
Pictures from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Wyoming, and Utah. Also El Potrero Chico, Mexico.

 Whitehouse, Drew
Quicktime movie of George Fieg on the first ascent of a new route in Australia. Photos from Thailand; spots in Australia including the Blue Mountains, Arapiles, and the Grampians; and an inside wall.

 Whittaker, Jim
Photos and descriptions of his Everest expeditions plus schedule of upcoming presentations.

 Widmer, Nicolas
Photos from the Swiss Alps.

 Wilcoxson, Logan
Rock and ice climbing photos, primarily from Colorado.

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 Willerup Brothers
Trip reports from around the world, log files, pictures, some location beta. Features Mexico, the UK, Chamonix, and Joshua Tree.

 Williams, Ant
A rock climber and mountaineer who photographs and writes about his favourite sport. Includes photographic themes, a gallery of favourite photographs, and a collection of articles on rock climbing.

 Williams, Gail
Account with photos of the author's father's childhood in the Palisades and mountaineering in the 1960's.

 Wilson, David
Photos and trip report for Longs Peak, Colorado.

 Woods Family
Photos from Mineral Wells State Park, Texas; New River Gorge, West Virginia; Lumpy Ridge, Colorado; and other Colorado crags. Trip reports from competitions their children have entered.

 Wright, Bill
Trip reports from Yosemite, Colorado and Utah.

 Wuite, Jan
Trip reports and photos from Alpamayo, Peru; Aconcagua, Argentina; Elbrus, Russia; and Yosemite, California.

 Wyman, Doug
Photos from Index, Washington; and Leavenworth, Washington.

 Yamaguchi, Yuuko
Information about mailing lists, forums, mountaineering clubs, gear shops, and climbing gyms in or about Japan. A cross-reference between the Alpine Club's guide books, Mont Blanc MassifSelected Climbs (1990 and 1991) and Gaston Rebuffat's book, Mont Bla

 Young, Indi
Trip reports from Pinnacles, California; Joshua Tree, California; and Yosemite, California.

 Young, Nate (Crux Photo)
Climbing photography and landscape shots.

 Yukish, Mike
Map for Bellefonte Quarries, Pennsylvania. Collection of safety-related posts from rec.climbing.

Trip reports and photos from Seneca, West Virginia; Yosemite, California; Cirque of Towers in Wyoming; and caving in Kentucky.