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 A-Z of the Arabian Camel
Comprehensive information about a camels behavior, normal body temperature, color, height, hump, and life span.

 A-Z of the Arabian Camel
More information about camels.

 Ajax Camels
Breeder of Bactrian camels offering for sale a rare white male Bactrian. Located in Dolores, Colorado, USA.

 Australian Camel
Australian Outback camel safaris and industry information.

Basic information on both the Dromedary and the Bactrain camels.

 Camels breeding
Our livestock company CAMELLO FATAGA S.L. is dedicated to breeding dromedaries (Camelus dromedarios). Our camels reside on the islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura which belong to the Canary Island's archipelago off the African coast.

 Camels: Ships of the Desert
Introductory information on camels from a second grade class.

Information about Arabian camels, camel anatomy, and its relationship with humans.

 Moseley Camel Farm
Breeders of bcatrian and hybrid camels. Stud services and special events available. Located in Richardson, Texas.

 Oasis Camel Dairy
The first camel dairy in the United States. Camel milk is nutritious and delicious, non allergic and high in Vitamin C and insulin. Also offering camel rides, nativities, and camels for sale.

 Robert Baker's Bactrian Camels
Breeders with a herd of eight female Bactrian Camels and one large male. Located in Spokane, Washington, USA.

 Skyddan Camel Information
Comprehensive camel resource site and future home of dromedary camels.

 Sultan Arthur's Sanctuary
Directory of camel related topics. Includes information on the breed and history, and King Arthur, who was a Camel lover. Sahara.

 The Stables Yanchep
Camel rides and treks along the coast north of Perth. Courtesy bus available for tourists.

 US Camel Fiber Collective
Woven, knitted and felted garments and other products made from US-produced camel fiber. Camel information, events and links.