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 Accord Software and Systems
Offering GPS receiver products and software engineering services as well as customization of GPS receivers as per client requirements.

 Address to GPS Coordinate Converter
Web application to determine the GPS coordinates of addresses in the United States and Canada. Produces a printable page with adjacent map.

 All Star GPS
Discount retailer of the NeoGPS receiver and NaviRover software navigation system for laptop, notebook, pda or pocket pc.

 Australian Global Positioning Systems Society
A free membership society to bring together the delegates, sponsors, and exhibitors for the Satellite Navigation Conference and to foster, develop, and assist the Global Positioning System disciplines.

 Beijing UniStrong Science and Technology
Provides GPS receivers, antennas and related accessories including mapping software.

 Bellco Sales
Global positioning systems, accessories and support software including products for marine applications.

 Cetus GPS
Navigation, tracking and field data collection software for PalmOS handhelds.

 Chartracer Software
Cartographic Software is for making moving maps on which GPS data from a serial port are plotted. Data are tracked remotely via CDPD modems and internet sites.

 CommLinx Solutions
Specializing in the development of GPS and communications systems.

 CommSystems Intermountain
Source for global positioning system accessories, software and equipment.

GPS products and services for performance tracking of outdoor training and competition events.

 Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc.
GPS/GIS field equipment, software, and training.

 CTI Vehicle Tracking
GPS-based vehicle tracking systems.

 DataGrid GPS
Geo-ID GPS/GIS datacollectors store input data from three external sensors (standard) using serial or analogue input, and store the data alongside GPS positions with meter range of centimeter range accuracies.

 David L. Wilson's GPS Accuracy Web Page
Global Positioning System Accuracy

 DestinatorPersonal GPS Navigation Systems
Fully featured mobile GPS navigation system for handheld computing platforms.

 Donawald Enterprises Outdoor World
Vendor of various manufacturers GPS products.

 Earth Vector Systems
Manufacturer's representative for Trimble Navigation, featuring high-accuracy Global Positioning Systems, computers, software and related equipment. Services include sales, rentals, training, technical support and equipment repair.

 Emily Programme
A system study researching the coupling of terrestrial positioning and the satellite-based positioning.

 ExpertGPS Mapping Software
GPS mapping software for Windows with USGS topo maps and aerial photos. Works with Garmin, Magellan and Lowrance GPS systems.

Garmin GPS Systems including receivers, software and accessories with free shipping.

Suite of data services that brings together the new Earth science products to be produced by spaceborne Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. It serves mainly as a database for GPS occultation observations.

Products include the Geode (GPS SpringBoard module for Handspring Visor), GeoView Web software for internet, GeoView Mobile for Palm OS, and GeoDiscovery Content Library. Combines internet technology, handheld computing, and global positioning systems. On

 GeoFocus, Inc.
Specializes in GIS and GPS solutions to vehicle tracking, agriculture, and other applications.

 GeoPlane Services
GPS sales and rental equipment for the survey and mapping industries.

 George E. Delahay and Son
Sole United Kingdom importer of Lowrance Avionics Airmap GPS.

 GIS Services
Specializes in ArcView GIS training and provides commodities, services and training for implementing and integrating solutions with GIS, GPS, AVL, internet mapping and satellite imagery.

 Global Locate, Inc.
Global positioning systems (GPS) services for the wireless industry.

 Global Mapping Services
GPS surveying consultant based in Williams Lake, BC, Canada specializing in centimetre-level GPS surveying and digital mapping services for a variety of applications.

 Global Positioning System Tables For Cars & Trucks.
Global Positioning System table for cars. Hold laptop running GPS mapping software. Fits on vehicle center console.

 Global Utility Mapping Systems
Provide location mapping software, hardware and global positioning systems to broad range of industries for companies who require rapid response together with economical operations for their in field personnel.
Prices, photographs and details of GPS systems for outdoor recreation. Features general GPS information and a glossary of technical terms.

Manufacturer of navigation receivers, GPS, GLONASS, EGNOS, WAAS and antennae for marine, vehicular, and portable use including PPS, RAIM, AGC, synchronization, satellite and technology transfer.

 GPS Applications Exchange
GPS technology usage world-wide is featured. GPS application stories are accessed by geographic regions. GPS tutorials are available to enhance understanding.

 GPS by Globespotter
GPS education, news, hardware, software, and links. Digital mapping.

 GPS Central (Canada)
Online shopping for recreational, automotive and marine GPS receivers and accessories.

 GPS Clocks for Computer Time Synchronization
Learn about how to use GPS for computer time synchronization. We offer a GPSClock (for computer use) that's accurate to a millionth of a second. Ideal for running a stratum one NTP server.

 GPS Control Base Station on Internet
GPS Base Stations located in New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea. Download GPS data files for $40-$70 per day.

 GPS Deformation Monitoring
Objective is the development of a system for rapid and inexpensive monitoring of unstable slopes, such as pit walls, earthrock slopes and dam walls using global satellite positioning technology.

 GPS Discount
Line of Garmin and Magellan GPS systems, including color maps, street finders, and mapping software.

 GPS Discounts for Educators
GPS special pricing for Trimble GeoExplorer 3 and ProXR/XRS educator kits. GPS education and training courses. Tutorials to learn about the GPS system. GPS consulting and course development.

 GPS GIS Systems Intergrator
Design tracking and notification systems that are used in conjunction with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Integrate GPS technology, digital mapping, and wireless communications and customized computer software. This winning combination provi

 GPS Kwajalein
GPS Ground Station on Kwajalein Island, photographs of the island and site. Links to others GPS sites.

 GPS Navigator Adventure Magazine
Online place for learning what GPS is, how to use a GPS receiver unit and share stories with fellow users.

 GPS Precise Orbits
Global Positioning System satellite ephemerides ("orbits") information for the general public, from US NOAA. GPS precise orbits are derived using 24 hour data segments from the global GPS network. An informational summary file is provided to document the

 GPS Products
Provider of GPS Products (global positioning system) for commercial, government and special interest groups.

 GPS Site from Univ of Texas
Global positioning system overview and bibliography.

 GPS Source
GPS Source specializes in GPS signal amplification, repeating, splitting, networking, and filtering.

 GPS Status Information from US Naval Observatory
Via ftp.

 GPS Systems Direct
Offers global positioning systems, and GPS accessories from Magellan, Garmin, Furuno,and Raytheon.

 GPS technologyNovAtel Inc.
NovAtel Inc. GPS products are used principally for applications in high-end markets such as surveying, geographic information systems, aviation, marine, mining, and machine control. Products determine precise geographic locations using the Global Positio

 GPS WarehouseSupplier of Global Positioning Systems
GPS related products for navigation and tracking, recreational, automobile, marine, aviation, professional and OEM.

 GPS World Supply
Extensive selection of Garmin products and accessories.
Garmin GPS authorized for dealer handheld receivers, global positioning systems, accessories and software for map upgrades. Portal
Site with product information, etrex updates and a collection of links and articles about GPS.
Retail recreational GPS receivers and accessories by Garmin, Magellan and Lowrance with extensive product information and comparisons. Topographic mapping software.

GPS information, products and maps for Australian users.

 Halltech Atmospheric Systems
Provide Global Positioning Systems (GPS), navigational electronics, and satellite communications systems for those involved in marine, terrestrial and airborne research.

 Highflight Aviation Training
Offering "Ultimate GPSThe Seminar", an intensive 2-day GPS navigation class for pilots, held in various locations throughout the United States.

GPS vehicle tracking system personal security products for companies or individuals.

 Hyperbolic Positioning Algorithm
An algorithm for obtaining an exact solution for the three dimensional location of a mobile given the locations of four fixed stations (like a GPS satellite or a base station in a cell) and the signal time of arrival (TOA) from the mobile to each statio

 Integrated GPS Technologies, Inc.
Supply a range of GPS/GIS hardware and software for geodetic surveying, mapping, and navigation. Includes technical papers, software downloads, and product applications.

 Internet-based Global Differential GPS
C-language software package for GPS-based real-time positioning and orbit determination. Includes system overview, technical papers, and a live demo .

 Kuhagen, Inc.
Global Utility Tracking Systems ("GUTS") provides utility, pipeline, locating, and construction companies with global technology in monitoring, patrolling and protecting facilities anywhere in the world.

 Lowe Electronics
Global Positioning System products including antennas and software. Dealer for Garmin and others.

 Lowrance Australia
Exclusive Australian distributor of Lowrance sonar mapping and global positioning system electronic instruments for marine outdoor and aviation navigation.

 Manning NavComp
Developers of RASTRAC software, and integrators of systems for management of mobile assets and vehicle tracking. Product pictures, descriptions and FAQ. Dealer locator.

 MCS Vehicle Systems
Offering GPS vehicle tracking and navigation systems.

 Mehaffey and Yeazel's GPS Information
Dozens of reviews and technical articles on GPS receivers and software, and a huge list of GPS links.

 Mercator, Inc. GPS Rentals and Sales
GPS systems rentals and sales serving users world-wide especially for the survey industry. System pictures, descriptions and pricing.

 Mobile Knowledge
Offers advanced semiconductor technology knowledge. GPS products include antennas, modules and design kits.

 Moore Associates
GPS receiver performance analysis software for most manufacturers receivers and data formats.

 NAVICOM Co., Ltd.
Provides GPS solutions and telecommunication solutions.

 Navtech Seminars and GPS Supply
Specializes in GPS related training and educational seminars, books, software, and equipment

 New Century Software, Inc.
Provides an online facility to automatically differentially correct Trimble SSF files and convert GPS data into usable GIS data.

 Newpoint Gear
GPS equipment, outdoor gear and a custom line of clothing.

 Northern Navigation
Sells precision GPS-based farming equipment including Starlink and Ag Leader DGPS receivers, yield monitors, mapping and guidance systems, and software.

Worldwide differential global positioning systems with many widely-spaced base stations for multi-site solutions. Maps and descriptions of service regions, technical information and pricing.

 Outdoor Gear Reviews
GPS receiver comparisons.

 Palm Computing Center Lausanne
GPS systems for Palm OS PDA and PocketPC handhelds with MapViewer maps for both systems.

 Pharos GPS Navigation Solutions
Provider of GPS navigation, positioning, and telematics solutions for the PDA market.

 Planet GPS
GPS Receivers and accessories by Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance and other manufacturers on offer.

 Positioning Resources
Software which allows users to take GIS maps out into the field and create accurate, geographically referenced records on the spot.

 Richmond Systems Limited
CMT brand GPS equipment sales, rentals, and repairs.

 Rikaline Marketing
Offering a variety of GPS products including handhelds, receivers, tracking systems and fleet management solutions.

 RLA GeoSystems
Source for GPS information and training. Trimble ProXRS and GeoExplorer3 receivers, top 10 websites, GPS for educators and free help.

 Satellite Navigation and Positioning Group (SNAP)
SNAP is Australia's largest academic GPS research group specialising in high precision GPS technology and applications.

 Septentrio Satellite Navigation
Dual frequency GPS & GLONASS, as well as EGNOS, WAAS and MSAT based on an in-house single baseband processor.

Manufacturer of GPS chips designed for integration for a variety of navigation products and applications.

 Skywave Marine Services and Electronics
Suppliers of marine radios, gps navigators and communication services, and second hand equipment.

 Spirit GPS/GLONASS Technology Licensing
Licenses GPS and GLONASS technologies to GPS vendors.

 Starlink DGPS
Differential GPS equipment for marine navigation, precision farming, crop spraying systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and aerial navigation.

 Stone Technologies
Global positioning systems, security and fire alarms. Electronic engineering, custom design, development and manufacturing. Authorized dealer for GPS equipment.

Specializes in telematics and GPS location technologies.

 Teletype UK
Teletype is one of the leading UK manufacturers of portable GPS equipment.

 The Global Positioning System: The History of GPS
The history and story of how the Global Positioning System evolved from the development of the world's most accurate timepieces, atomic clocks, by physicists looking into the nature of time. Adapted from an article written by MIT scientist Daniel Kleppne

 The GPS Store
Offers Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, Philips, and Delorme GPS products. Worldwide shipping.

 The GPS Waypoint Base
Non-commercial project allowing the collection or submission of GPS waypoints.

 Timing Technology Inc.
GPS Time & Frequency Systems,GPS Engines,GPS Timing Boards,atomic oscillators,timing technologies.

 Topografix: 1.6 Million US Waypoints
GPS software and database of 1.6 million waypoints for Garmin and Magellan GPS receivers. Software may be downloaded for free evaluation.

 Travel by GPS
Downloadable free GPS maps for travel adventures, self-guided tours, and outdoor activities. Map data includes waypoints and routes for use with handheld GPS and car navigation systems.

TravRoute's division of ALK Associates, Inc. manufactures products that deliver turn-by-turn directions, real-time mapping, and real-time travel information to vehicles so drivers always know exactly where they're going.

 Trimble GPS Systems
Trimble's GeoExplorer 3, ProXR, ProXRS, and TerraSync are described here to aid your purchase decision. ?We advise you on the best GPS for your application.

 TVP Positioning AB
Manufacturers of tracking and positioning equipment. Small GPS units at 70 grams and GPS collars from 120 grams are used for wildlife management.

 USCG Navigation Center
GPS, DGPS, LORAN-C, OMEGA, navigation systems, GPS navigation, DGPS navigation.

 Video Mapper
Portable, rapid acquisition system providing GPS positioned data together with annotated, geo-referenced digital images.

 Waypoint Database
A database of geographical waypoint information and utilities for GPS/GIS users.

 Western Data Systems
GPS rentals and sales, including used demo units for sale.

 Wing Way Systems
Navigation-Wonder, a shareware GPS mapping navigation software including voice response system [Windows].

 Yoas Services
Garmin GPS systems and accessories as well as USGS topographic maps, DeLorme atlases and 3-D map software.