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Aviation VFR and IFR Charts. Sectional and Terminal Charts. NOS Low Altitude Enroute Charts and Approach Plates.

 Aviation Formulary
Introduction to the mathematical processes used in navigation including great circle navigation theory.

 Aviator's Guide to GPS
Get a feel for using digital readout and moving-map GPS receivers with this book's unique, fully illustrated examples that is devoted solely to GPS navigation.

 CansoCivil Air Navigation Services Organisation
Exists to ensure the provision of air navigation services for civil aviation communities worldwide.

 Ed Williams' Aviation Page
Formulas and on line calculators for aviation navigation.

 Flight Plan Information
Provides online flight planning and submission. Includes flight navigation log (printable)for generation of computed flight plans, Java applets for the calculation of wind correction and ground speed, mass and balance, density altitude, flight level, cros

 Fugro SeaSTAR
Differential GPS for oceangoing vessels.

 FW Satellite Beacons
Global positioning satellite beacon for tracking and retrieval of longline fishing gear. Transmits latitude and longitude, water temperature and battery condition to fishing vessel.

 Handheld GPS in the Cockpit
Information on using hand held GPS units in the cockpit addressing issues such as navigation, aviation vs. non-aviation units, where to get waypoints and other relevant topics.

 Jeppesen Folding VFR Navigation Plotter
A full-sized plotter that tri-folds into shirt-pocket size that features a course line that extends the entire length so you can measure true course from lines of latitude or longitude on the chart. Includes scales for WAC, Sectional and TCA charts calibr

 Joe's Navigation Course
Aeronautical navigation lessons for a beginner. Provides the lessons with graphics. Available in Dutch and English.

 Marine Electronics
Retailer of marine electronics including GPS, DGPS, SDGPS, chartplotters, navigation software, radar, echo sounders, autopilots, instruments and marine communications.

 Nav Canada
Provides navigation services like air traffic control, weather information and many other services.

Suppliers of GPS units, fishfinders and GPS chart plotters, vehicle tracking and navigation devices .

 Pacific Coast Avionics.
Authorized avionics distributor of GPS, autopilot, and other aircraft instruments.

 Penguin Air Electronic AFD and Planning
Source for the electronic Airport Facility Directory, approach plates, the FARs and the AIM.

 Porcine Associates
Couplers that allow connection of hand-held or panel-mounted GPS receiver to autopilot. Follow a GPS course or hold a heading.

Flight planning for the private & student pilot made easy. QuDieM Navigator wind computer and free on-line aircraft bookings.

 Royal Institute of Navigation
If you have an interest in navigation in its broadest termsfrom aircraft Cat III landings though sailing for pleasure to orientation strategies with young children, then you should consider membership of the RIN.

Overlays GPS data onto your video images from underwater or surveillance cameras for viewing or recording in real-time. Fields displayed include LAT, LON, SOG, COG, GMT Date and Time.

 Starlink Incorporated
Designs and manufactures GPS receivers, antennas, amplifiers, software, and data collection systems.

 The Institute of Navigation
Non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of navigation.

 U.S. Sectional Maps On-Line
Aviation Sectional maps for educational purposes. Not to be used for flight planning or in-flight navigation.

 UPS Aviation Technologies
Offers the APOLLO line of advanced GPS navigation and communication solutions.