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 103 Search and Rescue Squadron, RCAF
Based in Gander, Newfoundland. Includes overview, history, and contact information.

 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron, RCAF
Based in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Includes history, overview, contact information, and store.

 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron, RCAF
Based in Astra, Ontario. Includes history, overview, and contact information.

 43rd Virginia Volunteer Airborne Search and Rescue
Includes mission, training, operations, funding, and awards.

 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron, RCAF
Includes history, overview, store, and contact information. Based in Lazo, British Columbia.

 Alaska Air National Guard, 210th Rescue Squadron
Includes history, mission statement, equipment, missions, and pictures.

 California Air National Guard, 129th Rescue Wing
Includes overview, history, people, contact information, pictures, and alumni.

 London Air Patrol
Providing search and rescue support for southern Ontario. Includes calendar of events, photo album, operations overview, and contact information.

 New York Air National Guard, 106th Rescue Wing
Includes organization, mission, history, recruiting, and news.

 Washington Air Search and Rescue
Volunteers supporting Air Search and Rescue activities in Washington State. Includes overview, how to help, and news.