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 US State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs
</td></tr><tr><td height=20 width=4% valign=top><img src='/images/a2.gif'> </td><td height=20 width=96%><font face=verdana size=1><A HREF=A Rush Passport and Visa Services.
Services include United States passports and birth certificates; and foreign visas.

 Accelerated Passport Services
United States passport expediting service, a division of the ZVS Travel Group. Offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and New York.

 Advanced Australia Visas
Perth based specialists in immigration to Australia.

 Affordable Passport Services
Specializing in helping Americans to acquire passports.

 All American Passports
United States passport service based in Miami, Florida.

 American Birth Certificate
Specializing in helping Americans to acquire copies of their United States birth certificates. Passport service is also available. Based in Texas.

 American Citizen Services
Provides visa information for Canadian applicants, as well as consular services and tips for travelers.

 American Passport Express
Services, information and government forms to help you to acquire your United States passport.

 Aurora Quality International
An Australian Agency for Visas and Migration

 Australian Immigration & Citizenship Law Advisers
Migration consultants with offices in Sydney and Perth.

 Australian Immigration and Visa Assistnce
Australia Visa application and Australia Travel made easy. Offers cost effective and simplified Australian immigration visa by providing efficient immigration services

 Australian Labour Market Services
Skills assessment and recognition services through issuing national recognized qualifications in Australia, with specialist expertise in migrant skills.

 Australian Visas
Issues visas for short stays up to three months. Includes visitor and business visas and downloadable forms.

 Australian Visas online
Travel visas for stays up to 3 months for tourist or business visitors to Australia. Applications can be made on the site.

 Ausvisasfastrack Visa services for Australia
Tourist and Business Visas approved in minutes by the Australian Government. Apply securely on-line by credit card.

 Birth Certificate Passports
Obtain a copy of your birth certificate and file for a passport online.

Get a copy of your U.S. Birth Certificate. Information is provided for every state.

 Brazil Visa Service
Assistance with obtaining business, tourist and cultural passport visas through the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago for individuals and groups traveling to Brazil.

 Brazil Visas Expediting Service
Assists travelers in obtaining necessary travel documents such as passports and visas. Specialize in solving problems with securing visas to countries such as Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey and Kenya. Download Brazil visa applications and requirement

 Capitol Visa Services
Passport and visa expeditor in Washington D.C. will hand-carry visa application to the embassy. Specializing in former USSR and Eastern Europe.

Assisting American travelers to obtain passports, foreign visas, international drivers licenses, birth certificates and other documents.

 Consular Directorate of the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affair
Passports for Singapore citizens and visas for foreigners. Topics include passports, foreign missions in Singapore and travel tips.

 Crew Passports
Provides an expediting service for United States passportsfor airline flight crews. Track the status of a passport online.
Immigration and visa services for Cuba. Advice on immigration and customs regulations as well as entrance and exit procedures.

 Deluxe Passport Express
Passport service that includes new passports, passport renewal, name changes, lost or stolen passports and passports for children.

 Dolphin Migration Services Australia
Registered migration agents helping skilled and business people migrate to Australia.

 Express Visa Service
Assisting American travelers to obtain passports and foreign visas. Offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

 EZ Birth Certificate
Apply to receive a copy of your U.S. Birth Certificate or U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Visa service for tourist and business visitors.
Fill out your United States passport application online then just print, sign and mail it. There is a fee for this service.

 Free Movement of Persons within European Union
Official EU site explaining rules for movement of EU citizens and third-country nationals within EU.

 G3 Visas and Passports
Assisting American travelers to obtain United States passports, foreign visas and document authentications. Specializing in travel to China, Russia and Vietnam. Based in Chicago.

 GCC Agency
Providing visas and work permits for the Czech. Republic. Assistance in obtaining residence permits as well as home and real estate services.

 Global Immigration Services
Customised migration advice for companies and individuals. Offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

 Global Passport
Helping American travelers to obtain United States passports and foreign visas. Specializing in visas for Brazil. Based in Miami.

 Go MatildaYour Gateway to Australia
A visa, tax and migration consultancy offering advice to those moving to Australia.

 Graduates Hotline
Information about student visas to study in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

 Hamilton Watts
Migration and corporate visa services for temporary or permanent entry to Australia of executives and other professionals. Branches in Melbourne and Sydney.

 How Stuff Works: Passport
Explains when and why you need a passport, and offers tips on how to apply for one.

 Immigration Australia
Australian immigration advice.

 Immigration Australia
Migration consultation and eligibility assessment.

 Immigration Solutions
Australian immigration lawyers & migration consultants offering services in family migration, student visas, business skilled migration and all work visas. Includes an online chat service.

 Instant Passport
Assisting American travelers to obtain United States passports and foreign visas. Based in Rhode Island.

 International Business & Introduction brokers
International Business & Introduction brokers are Registered Migration Agents of Australia with a focus on skilled and business migration, we also assist with State Government sponsorship for Tradespeople and other skilled workers.

 International Visa Service
Americans and non-Americans residing in the United States are offered assistance in the acquisition of passports, visas and other documents. Based in Atlanta.

 It's Easy Passport
For all your passport and visa needs.

 LLB ConsultancyHong Kong Immigration Guide
Hong Kong Visa and Immigration Guide.

 Los Angeles Passport and Visa Service
Services include helping American travelers to obtain United States passports, foreign visas and document legalizations.

 Malaysia Online Legal Resources
Malaysian visitor, employment and student visas. Information on immigration, permanent resident status and citizenship.

 Migration Agents Registration Authority
Register of all persons giving immigration assistance in Australia.

 Migration Australia
Professional advice about migration for business and family. Specialists in business skills, family and student visas. Branches in Perth and Sydney.

 Migration Institute of Australia (MIA)
Professional organisation of the migration consultancy industry in Australia.

 Migration International Pty Ltd.
Registered migration agent. Includes information about different types of visas that are available, and advice on what to apply for.

 More Australia
Migration agents with offices in Sydney and Canberra. Free online skills assessment for independent visas available.

 National Birth Certificate
Offering a range of services: United States birth, marriage and death certificates; divorce decrees and passports.

 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
Offers information for obtaining birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates required to obtain or update a United States passport. Includes links to publications and resources.

 Overnight Passport
Specializing in helping American travelers to obtain United States passports.

An australian based migration service.

 Passport and Visa Specialists
Offers passport application, renewal, and replacement services, as well as assistance with obtaining birth certificates and international driving permits. Based in Houston, Texas.

 Passport Express
United States passport expediting service.

 Passport People
Services include United States passports and birth certificates; and foreign visas.

 Passport Visa Express
Apply for United States passports and foreign visas online.

Provides a broad range of general information for Americans planning travel abroad, including passport information.

 Passports and
Travelers are assisted in the acquisition of United States passports and foreign visas.

 Perry International
Offering to help American travelers to obtain United States passports, foreign visas and document legalizations. Based in Chicago.

 Project Visa
Comprehensive site listing tourist visa information for all countries and passport holders.

 RSS Canada Immigration
Canada's top immigration attorneys. Free assessment and consultation provided.

 So You Wanna Get a Visa?
This article explains how to decide which United States visa you need, get the application, and prepare the evidentiary support you need for a successful application.

 Speedy Visas
American travelers are offered assistance in the acquisition of foreign visas and United States passports.

 Synchronicity One
Immigration and real estate investment consultancy.

 Texas Tower Passport and Visa Services
Services include United States passports and birth certificates; and foreign visas. Based in Houston, Texas.

 Transit Without Visa Program (TWOV)
Report by the United States Justice Department describing this program for international transit passengers at United States Airports.

 Travco Passport and Visa Service
Americans are offered assistance to obtain passports and foreign visas. Based in New York City.

 Travel Documents Systems
Assisting Americans travelers to obtain United States passports, foreign visas. Travel information provided for most countries. Based in Washington, D.C.

 Travel the world safely with visaalert
Visaalert protects travelers from unwilling and unwitting visa overstay and saves them from costly legal and financial consequences of visa overstay

 Travel the World Visas
Rush processing of passports and visas for International Travel. Obtain certified copy of United States birth certificate and international driver's permit.

 Traveling and Immigration Preparation
Information and links regarding travel, visas, working, education, immigration and living related to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

 Travisa Passport and Visa Expeditor
United States passports and foreign visas. Offices nationwide.

 U.S. Birth
Assisting American travelers to obtain United States passports, birth certificates and international drivers licenses. Houston, Texas.

 U.S. Birth
Private service able to obtain a certified birth certificates, passports, visas, Social Security cards, Record of Birth Abroad, hunting licenses and international drivers licenses.

 U.S. Passport Bureau
Assisting Americans to obtain passports, birth certificates, foreign visas, international drivers licenses; and marriage, divorce and death certificates. Based in Austin, Texas.

 United States Ports of Entries
This Dept. of Transportation site includes the locations and other details about the ports of entries on the United States land borders.

 Urgent Passport Services
Specializing in helping Americans to acquire passports.

 US Passport Service Guide
Provides information and reviews of U.S. passport and foreign visa expeditors.

 Venezuelan Visas
Help with obtaining transient work, business, religious, investor, entrepreneur, next of kin of a Venezuelan citizen, transit and tourist visas at the Venezuelan Consulate in Miami.

 VIP Passports
Assisting American travelers to obtain passports and foreign visas.

 Visa Advisors
Americans travelers are offered assistance to obtain passports, foreign visas and document legalizations. Detailed entry requirements provided for many countries.

 Visa and Immigration to Australia
Advice about visas and immigration to Australia.

 Visa Appointment Reservation System
United States visa applicants may use this site to schedule an appointment at a United States consulate in Canada or Northern Mexico.

 VISA Obtainers
Assisting American travelers to obtain passports and foreign visas. Document legalization service is also available.

 Visa Requirements Worldwide For Hong Kong Citizens
Visa requirements information database, where to applyaddresses, telephone of consulates, what supporting documents you need for visa applications.

 Visa World
Providing visa and passport expediation for business or personal travel. Based in Virginia.

A consultancy providing services for migration to and from Australia. Offices in Brisbane and Sydney.

 Visas / ETAs for Australia
Information on visas and the Electronic Travel Authority system from the developers of the ETA and the Advance Passenger Processing systems, CPS Systems.

 Welch Law Immigration Specialists
Provides services for those wishing to immigrate to Australia as well as offering a service to facilitate quick approval.

 Zierer Visa Service
Assisting American travelers to obtain passports and foreign visas. Very extensive travel information is provided.