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Manufacturer of recreational, touring, canoe and whitewater paddles. Dealer listing.

 Atkinson Boat Company
Provides information about custom made kayak and canoe paddles. Located in Indian River, Michigan.

 Avirons Excel Paddles
Complete range of canoe and kayak paddles suitable for both beginners and experts.

 Black Bart Paddle Company
Manufacturer of graphite racing canoe paddles. Located in South Bruce Crossing, Michigan.

 Cannon Paddles
Manufacturer of recreational, touring, kayak paddles for adults and children. Includes dealer listing. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories
Design and manufacture of high-tech yokes and yoke pads for portaging. Prices listed.

 Cold Creek Canoe
Manufacturer of wooden canoe components in a variety of fixed and custom configurations. Order online.

 Custom Canoe Outriggers
Maker of detachable pontoon outriggers to stabilize your canoe. Prices listed.

 Essex Industries
Manufactures canoe seats, yokes, car carry racks, motor mounts, and other accessories. Includes product catalog of specifications and photos and company information. Located in New York.

 Eze Float Trailer
Manufacturer of lightweight, easy to handle kayak and canoe trailer.

 Hardy Products
Maker of a portable kayak cart. Also, wall storage systems for kayaks or small boats. Prices listed.

Manufactures paddling gear for canoes and kayaks.

 Knu-Pac Portaging Systems
Carry your canoe or kayak and your gear with the comfort of a backpack. Order direct.

Offers several kinds of helmets for kayakers. Dealer listing.

Polish maker of wooden oars, paddles, rowlocks, flag masts and souvenirs. Includes specifications, photos, and contact information.

 Nashwaak Paddles and Gear
Designing, building, and distributing equipment for flatwater canoeists. Prices listed. Order direct.

 Radical Gear
Manufacturers of high performance kayaking equipment including inflatable hip pads, thigh supports, a breathing tube and built-in bilge pump. Order online.

 Rainbow Designs
Manufacturer of wetsuits and other paddlewear, from neoprene hoods to zip booties. Dealer list.

 Riverside Cartop Carriers
Manufactures portable kayak and canoe carriers and accessories. Includes product description and contact information.

 Roll-Aid Safety Inc
Information on a safety tool designed to right a person if he or she flips over.

 Scary Sports
Makers of the Yak Kaddy kayak cart. Order online.

 Shred Ready
Manufacturer of helmets and safety gear for whitewater paddlers. Includes dealer listing.

 Stillwater Paddles
Maker of handcrafted paddles with a patented design. Prices listed. Order direct.

 Werner Paddles
Whitewater, and touring kayak paddles. Crafting paddles for over 30 years. List of US and Canadian dealers.