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 Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
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Aviation weather and flight planning, including forecasts, observations, weather maps, DUATS briefings, icing, and turbulence.

 Aviation Weather Center
The National Weather Service's aviation weather site with official forecast products as well as experimental products.

 Aviation Weather dot Com
The most recently observed weather conditions at airports throughout the United States.

 Base Ops
Aviation Weather for Flight Preparation with TAF Metar Sigmet Radar and Sat-pics and more.

 Data Transformation Corp DUAT
FAA's Direct User Access Terminal service provides free aviation weather and flight planning for certified pilots in the US.

 European Aviation Weather Center
Aviation weather for Europe, including forecast maps, Metar and TAF information.

 Landings: Aviation Weather
Large database of aviation specific weather links.

 METARTAF Aviation Weather Delivery Service
Send current METARs and TAFS for US airports to any email address

 Northwest Airlines Meteorology
Providing weather forecasting products for the aviation industry, including specialized turbulence and thunderstorm forecasts.

 Pilot Weather Briefing
Information for pilots, including upper level winds, turbulence, icing, thunderstorms, TAFs, and Metars.

 Pilot's Guide to Aviation Weather Services
An online brochure to help pilots use the "National Aviation Weather System."

Weather source for pilots, with aviation weather for your location, from Accuweather.

 Upper Midwest Aviation Weather
Central reference for aviation weather resources, focusing on current and forecast conditions in the upper midwest region of the US, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa.

 Weather Briefing for Pilots
Weather links to various weather information sources for pilots.

 Winds and Temperatures Aloft
By selecting one of over 160 continental cities in the U.S.A. or one of 30 cities in Alaska, you can obtain wind direction, speed, and temperature forecasts.