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 National Weather Service Doppler Radars
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Satellite images from the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia.

 C2K's WeatherPage
Images of current weather, severe weather, radar, and satellite, viewed through WxViewer.

 Dallas Remote Imaging Group
Dallas Remote Imaging Group (DRIG) provides consulting services on weather satellite imagery, satellite tracking, and the use of image acquisition and processing in education.

 Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
Dundee University, UK, maintains this up-to-date archive of images from NOAA AVHRR and SeaWiFS polar orbiting satellites for weather and oceanography. Live Doppler Radars
Links to television station radars and other radar systems throughout the U.S.

 HRPT Satellite Images
HRPT imaging, views of the solar system and the physics of the early universe.

 Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers
A NASA web site that has global infrared, visible, and water vapor satellite imagery.

 International Weather Satellite Imagery Center
A comprehensive listing of links to weather satellite images from around the world. The images are similar to and better than those on TV. The site is intended both for meteorologists and hobbyists.

 IPS MeteoStar Radar
National and local radar images and loops for the United States. Includes Base Reflectivity, Vertical Integrated Liquid and Storm Total Rainfall images.

 Landcare Research NOAA Satellite Over New Zealand
Archive of NOAA imagery over New Zealand updated four times per day with archive dating back to 1988.

 Live Weather Images
This site pulls together the best and most frequently accessed weather data on the Internet and puts it all into one easy to use site.

 Live weather radars
Links to local radar sites from all across the U.S.

 Maufox Weather and Aviation
Polar orbiting satellite imagery and aviation in Mauritius.

 Meteosat Images from the University of Ulm
Up-to-date Meteosat weather images and movies covering mostly Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean from the University of Ulm.

 NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Interactively zoom and animate weather satellite images from a variety of geostationary satellites. Features include user selectable point and click sectoring, animation, a variety of map overlays, zoom levels, and map colors.

 NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server
Satellite Images such as infrared and water vapor.

Contains the Ocean Atlas of Hawai'i, WOCE Mean Scatterometer Wind Fields, Adriatic Sea Sea Surface Temperature Images, X-SAR user kit, and an introduction to physical oceanography.

 SATPIX Meteosat Image Archive
Live Meteosat Images, updated every half-hour

 Spot Image
Distributor of satellite imagery received from optical and radar remote sensing satellites. This earth observation raster imagery is compatible with all GIS and used for example in land mapping or vegetation monitoring.

 Weather Picture Of The Day
A new picture of weather phenomena is presented daily, includes details, photo gallery, free website content, free daily picturemail, and the chance to submit your own pictures.

 Weather satellite images
Real time images from polar orbiting satellites (NOAA)and geostationary satellites (Meteosat, GOES, GMS, FY-2). Global coverage. Hurricanes and tropical storms tracking. Tutorial on the image interpretation and satellite description.

Technical help for remote weather satellite imaging by amateurs and educators with hardware and software listings, news, and links.

 WxUSA Weather Maps
U.S. weather maps with current conditions and tomorrow's forecast, as well as links to weather news and additional in-depth weather information.