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 2 Go Global
Two Atlanta lawyers quit their jobs and spent 18 months traveling through South America, Central America, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the United States in 1999-2001

 2001: A Trav and Di Odyssey
Travelogue from Brazil, North America, Europe and Asia.

 9 Years on the 7 Seas with Nor Siglar
Comprehensive site including planning, financing and surviving a circumnavigation taking 9 years and covering 84 countries and island colonies. Cost, tips, links and photos.

 Our Really Big Adventure
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Two Chicagoans quit their jobs and backpacked for 14 months across five continents and over 30 countries.

 Adrian and Katie's World Tour
Travellers' tales and photographs from a world trip in 1998. Journals, links, packing and health information.

 Adventure Notebook
Around the world adventure of Lauryn Axelrod and her 12 year-old son, Joshua. Travelogues, photographs, planning instructions and educational sections.

 Adventure Prone
Journal of stories and photos from around the world travels in 2000/2001, including biking through Latin America and motorcycling across the Middle East. Includes newsletter and message boards.

 Alki Studio - *EQ Member Discounts Available*
Travelogue Book Design and Production for expeditions of any size. Beautiful hard bound bookstore quality books with you own pictures, itinerary and comments. A Must-have keepsake for every member of your group!

 An Around the World Journal
Russel Gilbert's journal kept while traveling for 9 months through 26 countries in 19911992

 Andy and Sam's Round the World Trip
Story and photos of a tour around the world-nine weeks through Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

 Around (parts of) the World in (about) One Year
Account of Paul Stockton's year long trip, cycling and backpacking through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States and Canada in 19971998.

 Around the World
Detailed look at an around-world trip in 1997 including Africa, Europe and North America.

 Around the World in 333 Days
Travelogue of two students from the UK, who traveled around the world in 2000/ 2001. India, parts of Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA.

 Around the World in 357 Days
5 peoples' travels around the world in 19891990. North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

 Around the World Travel with Dick and Witta
Two fifty-something nomads have been traveling and golfing since their retirement in 1999. Travelogues from North America, Oceania, Europe and Asia.

 Around the World with S/Y Dream
A group of young people sail around the world in 19992002

 Around the World with Wes and Masami
Journals, expenses, photos, route and links from a trip in 20002002. In English and Japanese.

 AroundTheWorld 1999
Features photographs, movies, travel tips, text and audio journals as four individuals drive Land Rover around the world in 78 days.

 Babymonkeys on Tour, Going Trans-Siberian
Two girls travelling the Trans-Siberian for their placement. From London to Hong-Kong by train during a six month journey in 2002.

 BackpackWithUsMaren's and Kirk's Trip around the World 2001 / 20
Includes daily reports, photo album, and travel resources for their trip through Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

 Balazs and Paulo's Grand Journey Around The World
Contains travel journals, trip plans, maps, personal bios, and images from a 20012002 trip to Thailand, China, Hungary, Thailand, and the United States.

 Baxka round the world
Travels of Miles and Yolanda from London through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Mexico and South America in 2000 / 2001.

 Bicycling and Photography Around the World
A collection of photographs, stories and anecdotes from bicycle trips in Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and Canada plus regional information.

 Big Adventures
Global travels in 20002001 including planning, travelogues, and photo essays.

 Big Al's Big Trip Around the World
Journals, links and photographs of Alan Soon's travels around Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

 Bike Trip 2001 (PragueNew Delhi)
Bicycle trip starting in Prague, Czech Republic and finishing in New Delhi, India. The trip is going through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

 Boston Cube
A travelogue about returning to the UK via South America, Australia and the Far East after two years working in Boston.

 Chasing Rainbows
Stories, photos and maps of Iain Planks 20 month trip around the world from 19992001.

An Arizona couple's journey through 35 countries on 5 continents in 1998. Beijing, China to Mazatlan, and Mexico; mostly overland.

 China to Italy by Motorbike in 1997
Motorbike travel through China, Pakistan, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Greece. In English and Italian.

 Chris and Becky's Excellent Adventure
Ten and a half months in Africa, Europe, and South East Asia in 20002001

 Circle The Globe with Janet and John
Eighteen month trip in 1995 and 1996 through North America, the South Pacific, Asia, and Europe. Journals entries and photos.

 Crisis 2001 Tour
A six-month tour, FebruaryAugust 2001, to multiple world countries. Photo gallery, links and poetry.

 Dave Was There
Updates on the travels of David Beer as he works his way around the globe.

 David and LisaOdyssey 2000
David and Lisa's trip around the world on a tandem bicycle.

 David Groom's Travel Page
Journal and photographs of an around the world backpacking trip of 1998-1999.

 David JenningsTravels and Photos
Photos and journals from travels in Europe and the Middle East Adventures
A travelogue featuring original stories and photographs of many countries throughout Asia and Europe

 Deb's World Tour
Logs of world travels including trips to the Philippines, Borneo, Australia and New Zealand. Features skydiving, bungy jumping, sailing and diving adventures.

 Derek's Semester At Sea Website
Site covers Derek's journey across the world on the Spring 2000 voyage of Semester At Sea. Includes Journal entries and photographs.

 Dom and Jane on the Road
A couple from Manchester, England travel to 22 countries around the world in a year. Asia, OZ and NZ, North America and South. Lots of great photos

 Don Day's Journey Around the World
Don travels around the world and keeps this site updated with regular journey entries (daily to weekly). Includes photographs and live-chat with Don whenever he is online.

Follow Stuart and his duck as they travel the world, fighting for truth, justice and the American way.
Photo Journal and Travelogue documenting Marsh Gardiner's 20+ month solo backpack through 22 countries in Europe, Morocco, Asia, Oceania, and North America.
Chronicles an adventure driving around the world in an expedition equipped Dodge Ram truck.

 Emil's Travel Reports
Personal travelogues from a young Swede's trip to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Australia.

 Explore the World with Tom and Marie
Stories and photos from an around the world trip covering Rome, Spain, London, Korea, Japan, Australia, Hawaii and San Francisco.

 Fliss Net
Travels through Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia containing photos and comments.

Diary and observations of world travel through the years of 1998 through 2000.

 From Paris to Auckland, the Hard Way
Follow Laurent's trip through Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Oceania without using a plane.

 Gavin's Travel Diaries
The personal travel diaries of Gavin McClurg. A travelogue of more than 7 years backpacking around the world

 Geoff's Travel Scrapbook
Photos, articles and maps on independent travels around the world and in particular the Middle East and Africa.

 Global Trots of Anne and Brian
Photos and travelogues from a trip around the World October 2001August 2002

 Globe-trotters on Bicycle
Cycling around the world in 40 months. Travelogue
Jasper's Round the world adventure though Central America, South America, Oceania, and Asia.

 Go Global Girl
Myrna James travels around the globe from January 1998 to December 1998. Journals, photos and links.

 Goliath: The Expedition
Karl Bushby's record breaking attempt to walk around the world. In life there are great things to be achieved.

 Gone Walkabout
Travelogues by Se?n Connolly, including a 14-month trip around the world. Maps, quotes and photos.

 Gray's World
A traveler's personal photographic collection that includes Australia, Canada, the USA, Mexico and Central America,

 Hayden's Travel Diary
Travel diary of travels that led through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia and the USA. Includes photos.

 Heather and Vaci's Around the World Trip
A detailed travelogue of a trip from Southeast Asia through Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific islands and USA.

 Hitch-hike the World
Story of Kinga and Chopin's ongoing hitch-hiking journey around the world, with e-mails from the road, photos and a hitch-hiker's guide.

 Holiday 99-America, Britain, France
Diary and pictures of a trip to the USA, England, Scotland and France in September-October 1999.

 Horizon Explorers
Three guys who have decided to leave the treadmill for good and travel the world by backpack. Read their diary, participate in discussions and see photos

 How's my cycling?
Circumnavigation of the world by bicycle and without the use of fossil-fuelled transport.

 Jackie Turbo's Trip Around the World
Travelling through Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

 John, Mary and Kathryn's Travel Page
John, Mary and Kathryn's trip around the world, with stops in Australia, Asia and Europe. Includes photos and a section on travel accessories.

 Journey 2000Round the World
David and Linda's trip around the world in 2000 to over 40 countries. Email logs, photos, links and packing list.

 Jules and Yvonne go round the world
Follow their journey as they travel 29,000 miles round the world. Track progress and keep in touch during 2002/2003.

 Julie's Travelogue
Photos, tips and experiences from travel to Egypt, Kenya, Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand, and Australia.

 KemmyThe Backpacking Photographer
Photos and short travelogue from a 1998 overland trip from Singapore to Germany.

 KiwisonbikesOne Life, Bike It
Details of an overland cycling tour from England to New Zealand, via Nepal, in June 2000.

Evelyn and Gregg spent a year circling the world, checking into cybercafes along the way to share their adventures through words and images.

 Marie's World Tour 2001
Travels around the world by ship, train, bus and plane. Message boards, journal, newsletter and photo of the week.

 Matt and Lady Around the World
Daily journal of a year-and-a-half long adventure in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Photos, tips and quiz.

 Maurice's Round the World
Travelogue with photos and travel tips for America, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar and India from a trip in 1999.

Tips, photographs and stories regarding a world trip. Includes Ecuador, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and the Galapagos.

 Michael's Round the World Trip 2003
Follow his footsteps through South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

 Middle of Everywhere
Scott and Julie's year long RTW adventure in 2000 through 6 continents. Includes photos and stories.

 My Global Adventure
Travelling around the world in eight months, a travelogue.

Personal site containing a detailed log of a trip around the world. Includes photos and links.

 NOgo Tour Online
Follow Geoff and Sarah as they leave Seattle for a 12-month round-the-world adventure. Logs, suggested packing and links.

 Nolan Family World Tour
A family of five travels around the world, with individual journals. Currency converter, links and chat room.

 Not Workin'
Travelogue of two thirty-something American ex-pats living in London who have put career climbing on hold to see a bit of the world.
Personal around the world trip including Japanese shinkansen, Trans-Siberia and European wanderings.

 One Girl's Round the World Adventure
A solo round the world adventure that includes biking, hiking, kayaking and hitch-hiking.

 One Hundred Days
Four months spent in 2001 travelling through parts of Asia and Europe, flying westbound around the world. Planning journal, travelogue and related links.

 One Way or Another
Short story excerpts from trip that included the USA, India, Thailand and Australia.

 Overland Adventure of Los Ligato
Adventures south in a Volkswagen Westfalia through Mexico, Central America and South America.

 Perth2Perth Overland Expedition
Vehicle expedition driving overland from Perth, Scotland to Perth, Australia. Four teams will cover a route consisting of 19 different countries. Maps, itineraries and expedition journals.

 Pete's SAS S99 Voyage
A semester at sea travelogue that includes photos, stories, personal writing, tips and program information.

 Phil Gordon's Around the World Travels
Two years spent backpacking world wide. Time line, essays, links and mailing list.

 Rhymer's Travel Diary
World Wide Waffle. Rhymer Rigby is currently slackpacking around the world. Prior to this he was a journalist so he thought he'd put up a travel diary for his friendsand indeed anyone else to enjoy.

 Rocky and Sarah's Travel Diary
Two Canadians travel around the world to Europe, Australasia, SE Asia, and South America. Photos, tips and contact info for accommodations and restaurants.

 Round the World Backpacking
Travelogue from travels through Asia and Australia with photo gallery.

 Ruble's Trip Around the World
Journals, pictures, and planning notes for Jim and Jody's ten month trip around the world in 2001.

 S/Y Aquata
A Norwegian sloop cruising around the world. Includes information on the planned journey, the crew, and the boat as well as contact details, stories, and photos.

 Sabine's World Trip
Website covering the world-trip of Sabine Hasslinger and Michael Siefert.
Around the world in 24 months. Scott Thompson provides a journal and photos of his travels to the seven continents of the world.
A couple travel around the world without flying. They visit USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand between 2000 and 2003.

 Shower of Bastards
The tales of Evil Phil as he travels around the world rock-climbing.

 Shunya's Travels
Travel pictures from around the world.

 Small Bag Big World
One couple`s 14-month journey around the world, from Africa to Asia to South America. Currently updated with adventures and pix from the road.

 Sol and Adam's Journey
Sol and Adam's journey through South East Asia, Australasia and India. Travel diaries, pictures and route.

 Solo World Backpacking Trip
Travel journal of a solo backpacking trip, covering South East Asia, Australia and the USA.

 Somerock.comThe world in review
Boy meets girl; boy and girl travel the world; boy and girl return home and get married. Travelogue of two Kiwi's through Europe, Dubai and Thailand in 20002001.

 Sriram's exotic jaunts
Sriram Krishnamoorthy's travel jaunts to USA, UK and Asia.

 Stephen and Theresa Woo's Travels
Includes accounts of a Kilimanjaro climb in 1999, snowshoeing at Yosemite, camping at Big Sur, and trip through Shanghai, Fuzhou, and Taipei.

 Steven Raucher's World Tour
Around the world by motorcycle. Offers travel journal and photographs of destinations.

 Stories from Muzz
Photos and stories from an Australian travelling in the UK, Turkey, and France.

 Stuart's Pages
Travelogue of Stuart and Linda's round the world trip, including China, Bali, Australia, and New Zealand.

Travel tales from around the world including Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

 Teh and Joe's Travel Page
Photographs and travelogues from the roads less travelled, including India, Borneo and Western Australia.

 Terry's Trek An Around the World Adventure
A trip in 2002 / 2003 to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

 The BIG Trip 2000
Ian and Trina's year long trip, covering the Americas, the Pacific, South East Asia, Nepal and India.

 The Big Tripout
Multimedia travel diary of Toby and Sarena's journey around the world

 The Carlson Family's Around the World Travel Adventure
Details a ten month trip in 20012002 with three kids aged eight, ten and thirteen through Asia , Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

 The Digital Nomad Travels the World
Merrill Hartman left June 2001 for a multi-year trip around the world. Preparations on this website began at the turn of the millennium.

 The Eldridges on Tour
We are full-timing in our motorhome and travelling around the world in it.

 The Honeymoon
Travel logs and updates on three year honeymoon trip around the world from Summer 1999 until Fall 2002. Diaries, webcam, photos, and travel letters. In Norwegian and English.

 The London2Sydney Charity Expedition
Overland expedition from London to Sydney in aid of Cancer Research UK. Online diary, photos, articles and more.

 The Long's Strange Trip
Travels through Thailand, Bali, India, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Bolivia, and Mexico in 2000.

 The Millennium Adventure
An around the world journey in a one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz, which leads through six continents between 1999-2001.

 The Opinionated Traveller
my own opinions of places from around the world from Las Vegas to the Gambia.

 The road to nowhere....................
The round the world diary of the Wetton Clan.

 The Travel Year
A sixteen month round-the-world adventure through parts of Central America, the South Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Tips and photo gallery.

 The Voyagers World Travel & Nepal Focus
Contains travelogues, photo gallery, and travel information from a trip through India, the Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

 The Yellow Brick Road Travel Blog
Follow Melle and Ed as they plan and then travel through North and South America, and Oceania. They leave in August 2003.

 Travel Around the World 1995
A journey through Europe to Russia, Japan and the USA. Photos and travelogues.
Around the world ramblings with itineraries, logs and photos.

 Traveller's Tales
Chronicles of a one year tour from London to Los Angeles via the Africa, India, Asia, Australia, South American the Caribbean islands and Portugual.

 Travelling by Roland Young
Adventures travelling through 12 countries in 10 months. Stories, movies and guides.

 Travels of Glyn, Ben and Neil
Photos and travelogue based on a trip to the USA, Cook Islands, Figi and Australia. Includes poems and a option to send in your pictures.

 Travels with a Spousal Unit
These stories chronicle a journey across Africa and Central Asia; a 9 1/2 month camping and budget backpacking adventure by two people.

 Two Belgian Globebikers
Two Belgian guys cycle the globe through South America, Asia and Australia.

 UlfwoodA Geek's Progress
A travelogue and photos of travels around Australia and Asia.

 Up Over Down Under
A unique travelogue which follows the travels of 4 individuals around the globe. Itinerary, journals, route map and links.
A chronicle of the solo year long journey of Mike Pugh, that started in October, 2002. After leaving Chicago, USA, destinations include Southeast Asia, India, and East Africa.

Follow Kristi & Jo on their one year trip through the USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Planning information, routes and photos.

 Wanderlust Cafe
An around the world travelogue by Scarlett McDermott featuring photos and stories about Asia, India, Nepal, and the Middle East.

 We decided to take a little trip
Travelogue of Dave & Marisa Haralson's trip around the world during 2002-03.

 Where In The World Is Bob Jack
Traveling as a way of lifea 700 day overland trip from England to Australia up to China/Tibet, followed by one year working in Japan, to be followed by more travelling.

 Where in the World Was David Sheppard
Ten months exploring South America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, and the South Pacific.

Nine year old Max and his parents travel around the world in 20002001

 Windows to the World 2000
Compilation of tips, photographs and information from world travels.

Join Kristina and David as they travel around the world to 19 countries in 9 months. Journals from a dual perspective, photos, budget and links.

Wirednomad is a continuously updated multimedia record of the experiences of two friends as they travel the world in 2002, 2003. South America, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

 World Famous Travel Diary
A collection of stories and photographs from the travels of three friends as they circumnavigate the globe.

 world tour 2001
three friends travels in 2001

 World TrippingSimon and Leah Attempt to Cycle Around the World.
WorldTrippingSimon and Leah attempt to cycle around the world publishing online a travelogue of travel writing and travel photos. Chat about world travel or send web postcards at