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 A Bike Tour Across the United States
A planned ten week, 4000 mile adventure from the Jersey shore to the Oregon coast on bikes during the summer of 2000.

 A Different Kind of FreedomA 3300 Mile Solo Bicycle Trip Across
For five months during the summer of 1994 in the thin air of Tibet Ray Kreisel made his way by bicycle over dirt tracks and around Chinese police checkpoints traveling more than 3300 miles.

 Across Canada 1999
Erik Straarups record bike trip, across Canada in 28 days. Reports, photographs, and maps.

 Across Canada by Bicycle
This site details a trip by Ted Bullock across Canada by bicycle.

 Across Canada by Bicycle
On a bicycle across Canada from B.C., Yukon and NWT to Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland. As part of a bigger journey all around North America.

 Across Canada on a Bicycle
Impressions of a bicycle trip across Canada through the North.

 Across the U.S. by Bike
During the summer of 2001 my 11 year old and I will cycle across the U.S. These pages will track our planning and trip progress.

 Adam Stein's web log
A journal charting the course of his trip by bicycle through Southeast Asia.

 Africa 1997
a 29 days truck trip through the Southern part of Africa together with a group of people of mixed nationalities.

 Africa Bike Safari
Kenya to Cape Town 94/95, solo by bicycle.

 Africa trip by
Follow Joseph's trip from Capetown to Cairo through an interactive travelogue. Pictures, journal entries, country information, packing lists and maps generated on the fly.

 African EDventure
An 18,000 mile, 6 month expedition across Africa from South Africa to England in a 26 year-old Land Rover

 African Transcontinental Expedition
Transcontinental Expedition crosses the African Continent with the length of 30000 km visiting 25 countries

 Alaska To Argentina By Motorbike
AMCHALLENGE is a fundraising venture for Muscular Dystrophy. Photos and text.

 America Behind Bars
Los Angeles to Boston by bicycle47 days behind (handle)bars.

 Arolds Africa Adventure
Travels from the Netherlands to South Africa on a Yamaha XT500. Photos.

 Around the World by Peter and Kay Forwood
A motorcycle trip around the world on a Harley-Davidson starting in Australia February 1996 and articles by other international motorcycle travellers.

 Asia and the Pacific by Recumbent
Eric Rasenberg and Noesja Hoffschlag are currently cycling through Asia on a recumbent bike. Follow their progress here.

 Beetles Cross Canada Bike Trip 2001
During the Summer of 2001, Geoff, Kirk and Mike (AKA The Beetles) cycled across Canada (British Columbia to Newfoundland).

 Bicycling Atlantic Canada
A 2500 km account of a solo bike trek from Ottawa up through Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

 Bicycling in Central Asia
Bob describes a tour from Panfilov (Kazakhstan) to Bishkek, (Kyrgyzstan) as well as another tour from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) to Bishekek.

 Bicycling Uganda
A two week, self-contained bicycle trek through Uganda.

 Big Mountains in Little China
A Canadian's nine day cycling tour over Taiwan's Central Mountain Range and down the East Coast.

 Bike Brats
A detailed account of cycling through South East Asia, China and India.

 Bike Brothers
Travels thru Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America on Suzuki DR 600s. Text and photos.

 Biking across the USA
From Delaware to Oregon. This site tells the story about the people, sights, adventures, lessons. Also photos, route information, packing list and touring tips.

 Biking in Himachal Pradesh
A Tour of Lahul, Spiti, Ladakh, Nubra and Rupshu in Northern India.

 Bluebird Electric 1991-2002
A history of the project. The story is told with reference to media articles, correspondence between team members, recordings and other documents.

 British Steam Car Challenge
The British attempt on the steam world land speed record.

 Canada on a bike
This website tracks a 7,000 km bike journey in the summer of 2004. From the Pacific Ocean and Vancouver through mountains, valleys, rain, sun and five timezones to Halifax and the Atlantic Ocean. Two people, nine provinces and one amazing continent.

 Canning Stock Route Project
Australian Outback journey.

 Cape Town to Vic fall on a Overland Truck
Pictures from S.A. Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

 Caucasus Bike Trip
Bicycle trip across Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

 Chasing the Lizard's Tail
Complete text of Chasing the Lizard's Tail, by Jens Finkeacross the Sahara by bicycle. From Morocco and Western Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal to the Gambia.

 Coast to Coast by Recumbent Bicycle
This is the story of a six-week odyssey riding across North America on a recumbent bicycle.

 Coast To Coast On Gold Wings
This journal describes our five week, 10,000 mile trip around the United States and Canada.

 Cross Canada Record
From Vancouver to Halifax in 65 hours. Photos.

 Cross Country Bicycle Adventure
Newport Beach, California to St. Augustine, Florida. 56 days and 3200 miles.

 Crossing of Canada on a Bike
A man of 60 years old crossing the Canada on a bike. Journal, map, statistics, advice, and photographs.

 Cycle 2000
Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal.

 Cycle Touring Malaysia in the Monsoon
Pat, Sha and Joe cycle 800 kilometres around Malaysia in 8 days during the height of the monsoon of 1999.

 Cycle Trip from London to the Johannesburg Earth Summit
Four people are cycling the 10,000 miles from London to the Earth Summit 2002 on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, to raise funds and awareness for the charity WaterAid. They are currently looking for support, and advice on their route.

 Cycling Across Kenya
Report of a charity ride through Kenya.

 Cycling Across the United States
Following the Trans-America Trail, mapped out in 1976 by an organization called BikeCentennial, now called Adventure Cycling Association.

 Cycling around the Moluccas
Illustrated travelogue about a two month journey through the North Moluccan islands of Indonesia.

 Cycling Coast to Coast
A report of a cycling trip from Miami to San Diego.

 Cycling in Namibia
Touring in the triangle Windhoek, Keetmanshoop and Swakopmund; the dry south west of this African country.

 Cycling in Thailand and Laos
Text and photographs of a cycle ride beginning in Bangkok and making a tour the length of Laos. Nov. 2002 to Jan. 2003.

 Cycling in the Indian Himalaya
High-altitude cycling tour of Ladakh, Zanskar, Nubra Valley, then south to Manali via Spiti; Aug.-Nov. 2002. Includes photographs.

 Cycling Pakistan and India
Part One: Cycling the Indus River and Karakoram Highway in northern Pakistan. Part Two: The long ride from Lahore, Pakistan, to southernmost India at Kanyakumari; Sept. 2001-Feb. 2002.

 Cycling the Karakoram Highway
All you ever wanted to know about cycling along the Karakoram Highway, Pakistan, and then on into China.

 Cycling the Manali to Leh Highway
Account of four friends traveling the Manali-Leh Highway in the Himalayas.

 Dave and Babak's Cross-Country Bicycle Trip
A photo tour of America as they bike 4,345 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

 Dave and Patti's big big ride
Dave and Patti DeMarle's 1998 bicycle ride across the USA. With pictures, maps, routes, elevation profiles and daily logs.

 Disaster Tour 98
Los Angeles to Peru. Photos.

 Donau Trip
Account of a 1998 motorcycle trip from Denmark to the Danube delta in Romania, the Danube's source in Germany and back to Denmark, inspired by Jean M. Auel's book "The Plains of Passage".

 Eric Anderson's "Coast to Coast 1999"
Eric Andersen quits his job to ride across the country

 Forty Days Road
The camel trail from Sudan to Egypt. This takes its name from the length of the journey. Known in Arabic as darb al arab'in. This profiles a westerner on that journey.

 From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle
This travelogue consists of the extensive journal entries written daily cataloging the trials and tribulations of the 9562 km, 120 day cross-Canada solo bicycle tour in the summer of 1999.

 Goose Bay Or Bust
Touring the Trans Labrador highway. Text and photos.

 GORP Rides Across America
Cycle with and a bevy of others across the U.S. as they pedal 3,250 miles to raise money for the American Lung Association.

 In and Out of Africa
A personal narrative about a tour of Africa from top to bottom. 33,800 km (21,000 miles) and 15 countries.

 In The Long Run
Around the World on a Honda Elite 250. Text and photos.

 Inner Asia Expedition 95
Six cyclists set off from Istanbul, Turkey and cycle 7000 miles to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia.

 Jan Boonstra's Cycling Tour through Japan
Details a cycling tour through Western Japan, July 1993. Pictures and general information.

 Japan 1998
A cycle tour of Japan by HC Andersen.

 Japan Bicycling Trip 2000
Travelogue of a 412 mile bicycle trip across Kyushu, Japan.

 Jeff and IanBike Across Canada
The travels of two guys cycling across Canada, and how they did it.

 Journey Through Southern Africa
Photo Safari through apartheid South Africa and pre-independence Namibia. Detailed essay and photos. May 1989.

An epic 24,000 km safari though 12 countries in East and Southern Africa, from Kilimanjaro's peak, the vast Serengeti, ambushed in Burundi, and the world's highest bungee jump in South Africa.

 Land Speed Cars
The fastest wheel driven Bonneville streamliners in the world along with a collection of land speed cars. Hot rods at the famous El Mirage dry lakes.
Premier Land Speed Racing website on the internet. Information on all the events SCTA, ECTA, USFRA, Muruc and Lake Gairdner, also have latest of the Jet vehicles. Free monthly give aways and contests. Free email, web hosting services, chat server, and mes

 Larry Gagnon's Cross Canada Cycle Trip for MSF 2003
A bicycle trip across Canada 2003 to raise donations for Doctors Without Borders, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

 London to Istanbul by Motorbike
Motorcycle adventure with on route words, pictures and short movies. A European tour from preparation to completion and post-tour advice.

 Lynn McLellan's Tour du Canada
The story of a bicycle trip across Canada from June 27 to September 1, 2001. Includes a video archive.

 MadagascarTwo Wheel Drive
A ten-week, 2000 km biking trip around Madagascar.

 Magnificent Mongolia
An organised 1000-mile tour through Mongolia, by a Dutch man, Robert van Weperen.

 Mark Shelmerdine's African Expedition
Six-month overland trip from Morocco to the Cape, including the dirt, mosquitoes, sickness, bribes, and breakdowns.

 Mexico Motorcycle Trip 97
Touring Mexico on off road motorcycles.

 Mike Blackwell's Notes from Korea
An account of a 1998 cycle tour through South Korea.

 Mike's Bicycle Across Canada
From Fairbanks, Alaska to St. John's, Newfoundland.

 Milwards Millennium Ride
General Secretary of Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) Simon Milward rides around the World.

 Mindfuel Motorbike World Trip
Information about a motorbike World trip. Follow the project from the first idea until the end. Budget-planning as well as equipment, accommodations, security, and bikes. Picture gallery.

 Motorcycle Trip To Central South America
New York City to Tierra Del Fuego. Text and photos.

 Mountain Biking Mustagh Ata
Personal account of the world record attempt at mountain biking on Mustagh Ata.

 Mountainbike Expedition Namibia
5000 km in Namibia and Botswana.

 Nigel Spencer's African Safari
A photographic expedition visiting six countriesKenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia

 Nobuhiro's Bike Across Canada
Travelogue of a 1998 trip from Vancouver, BC to Montreal, PQ.

 North American Eagle
800 mph land speed record challenger.

Cycling on the roof of the world, Tibet, Central Asia and Northern India.

 RB Motorsports
Bonneville Land Speed racing team. Includes chronicles, car information, news articles, photo gallery and driver profile.

 Ride Now
Follow this Royal Enfield journey through the Manali-Leh highway in the Indian Himalayas.

 Riding To The Moon
Los Angeles to South America. Photos and text. Fund raiser for Save the Children and American Cancer Society.

 Rons Motorcycle Touring Page
Florida to Costa Rica. 8000 miles by Yamaha SR250. Photos and text.

 Spirit of '76Al Teague
Home of one of the fastest piston engine vehicles in the world. Al Teague "Spirit of '76" has attained speeds over 430 mph.

 Spirit of AmericaOfficial Website
Land speed records set by Craig Breedlove. Information on the new Jet Car and news on the next attempt of setting the World's Land Speed Record.

Ed Noonan's ride from Alaska to Florida. Packing list, equipment reviews, timeline, meal suggestions, and reading list.

 Tallabomba's Europe to Asia by Bike
Between 1998 and 2001 Tom 'tallabomba' Hermansson Snickars cycled 14000 kilometers through 14 countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. Includes photos, journal, tips, and related links.

 Tandem to Turkestan
A journey through by tandem bicycle through Central Asia, from Eastern Turkey to Kyrgyzstan, via Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Includes practical biking information as well as diaries and photographs.

 The African Wanderers Series
Cape Town to London by public transport. This adventure-filled journey spanned 21 countries and took just under one and a half years.

 The Bluebird Electric Project
An attempt on the international land speed record for electric vehicles.

 The Endless Sky TripCycling the Himalaya
Three cyclists 2000 miles bike trip throughout the Himalaya.

 The Great Canadian Bike Trek
The story of Mark Tanner`s bike ride across Canada in the winter and spring of 2000.

 The Hawaiian Fire Dept. Jet Powered Fire Truck
The world's fastest Fire Truck. This 1940 Ford is powered by two Rolls-Royce Viper engines with afterburners. Pictures, team information and statistics.

 The Steam Land Speed Record Attempt
A British attempt to beat the World land speed record for steam powered vehicles. Plans to reach somewhere between 155 and 175 mph (250-280 km/h).

 The Tokyo to London Project
Tokyo to London, via China, Mongolia, Siberia and Central Asia. Photos and text.

 The World Electric Land Speed Record
Features electric land speed record project cars, past and present, focusing on current contenders and their vehicles, sponsorship and news.

 Thrust SSC
Photos of Thrust SSC at Blackrock taken on 15th Oct 1997 when Andy Green broke the World Land Speed Record and went supersonic.

 Tibet By Tandem
Travelogue of the first Himalaya crossing by tandem bike in the summer of 1997.

 Tom Bruch
Land speed records set at Bonneville Slat Flats and ECTA with 1.8 liter Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup Truck.

 Tour into the Indian Himalaya
A brief report of a tour to Ladakh and Zanskar.

 Touring in Nepal and West Sikkim
An account of a cycle tour from West to East Nepal and then on to the small state of Sikkim in North East India.

 Trail Year
The story of Trail Year, Lucas Tate's year-long 11,500-mile cross-country by bicycle and on foot. Route, journal, photographs, forum, and contacts.

 TransAfrica Solo Cycling 4 Somali Solidarity
News, information, route, photographs, and contacts.

 Transcontinental Journey
The goals of this site, by a Japanese, are to see and feel the real U.S.A. through field studies, and road trips. Maps, history, geography, photographs, itinerary, and links.

 Ultimate Journey
Around the World. Photos and text.

 Up the Mekong
A four month, 5000 km journey from Bangkok to Kathmandu via Vietnam, China and Tibet.

 World Tour Pages of Arto Rasimus
Finland to Bolivia. Photos and journal.