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 Adventure Gear
Outdoors, emergency preparedness and survival gear.

 All Alive
Complete survival gear in a waterproof rubber shoulder bag contains: Solar radio, tools, flashlight, firestarting, first-aid, snakebite kit, food, water, sewing kit, shelter,waterproof matches, water sterilization tablets,rain poncho and more, all in a

 Amherst Drop Zone, Inc.
Carries army-navy surplus, military supplies, police equipment and survival gear for Y2K preparation.

 Backcountry Equipment
Outdoor gear.

 BPS Engineering: Atlatl
Precision atlatl and dart systems.

 Bulletproof Primitive Supply
Handcrafted slings, bows, arrows, spears, etc. Survival skills workshops and guided slingshot squirrel hunting excursions.

 Camping Sport De Wit B.V.
Camping supplies and tents.

 Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
A broad selection of quality first-aid and emergency medical kits and supplies.

 Conterra Technical Systems
Specialty and modular packs for field medical gear and supplies, disaster management equipment, and related items.

 Crossbow Pistols
Crossbow pistols customized for hunting, fishing, survival and self defense. The small size but high power make these the ideal hiking, camping and survival tool.

 Dynamo Flashlight
Wholesale supplier of heavy-duty flashlights operated by hand power.

 Early Winters
Outdoor gear and accessories.

 Equipped To Survive
Equipped To Survive is the definitive source for unbiased, independent reviews of outdoors and survival gear. ETS features name brand reviews of survival and outdoor equipment as well as information on survival techniques, schools and survival and outdoor

 Exploration Products
Outdoors and survival equipment including kits and books.

Swedish FireSteel fire starters. Oakville, Ontario, Canada

 Fords MTM
Survival supplies, emergency preparedness gear, food, water and military surplus

 Forest City Surplus Canada
Emergency light sticks, self-powered radios, military signal markers, emergency blankets, water bacteria filters, and a variety of other useful survival products.

 Fuizion Freeze Dried Food Limited
Just because you?re operating in extreme conditions, doesn?t mean that you have to compromise on good quality, nutritious freeze dried food. At Fuizion we produce and sell a wide range of gourmet Freeze Dried Food. In addition to our standard range of re

 Gear Pro
Outdoor gear and supplies.

 Gear Shop
Online resource for finding gear online, find camping, hiking and major outdoor supplies. Also local resources for NH

 Glacier Tek, Inc.
The latest in personal cooling products at an affordable price

 Great Lakes Lithic Supply Co.
Supplying flintknapping materials, tools and supplies for today's lithic artisan.

 Great Lakes Survival Supply
Food, water storage and filtration, first-aid and communication needs for camping, emergencies, power outages whether at home or while traveling in your motorhome.

 Great Outdoorsman Mall
Outdoors equipment and gear for archery, shooting, optics, camping, survival, sausage & jerky making supplies and how-to site.

 Hardcore Bug Juice
A bug juice that kills insects on contact, yet safe for skin.

 James Kits
Belt-pouch size survival kits.

 King of the Mountain
Machine-washable wool clothing and equipment.

 Knappers Corner
Knapping information and pointers to various suppliers as well as Mound Builder Books and instructional materials. D.C. Waldorf

 Light My Fire
MayaSticks, Swedish FireSteel, La Jara Chimenea: clay fireplace.

Point types indexed alphabetically/point types indexed by shape/illustrated standard point terminology

 Lone Chimney Wireless Solutions
We are Lone Chimney Wireless Solutions and have a two way radio product that is ideal for backpackers and campers. These radios operate on five license free channels that are authorized by the FCC as MURS radios. These radios are license free and operat

 Long Life Food Depot
Complete list of MREs and other individual serving pouches perfect for emergencies, y2k preparation, and outdoor adventures.

 Major Surplus and Survival
Military surplus, emergency preparedness and survival gear.

 Marrich Distributing
Promoting the sales of MRE's (meals ready to eat) for earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado disaster preparedness.

 Multi-Tool Source
Multi-tools and related products.

 Native Way
Our products include Native American style bows and arrows, lances, stone axes, stone and metal bladed knives, and fishlures.

 Nimrod Pack Systems
Manufacturer and outlet of outdoor survival packs and outdoor gear and accessories, saddlebags, fire packs.

 Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center
Emergency preparedness and survival supplies.

 Outdoor Depot
Offers brand name gear including camping, boating, hunting, emergency survival, knives, mobile electronics, and GPS.

 Pete and Ed BooksFirst Aid and Safety
Books on outdoor safety and first aid. Topics range from avalanches to bears to hypothermia.

 Phoenix Systems, Inc.
Phoenix Systems suppliers of gear for personal self-defense and protection gear, pepper gas spray, stun guns, knives, batons, personal alarms, combat, knifefighting, gunfighting, books and videos.

 Redi Chlor
Chlorine water treatment. Each bottle contains enough for sanitizing 500 gallons of safe drinking water.

 Rescue Rod
Walking stick designed to house essential survival gear that a hiker can access in emergencies.

RescuePack is a kit used to help in survival efforts when lost in the snow or mountains. RescuePack contains 15 essential items to help you get found alive. Lightweight and versatile.

 RM Works Swiss Army Store
Original Swiss army knives and products by the Swiss army knife people at Victorinox and Wenger.

 Rocky Mountain Connection
Outdoor clothing and gear/Carhartt.

 Sav-T-Pak Enterprises
Survival packs for hikers, hunters, fishermen, and campers.

 Shelter Systems
Portable geodesic domes, greenhouses, yurts, emergency shelters, tarps, tarp fasteners, shade and solar structures and tents.

 Sierra Trading Post
Outdoor gear closeouts, 2nds, discontinued, excess inventory, etcetera. Limited quantities, selection varies, bargain prices.

 Sliver Gripper Tweezers
Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper tweezers, precision tool for tick removal.

 Special Operations Equipment
Tactical, military police and SWAT gear. Vests, slings, holsters, ghillie suits.

 Storable Staples
Storable Staples are long shelf-life legume, bean, grain, and other seed products for survivalists and individuals preparing for natural and man-made disasters.

 Super Cedar FirestartersStart your fire everytime!
Super Cedar Firestarters are perfect for camping. A fast, clean, easy way to start your fire everytime.

A rocket-deployed rescue streamer and fire starter kit. Used in dense wilderness to provide a highly visible continous signal to search personal.

 Survival Equipment
Disaster preparedness, survival, complete first aid resource, stoves, lanterns.

 Survival Incorporated
Offers fire starters, signal mirrors, safety whistles, and adjustable gear vests.

 Tactical Plus
Source for outdoor merchandise. Survival, tactical, combative, and self defence equipment.

 The Home Made Stove Archives
The archives of home-made stoves for backpacking, hiking and survival.

 The Natural Earth
Custom-made knives, flint-knapping supplies, atlatls, primitive archery.

 Triple Aught Design
Knives, accessories, tactical gear.

 U.S. Cavalry
Survival, emergency preparedness, military surplus.

 UDAP Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray
Developed by a grizzly bear attack survivor. This site includes bear safety tips from biologists and bear experts from the US and Canada.

 Ultimate Outdoor Survivor Necklace
Offers a 2.5 oz survival kit worn around the neck that was developed by a retired U.S. Army Ranger.

 Wilderness Medical Systems
Wilderness Medical Systems offers emergency wilderness medical kits.

 World Survival Institute
Survival kits, field surgical kits, personal water filters, Wiggy's sleeping bags, and supplies.