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 A Naturalist's World
Classes include tracking, carnivore ecology, wildlife observation, rare species, northern lights, and winter ecology.

 Aboriginal Living Skills School
Aboriginal Living Skills School. Cody Lundin teaches primitive and modern wilderness living and survival skills in desert and mountain regions.

The cyber-shelter for primitive living skills.

 Alba Wilderness School
Courses in wilderness survival including: traditional skills, camp-craft, tracking, nature lore and winter camping.

 Ancient Pathways
Ancient Pathways offers experience-based courses in wilderness skills, mammal tracking, and primitive technology.

 Aunt Scarey Survival Fitness Guides
Wilderness survival training in the Southern Appalachia mountains of southwestern North Carolina and southeastern Tennessee

 Australian Outdoor Training & Tours
Australian Outdoor Training & Tours offers unique "train as you tour" packages on wilderness and survival skills.

 Bison Bushcraft
I research and practice the world-wide living skills of our forefathers so that they may be preserved and used for your enjoyment or needs in a survival situation.

 Boreal Wilderness Institute
Our goal is to provide expert instruction in survival, wilderness navigation, winter and summer wilderness travel, team building, wilderness leadership and instruction.

 Boulder Outdoor Survival School
Our program got its start in 1968 with Larry Dean Olsen, the author of Outdoor Survival Skills.

 Cambrian School of Survival
Survival school in mid-west Wales offering survival and wilderness skills for global use.

 Cedar Creek Nature Studies
We are dedicated to teaching the art of primitive skills, wild edible and medicinal plants, bamboo flute making, and soap making.

 Coyote's Path Wilderness School
Courses designed to introduce the novice to the wilderness as well as challenge the experienced woodsperson.

 Deep Wilds Wilderness School
Deep Wilds is a learning community dedicated to exploring ways of living on the Earth that honor the natural world we live in.

 Earth Connection Wilderness School
Earth Connection is a primitive skills school dedicated to helping people of all ages rediscover their connection to nature.

 Earth Heart
Primarily a vision quest school founded by Malcolm Ringwalt, one of Tom Brown's early students and member of Coyote Thunder Medicine Society.

 Earthen Spirituality Project
Workshops, books, personal quests, wilderness retreats.

 Earthwalk Northwest
Founded in 1995 by Frank and Karen Sherwood, Tom Brown Jr.'s head instructors for 15 years.

 Earthway Network
Dedicated to helping others help themselves. Building a world wide network of members providing wilderness schools and self-reliance education programs.

 Earthways: School of Wilderness Living
Canoe the northern wilderness with registered Maine guides. Learn Grandfather's wilderness skills and philosophy. Earthways offers courses in the methods and philosophies of an Elder.

 Gone Native
The spirit of the wild lives within each of us, we show you how to release that spirit and live in harmony within the natural world.

 Harvest Song: Nature Awareness Community School
Nature, outdoors, recreation, earth skills, community relationships, nature classes for children, herbs, animals, tracking, and Earth-based spirituality.

 Hawk Circle Wilderness Programs
Our goal is to introduce people to an awareness and closeness to nature that allows them to experience nature and themselves from a completely new perspective.

 Headwaters Outdoor School
At Headwaters Outdoor School we teach skills Earth People have used throughout time to survive in kinship with the earth.

 Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School
Primitive living skills and contemporary lifestyles. Primitive skills schools and classes across North America.

 Hoods Woods
Wilderness survival instruction, information and instructional videos for outdoor enthusiasts

 Ingwe's Wilderness Trail Inc.
Ingwe is grandfather and co-founder of Wilderness Awareness School.

 Jack Mountain Bushcraft
Jack Mountain Bushcraft teaches primitive skills, wilderness living skills, and wilderness survival, and offers guided trips and expeditions around North America.

 Karamat Wilderness Ways
We teach snow survival, trapping and fur handling, extended winter wilderness living skills, among others.

 Life Skills Training Center
Life Skills Training Center is an outdoor education facility dedicated to the exploration and exchange of knowledge through interactive outdoor programs.

 Lifesong Wilderness Adventures
Attention adventurers! Be empowered through nature. Learn wilderness survivel skills while developing a deeper connection with the earth and yourself.

 Lifeways Earth Living School
Pioneering/Primitive living/Mountaineering: reviving traditions and caring for the Earth.

 Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors
Mohican Outdoor School in north/central Ohio provides resident outdoor/environmental education for school-age children, and its Environmental Learning Center serves all age groups with field trips, outreach programs, and special events.

 Mountain Shepherd Outdoors Survival Courses
Located near Richmond, VA, courses are taught by Byron Kerns, a former USAF Survival Instructor. Basic and advanced survival courses, Boy Scout survival courses, private pilot survival courses, and family wilderness courses are provided.

 Native Way Wilderness School of Arkansas
Learn the most primitive skills in outdoor survival. Instructors use Native teachings and skills learned from the Tracker, Tom Brown, Jr.

 Native Ways School
The purpose of Native Ways is to provide people with the opportunity to connect with others of like interest in native skills and culture.

 Nature & Vision Tracking School
Offers courses of study for developing the art and science of tracking from the basics to advanced levels.

 Nature Knowledge
Teaching wilderness survival skills and confidence to every-day people for more than 25 years.

 Ndakinna Wilderness Project.
Offering educational wilderness adventures to people of all ages who wish to truly experience and learn more about the natural world.

 Northern Sun Tours, Ltd.
We offer a wide variety of educational programs in outdoor pursuits from open canoeing to telemark skiing to safety courses in river rescues, wilderness first-aid, avalanche awareness and winter survival.

 Randall's Adventure and Training
Jungle training/global survival training/expedition guiding.

 Ray Mears Wilderness Bushcraft
Provides program and contact information.

 Red Buffalo Society
The Red Buffalo Society is a national organization of Indian and non-Indian people who are dedicated to preserving the Old Ways, both social and spiritual of the Native American.

 Red Hawk Outdoor School
Dedicated to the Sacred 'Oneness' with Earth Mother.

 Red Willow Primitive Skills School
Red Willow Primitive Skills is dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of ancient wilderness wisdom and skills.

 Salmon Outdoor School
Salmon Outdoor School is an outdoor classroom in which students are taught basic wilderness skills, both ancient and modern, in a controlled environment.

 School of Expedition and Adventure Training
Teach various aspects of survival techniques in the outdoors. To develop leadership and teamwork.

 School of Self-Reliance
We research, test, teach/guide, and publish in all aspects of self-reliance.

 Silver Water Retreat/EARTH Camp
A multi-cultural arts/natural science summer camp and educational program.

 Simply Survival
A program that focuses on developing the principles involved with leadership and self-esteem.

 Skills Alive
Skills Alive is an organization of primitive skills instructors which allows participants to learn to re-create the daily living skills that were practiced by ALL our ancestors.

 Skills of Survival
Wilderness education company that specializes in courses on survival, outdoor safety, adventure training and safety products.

 Soaring Spirits
The Earth and all forms of nature teach us by unfolding the seasons of our own human nature--our inner wilderness.

Land and sea adventures with U.S. Special Forces veterans.

 Survival Courses in the UK - Trueways Survival
Survival courses that teach you how to survive of the land. Comprehensive and practical survival tuition ideal for individuals, groups or corporates.

 Survival Courses in the UK - Trueways Survival
Survival courses that teach you how to survive of the land. The most comprehensive and practical survival tuition there is. Ideal for individuals, groups or corporates.

 Survival in the Bush, Inc.
Providing outdoor wilderness survival training for individuals, groups, and organizations. Topics range from edible plants, canoe camping, rock climbing, and ice climbing.

 Survival School
Offers courses for teams and individuals.

 Survive Outdoors
Educational information on surviving in the outdoors and outdoor emergencies.

 Swedish Survival Guild (Svenska Overlevnadssallskapet)
Our purpose is to increase your outdoor life security and to make you well prepared.

 Teaching Drum Outdoor School
Where Wilderness is the classroom, Ancient Voices are the teachers, and Attunement to the primal self and the Earth Mother are the lessons.

 Texas Desert Unique Survival Training (D.U.S.T.)
To educate students in survival techniques unique to the desert environment.

 The Ancient Technology Centre
The ATC is a unique learning resource Its ethos supports the old proverb: "Tell me something and I'll forget it; show me something and I'll remember it; let me do something and I'll understand it". The main purpose of the centre is to stimulate, throu

 The Tracking Project
Based in Corrales, New Mexico and founded by John Stokes. Teaches Arts of Lifetraditional tracking, awareness and survival skills, music, story telling, dance, peacemaking and martial arts training.

 The UK Survival School Hereford
Survival courses, expedition & navigation training, team development & leadership courses & expeditions, UK & worldwide.

 The Wilderness Learning Center
Let a U.S. military survival instructor, together with Euell Gibbons grandson teach you wilderness survival, wild foods, navigation--in class or video tapes available.

 Tom Brown, Jr's Tracker School
The school is based on Tom's experience of living in the wilderness and the teaching of Stalking Wolf encompassing over 20 years of his life.

 Tracks and Trees Learning Center
A holistic approach to nature and all primitive skills allows learning to be fun, rewarding, and profound.

 Two Coyotes Survival and Wilderness Awareness School
At Two Coyotes our goal is to provide a fun environment where participants develop an understanding of the natural world and a feeling of comfort in the woods.

 Universal Tracking Services
To provide signcutting(tracking)as a viable tool or resource for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Military, Industrial Security, and other governmental and lawful organizations.

 Utan Bara Adventure Team
Eco-tours of the Malaysian rainforest.

 Vermont Wilderness School
Our school was founded on our commitment of building a powerful community of naturalists, teachers and leaders who will help caretake our natural environment.

 Virtual Mountain Wilderness School
Mentoring in wilderness skills, nature awareness, primitive technology, permaculture, alternative building and energy systems, and self-development.

 Wild Food Adventures
Provides expertise in wild edible plants through workshops, expeditions, teaching events, presentations, outdoor guiding, and outfitting anywhere in North America.

 Wilderness Awareness School
We strive to foster people's understanding of their native environment through enhancing positive connections with nature, community, family and self.

 Wilderness Heart Wilderness School
The intent of Wilderness Heart is to teach people how to live in this world in a way that will help the Earth.

 Wilderness Rhythms
Teaching outdoors skills including: traditional campcrafts, nature-lore, survival, bow making, and winter camping.

 Windwalker Outdoor Skills and Philosophy
Training and adventures in ancient physical living and survival skills and in the spiritual ways and skills that integrate with the physical. Weekend workshops, scheduled or arranged, held in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Prairie provinces.

 WOLF School of Natural Science
Practice skills of the naturalist, tracker, herbalist, scout, hunter and artisan.

Our emphasis is not just to impart to our students the knowledge on how to survive but more importantly how to live in the outdoors.

 Woods Wisdom Outdoors School
At Woods Wisdom we teach wilderness living skills and natural crafts.

 WSC Wilderness Survival School
Providing classroom and outdoors instruction in many aspects of the outdoors, emphasizing survival and its issues.