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A fast row to Eden – four-man rowing crew lands in Seychelles after 73 days at sea
12th September, 2014
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A team of four young British rowers have broken two Ocean Rowing Society world records. The crew set off in their specially-built rowing vessel, the Tiny Dancer, from Australia across the Indian Ocean in an epic 73-day voyage that traversed over 7,000km to end up in the Eden Island yacht marina near the Seychelles capital of Victoria on Wednesday, exhausted but exuberant.

The Fast Row West crew made up of Alex Simpson, Angus Collins, Hamish Khayat and Jamie Sparks, all ranging in age from 22 to 24, has been confirmed as the fastest four-man crew to cross the Indian Ocean, the youngest four-man crew to cross any ocean and the fourth quickest row boat to cross the Indian

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