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ParaClimb Scotland 2014: A Competitor's Perspective
02nd December, 2014
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I am Matthew Phillips, I'm nearly 14 and I was born without my right arm below the elbow. I started climbing at taster sessions, rock-climbing on the beach on holiday and at birthday parties but started climbing seriously about 18 months ago with my coach Robin O'Leary.

A cold but sunny Sunday morning saw a number of people converge on the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho for the first Scottish ParaClimbing Competition. ParaClimbing is a relatively new sport and it was great to see how enthusiastically the Mountaineering Council of Scotland has embraced the opportunity to get people with disabilities involved in this sport.

On arrival the amazing sight of the center set into the side of the quarry met us as we gathered with other competitors and interested public. It's a rather imposing arena with its towering walls, vast open space and majestic quarry walls forming the center.

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