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New Study:Tasmanian Swift Parrot is on Brink of Extinction
03rd April, 2015
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The swift parrot is the only recognized species of the genus Lathamus. It is a slim, medium-sized parrot about 25 cm long. It weighs about 65 g and has a wingspan of between 32 and 36 cm.

It is bright green with red around the bill, throat and forehead. The red on its throat is edged with yellow. Its crown is blue-purple. There are bright red patches under the wings. One of most distinctive features from a distance is its long, thin tail, which is dark red.

The species is sometimes confused with lorikeets, most likely when seen flying overhead. In this situation the bird is then best distinguished by its flute-like chirruping or metallic ‘kik-kik-kik’ call.

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