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Boy finds 10,000-year-old arrowhead on New Jersey beach
A boy playing on a New Jersey beach has unearthed a 10,000-year-old arrowhead possibly used by ancient Native Americans to spear fish or hunt mastodon. Noah Cordle, 10, and his family were vacationing on the Long Beach Island last
Ancient tombs damaged in construction in Istanbul’s historical peninsula
Two ancient tomb covers, which were found during the rehabilitation of an underpass in Istanbul’s historical peninsula, have been delivered to Istanbul Archaeology Museum, but only after being damaged in the construction work.
Greek archaeologists enter large underground tomb
The Culture Ministry said Monday that archaeologists have partially investigated the antechamber of the tomb at Amphipolis and uncovered a marble wall concealing one or more inner chambers. However, a hole in the decorated wall an
A copper awl was discovered at the archaeological site Tel Tsaf in the Jordan Valley of Israel, dating to 5100 B.C. to 4600 B.C.
copper awl is the oldest metal object unearthed to date in the Middle East. The discovery reveals that metals were exchanged across hundreds of miles in this region more than 6,000 years ago, centuries earlier than previously thou
Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb
Two headless sphinxes emerged from a massive burial site in northern Greece as archaeologists began removing large stones from the tomb’s sealing wall. The headless, wingless 4.8-foot-high sphinxes each weigh about 1.5 tons and
Neanderthals and Humans Had 'Ample Time' to Mix
Humans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in Europe for more than 5,000 years, providing ample time for the two species to meet and mix, according to new research. Using new carbon dating techniques and mathematical models, r
Ancient human remains unearthed in Krabi, WWII shipwreck found off Chumphon
Ancient human bones have been unearthed along with clay pots believed to be up to 5,000 years old in Khao Na Wang Mi in Krabi, across Phang Nga Bay from Phuket. Following the discovery of the bones in a cliff area in Thap Prik, no
Richard III's bones reveal king's taste for luxury food and wine
Tests on the long-lost skeleton of Richard III reveal the medieval monarch had a taste for rich foods such as peacock, heron and swan, and that his liking for the finer things in life -- including wine -- increased significantly a
Hoard of bronze coins from Jewish Revolt found near Jerusalem
A cache of weathered bronze coins dating from the Jewish Revolt against Rome was discovered while excavating a previously unknown ancient village, itself discovered while doing works to expand the highway between Jerusalem and Tel
Archaeologists uncover vast ancient tomb in Greece
Archaeologists have unearthed a vast ancient tomb in Greece, distinguished by two sphinxes and frescoed walls and dating to 300-325BC, the government announced on Tuesday. The tomb, in the country's north-eastern Macedonia region, Reuters
Middle Palaeolithic carcass processing site in France
A team of archaeologists have been investigating the Middle Palaeolithic site of Quincieux in Annecy (south-eastern France), which shows evidence of Neanderthal hunting and scavenging activity. This interesting prehistoric sit
Romanian treasure hunter finds what could be oldest forged coins in history worth £120,000 - and he's going to spend it on a new metal detector
A Romanian man who found what could be the oldest forged coins in history while out treasure hunting with his son says he will use his fortune to 'buy a new metal detector'. Paul Croituru, 37, dug up the trove of 300 forged si
Space-age technologies aim to uncover Britain’s heritage
Using novel ground penetrating radar techniques from the platform of a UAV the researchers hope to investigate previously inaccessible sites to better understand how people have been using space and creating places over time. T
Chianti Wine Ancestor Found
U.S. archaeologists may have found the ancestor of Chianti wine in an ancient well in the Chiantishire region of Tuscany. Found in Cetamura, an ancient hilltop near Gaiole in Chianti in the province of Siena, the 105-foot-deep
Rolling stone? Archaeologist try to unlock secrets of Pictish find
Weighing more than a ton and stretching to 1.7m, the Dandaleith Stone dates from the 6th to 8th Centuries and was uncovered during the ploughing of a field near Craigellachie in May 2013. Because of sensitivities around the locati
Archaeology museum rediscovers 6,500-year-old skeleton in storage
An archaeology museum in Philadelphia has made an extraordinary find — in its own storage rooms. The Penn Museum, part of the University of Pennsylvania, announced Tuesday that it had rediscovered a 6,500-year-old human skele
History of fire and drought shapes the ecology of California, past and future
Fire season has arrived in California with vengeance in this third year of extended drought for the state. A series of large fires east of Redding and Fresno, in Yosemite, and on the Oregon border prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to decl
2,100-Year-Old Royal Mausoleum Found in China
Although the mausoleum had been plundered, archaeologists found that it still contained more than 10,000 artifacts. Discovery News - Top Stories
Flores bones show features of Down syndrome, not a new 'Hobbit' human
In October 2004, excavation of fragmentary skeletal remains from the island of Flores in Indonesia yielded what was called 'the most important find in human evolution for 100 years.' Its discoverers dubbed the find Homo floresiens ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Warriors' Bones Reveal Bizarre Iron Age Rituals
The bones of dozens of Iron Age warriors found in Denmark were collected and ritually mutilated after spending months on the battlefield, archaeologists say. At least six months after the soldiers died, their bones were collec Discovery News - Top Stories
Wooden ship found beneath World Trade Center built in 18th-century Philadelphia
Almost exactly four years ago, construction work at the site of the new World Trade Center came to a halt after the remains of an ancient ship were discovered just where the Twin Towers once stood. The ship was uncovered 22 fe Latest news, breaking news, cu
Ice age lion figurine: Ancient fragment of ivory belonging to 40,000 year old animal figurine unearthed
Archaeologists have found an ancient fragment of ivory belonging to a 40,000 year old animal figurine. Both pieces were found in the Vogelherd Cave in southwestern Germany, which has yielded a number of remarkable works of art dat ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Violent aftermath for the warriors at Alken Enge
our pelvic bones on a stick and bundles of desecrated bones testify to the ritual violence perpetrated on the corpses of the many warriors who fell in a major battle close to the Danish town of Skanderborg around 2,000 years ago. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Archaeologist happens upon Roman bone fragments at the end of his road
Mike Heyworth says discovery in trench dug in York by utilities company demonstrates 'black holes' in archaeological planning Mike Heyworth, the president of the Council for British Archaeology, was trudging home after a long, hot Latest news and comment from B
Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa
Excavations at an archaeological site at Kathu in the Northern Cape province of South Africa have produced tens of thousands of Earlier Stone Age artifacts, including hand axes and other tools. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Digging up trouble: beware the curse of King Tutankhamun
The curse of Tutankhamun first struck in February 1923. The previous November, the intrepid archaeologist Howard Carter and his sponsor Lord Carnarvon discovered the burial chamber of a forgotten boy-king hidden in the Valley of t
Why are we sleeping with our phones
When you woke up this morning, did you reach for your cell phone? Was it right next to the bed? Or under your pillow? Did you use it as an alarm clock? And if you did what was the first thing you did after you disabled the alarm?
New archaeology qualification available at Blackburn College
EAST Lancashire students are set to become the future generation of archaeologists. A new A level at Blackburn College will teach students to dig up the secrets of the world’s most significant historical sites. Students
Time running out to find artifacts in glacial ice, Swiss say
GENEVA -- Swiss scientists say only decades remain for alpinists and hikers to retrieve items covered for hundreds or even thousands of years by ice which is now melting. With Swiss glaciers expected to melt away within a half Associated Press
Mock murder scene challenges Ohio State anthropology, forensics students
Several weeks ago, Ohio State anthropologist Adam Kolatorowicz dug some shallow graves and buried four bodies at the university’s Waterman Farm. Granted, they were plastic bodies, but they form part of a four-week forensic a
First underwater archaeology vessel launched
Konya’s Selçuk University on June 17 launched Turkey’s first underwater archaeology research vessel in Antalya. With teams from Warsaw and Naples, the university will set off in July 1 to discover the underwater archaeologica
Vikings at the British Museum: great ship but where's the story?
It cuts through the air like a sword through flesh, relentless. The prow is as sharp as a shark's tooth. A fragile heart of oak survives within the metal skeleton. This ghost ship is solid yet empty, there and not there. Roskil
Stonehenge discovery rewrites history books
The town of Amesbury, just two miles from Stonehenge, is declared the longest continuously occupied settlement in Britain following a landmark archaeological dig Latest news, breaking news, cu
Undergraduates will head to Rome for summer archaeological dig
An imperial court dating back to A.D. 117 will be transformed into a classroom this summer for 26 Columbia undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates, as they spend seven hours a day excavating under the Italian sun. Columbia Daily Spectator
Israeli says he has found King David's citadel
JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem, rekindling a longstanding debate about using the Bible as a field guide to identifying ancien Denver Post: News: Breaking
Archaeologists may have found remains of Alfred the Great
Section of human pelvis has been carbon-dated within lifetimes of Alfred the Great and son Edward the Elder. Archaeologists have identified a piece of bone they believe may have belonged to the English king Alfred the Great Science news, comment and anal
Archaeologists find oldest evidence of Late Stone Age settlement on Cyprus
Artifacts found at an archaeological site in Cyprus support a new theory that humans occupied the tiny Mediterranean island about 1,000 years earlier than previously believed -- a discovery that fills an important gap in Cypriot h ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Neolithic skull fragment discovered on banks of Avon
5,000-year-old mystery has been sparked after part of a human skull was found on a riverbank. Archaeologists said the unbroken piece of upper skull is in "fabulous" condition with the intricate marks from the blood vessels still v Science news, comment and anal
Pompeii ruins preservation to begin in 2014 after years of neglect
With the greatest number of Unesco world heritage sites, and state coffers that do not spare much for the culture sector, Italy has long been worrying about how to protect its exquisite heritage from ruin. In recent years it ha Science news, comment and anal
Archaeological Preserve Named New Dark-Sky Park
In the northwestern corner of New Mexico, the Chaco Culture National Historical Park is famous for protecting the ruins of an ancient Pueblo settlement. But now the 34,000-acre (13,750–hectare) park is being honored for protecti SPACE.com
Out of Many Psittacosaurus, One Emerges
How many species of non-avian dinosaur were there? We will probably never know the definite total, but we can be sure that there were both more and less dinosaur species than have been named to date. The process of science is at t
Ostrich egg hailed as oldest globe from the New World
A European collector of antique maps claims to have identified the oldest known globe depicting the New World -including the future Canada - after spending a year researching what he concluded is a 509-year-old ostrich egg transfo
Dozens of dead bodies lie exposed to vultures and elements at Texas’ Body Ranch
The dozens of corpses lying in the high grass of an open field beneath the hot Texas sun, being plucked apart by flocks of vultures, are there for a reason. The bodies are part of a Forensic Anthropology Center program at Texa
Anthropologists Study the Genesis of Reciprocity in Food Sharing
When you share your lunch with someone less fortunate or give your friend half of your dessert, does that act of generosity flow from the milk of human kindness, or is it a subconscious strategy to assure reciprocity should you on
Off the North Carolina Coast, Pirate Treasure of a Different Sort
Sunken treasure lies 25 feet beneath the sea off North Carolina, where archaeologists are probing the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge -- the flagship in the dread pirate Blackbeard’s flotilla. But this treasure won’t s
Tomb of a Powerful Moche Priestess-Queen Found in Peru
Some 1,200 years ago, a prominent Moche woman was laid to rest with great pomp and ceremony. Now archaeologists have uncovered her tomb along with clues that testify to her privileged status and the power she once wielded. The
Anthropologists Study Testosterone Spikes in Non-Competitive Activities
The everyday physical activities of an isolated group of forager-farmers in central Bolivia are providing valuable information about how industrialization and its associated modern amenities may impact health and wellness. Stud
Biblical find! Piece of Christ’s cross claimed found during Turkey archeology dig
An archaeology dig at a Turkey church may have unearthed a sacred relic — a piece of the cross used to crucify Jesus Christ. The religious artifact was found in a stone chest during an excavation at the Balatlar Church in th
Why We 'Got Milk'
In the 1970s, archaeologist Peter Bogucki was excavating a Stone Age site in the fertile plains of central Poland when he came across an assortment of odd artifacts. The people who had lived there around 7,000 years ago were among Scientific American
Neolithic 'Halls of the Dead' Found
Two 6,000-year-old "halls of the dead" found in Herefordshire have been called "the discovery of a lifetime" by archaeologists. Teams from the University of Manchester and Herefordshire Council made the find on Dorstone Hill, n BBC News | Science & Environme
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