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Transforming NASA: Space Technology in the Goldin Years
Henry Lambright, Syracuse University Transforming\r\n NASA: Space Technology in the Golden Years\r\n\r\n What role does the\r\n administrative leader play in change in a federal science and technology\r\n agency? There are some scho
Biology in Ecuador and The Galapagos
The ultimate study expedition to this biologically diverse South American destination. Your team will fly into Quito, the capital of Ecuador where there will be time to explore before heading to a Biological Station on the Andean plains. This leg of
Homathko Icecap Traverse
A ski mountaineering expedition to traverse the 800 square mile Homathko Icecap in British Columbia. \r\nOur project will incorporate skiing, mountaineering and whitewater rafting.
Stonehaven Expeditions: Education to the Extreme
Stonehaven Expeditions plans and executes thematic, educational expeditions to remote regions, delivering adventure, geographic, cultural, and environmental knowledge to the classroom.
The Clipperton Project
The Clipperton Project is a multi-disciplinary, international arts and science project which aims to take outstanding practitioners in the arts and sciences, from 6 different countries, on an expedition to the forgotten island of Clipperton in Octobe
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To make the first complete unsupported crossing of Iceland from the extreme North to extreme south points. It will be a solo trek. No vehicle to help, no fooddrops, or preplace foodcaches, no use of huts, off-track as much as possible, no asking for
Expedition 29
Expedition 29 begins with the Soyuz TMA-21 undocking in September 2011. Three new crew members will arrive in November on Soyuz TMA-22.
Biology of Uganda
Your team will fly into Entebbe and transfer to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city before traveling to the Kibale National Park. Based at a forest camp run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the parks tropical Fforest has the highest diversity and densi
2012 Libya Desert Expedition, Egypt
The 2012 Libyan Desert Expedition (LDE) is a 22 day multi-disciplinary exploration of Egypt’s Western Desert and Great Sand Sea. Like the early twentieth century explorers; Dr. J. Ball and R.A. Bagnold, who extended the limits of desert exploratio
The Access Water 2012
Each of the women will be representing the key water challenges on their continent. Together, their journey will be the centerpiece of a global awareness and outreach program that will spur us all to join hands in solving our global water crisis.\r\n
Vancouver Island Circumnavigation
The rowing crew of the James Robert Hanssen prepares to voyage through the Pacific Northwest’s unpredictable Salish Sea, and into the unforgiving Pacific Ocean. The expedition team will attempt to circumnavigate Vancouver Island in a counter-clock
Africa to the Americas, December 2012
The Africa to the Americas 2012 expedition will span 60-80 days and an ocean’s breadth between Liberia and Venezuela.\r\n\r\nDeparting from Monrovia in early December 2012, the crew of four men will row the open ocean self-supported, 24 hours per d
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North Pole Observatory Expedition
The first adventure begins during the International Polar Year, when the Polar Discovery team will document scientists working at an ice camp at the North Pole. Through daily stories, photos, and videos, Polar Discovery will give you an inside look a
Arctic Seafloor Expedition
No one has ever laid eyes on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. For the first time in the history of humankind, a scientific team—using unique underwater and under-ice vehicles—will try. Join our expedition this summer on a potentially historic and
Arctic Voice Expedition
Here you’ll be able to follow the progress of the three stages of the expedition as the team travels through Arctic Canada and hear about the people they meet. \r\n\r\nThe first kayaking phase begins on 19th June and ends on 3rd September 2007. The
Finnmark Expedition
Within the Arctic Circle (drawn at the latitude north of which the sun does not rise above the horizon at winter solstice, and does not set below it at summer solstice) lies Finnmark. Here beneath Polaris, the North Star, is the land of the midnight
Biology in Borneo
This is a varied, fascinating educational expedition giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture the magical essence of this jungle-clad land. You will experience an Orangutan Sanctuary and the Rainforest Discovery Centre before travelling on
Reef Check Australia
Reef Check Australia is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that engages the Australian community in coral reef conservation at a unique level. We are part of a global network of volunteers who regularly monitor and report on reef health, bri
Exploring the Inner Space of the Celebes Sea 2007
Our expedition takes us to unexplored waters south of the Philippine Islands, in search of the strange — and possibly unknown — fishes, jellyfish, squids, and shrimp that live in the dark deep waters of the Celebes Sea. Surrounded by much shallow
Antarctic Expedition
We are very proud to welcome you to our 8th annual Students on Ice expedition to Antarctica! This year we are thrilled to have an extraordinary team of 64 students from around the world, and 25 phenomenal scientists, polar experts, educators and expe
Expedition to the Deep Slope 2007
The Expedition to the Deep Slope 2007 continues our exploration and study of hydrocarbon seep communities found in waters deeper than 1,000 meters (m) in the Gulf of Mexico. Funded by the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the leader in supporting th
SOI International Polar Year
The Students on Ice - International Polar Year Arctic Youth Expedition 2007 is one of the most exciting and important contributions to the International Polar Year, and one of the most comprehensive youth expeditions ever undertaken! \r\n\r\nThe ship
New Zealand American Submarine Ring of Fire 2007
The New Zealand American Submarine Ring of Fire 2007 (NZASRoF\'07) expedition will take us to Brothers submarine volcano, a site of vigorous geothermal activity north of New Zealand along the Kermadec Arc. We will explore Brothers Volcano in great de
Okeanos Explorer: A New Paradigm for Exploration
Since 2004, the NOAA Ocean Exploration (OE) program and Dr. Robert Ballard’s Institute for Exploration (IFE) have conducted a series of expeditions using IFE’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) Hercules and Argus, and telepresence technology to p
Cayman Islands Twilight Zone 2007
The words \"coral reef\" and \"sunlight\" are almost synonymous in the world of marine biology. That\'s because most corals exist in an unusual symbiosis with microscopic plants, called zooxanthellae. The zooxanthellae provide the coral with foods re
Cumberland Club 2007
From June 18 to 29, 2007, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum (HRNM) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) held a summer enrichment program, giving students the opportunity to experience being historians, archeologists, and marine
Cumberland Club
From June 18 to 29, 2007, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum (HRNM) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) held a summer enrichment program, giving students the opportunity to experience being historians, archeologists, and marine
The Greeland Glacier Expedition
Greenland—the world’s largest island—is also home to one of the world’s largest ice sheets (after Antarctica). If Greenland’s two-mile-thick ice sheet melts completely, it would ultimately raise global sea level by 23 feet (7 meters), drown
The Penguins and Lava Flows Expedition
On Expedition 3, we\'ll leave the northern hemisphere behind and travel to the bottom of the world: Antarctica.\r\nWe\'ll camp out in tents with three teams of scientists studying two very different subjects: First, we\'ll look at the biology of the
West Lancashire Scouts East Greenland
During four weeks of the summer of 2007 (July/August), 52 members of West Lancashire County Scouts will \r\nbe undertaking an expedition to Ren Land in East Greenland. \r\nThe objectives of the Expedition are:- \r\n• To offer developmental opport
SOI International Polar Year Arctic Expedition 2008!
The Students on Ice - International Polar Year Arctic Youth Expedition 2008 is one of the most exciting and important contributions to the International Polar Year, and one of the most comprehensive youth expeditions ever undertaken!
AUVfest 2008: Navy Mine-hunting Robots Help NOAA Explore Sunken History
With the exciting spirit of cooperation and discovery, AUVfest 2008 is a unique opportunity to demonstrate and test the applications of autonomous underwater vehicles, or AUVs, for both mine countermeasures and archaeological research. In total, 13 A
Bonaire 2008: Exploring Coral Reef Sustainability with New Technologies
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, is arguably the most pristine coral reef environment in the Caribbean. The percent coral cover is the highest and percent algal cover the lowest as compared to other Caribbean. Thus, the Bonaire reef environment represe
Lophelia II 2008: Deepwater Coral Expedition: Reefs, Rigs, and Wrecks
This is the first cruise of a 4-year project funded by the US Mineral Management Service (MMS) and the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) to explore new deepwater coral communities at both natural and man-made sites. This goal of thi
Thunder Bay Sinkholes 2008
From July 2008 to July 2009, the Thunder Bay Sinkholes project team will explore shallow and deep coastal sinkholes in order to understand the chemical and physical properties that contribute to the unique ecology found in these systems. This multi-i
The First Snowbirds: The Archaeology of Inundated Late Pleistocene Landscapes in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
In the fall of 1807, U.S. President Thomas Jefferson dispatched William Clark to the fossil quarry at Big Bone Lick in Kentucky to collect, if possible, a complete mastodon skeleton. This unusual mission proved to be eminently successful and resulted
Search for the Slave Ship Trouvadore 2008 and the US Navy Ships Chippewa and Onkahey: Mission Summary
Every expedition’s worst nightmare is failure to accomplish the mission due to inclement weather. This consideration played an important part in planning our project for 2008. Although some of the reviewers of our original OE proposal questioned th
Coast to Coast
The first was to record in writing and on film interesting aspects of an incredible flying journey from the east to the west coast of Africa. The route will follow the winding and sometimes turbulent paths of four great rivers - the Zambezi, Chobe, O
Dive and Discover: Expedition 12 South Atlantic
For years, ocean scientists have dreamt about sending small fleets of underwater robots to explore the ocean depths. But the ocean presents formidable obstacles to navigating and communicating with robots in the deep. On New Year’s Eve, an expediti
Cape to Cape Expedition
Cape to Cape Expedition is derived from a discussion we had while traveling in Africa in 1995. Looking at a map we were surmising the longest overland journey one could make and came up with Cape Town in South Africa to Cape Horn in South America goi
Maldives Whale Shark Expedition
The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) is a registered charity that exists to conduct whale shark research and to foster \'grass-roots\' conservation initiatives within the Maldives and throughout the Indian Ocean\r\n\r\nExplore our site
Madre De Dios Speleo
Rarely visited, Madre de Dios and neighbouring islands are part of one of the harshest wilderness areas in the world where gale force winds and up to 8m of annual rain have sculpted a unique karst landscape of spectacular limestone rock formations. A
The Payamino Project
The Payamino Project is a thriving community conservation and development project. Situated in the foothills of the andes East of Quito, the indigenous community of San Jose de Payamino entered an agreement with Aalborg Zoo in 2002 to protect their f
Canoeing the Congo
In October 2008, I made the first ‘source to sea’ descent of the 4700km Congo River in Central Africa, from the true source in northeastern Zambia.\r\n\r\nMy book and film tell the story of my five month solo journey by canadian canoe through the
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