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"But you will be without money, without clothes, and other necessaries, as a sufficient supply cannot be carried with you from hence. Your resource in that case can only be in the credit of the U.S., for which purpose I hereby authorize you to draw on the Secretaries of the State of the Treasury, of War, and of the Navy of the U.S., according as you may find your draughts will be most negotiable, for the purpose of obtaining money or necessaries for yourself and your men... And to give more entire satisfaction and confidence to those who may be disposed to aid you, I Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America, have written this letter of general credit for you with my own hand, and signed it with my name."

- Thomas Jefferson's letter of credit to Lewis and Clark, 1803

Although we can't guarantee the same kind of support Lewis and Clark had, ExpeditionQuest.com offers an array of free services to assist your team with its search for personnel, funding, equipment and information. There is no cost to register your field research project or adventure.

Note : You must be registered with ExpeditionQuest.com as an individual if you want to register an expedition. If you have not done that already, please click here.

Commercial trip operators, guide services and adventure travel companies must register as an organization and have full use of the Expedition Channel and MyEQSpace to enable their clients to share their experiences by cell or satphone, upload photos and video and more. Organizations may also register multiple expeditions.

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The registration process consists mainly of 3 steps which are outlined below.

    Step 1 : Expedition Information Form

    Step 2 : Location & Publication

    Step 3 : Members and Key Personell

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